17 JULY 1858

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PARLIAMENT has approached the stage of finishing off in a man- ner which at once exemplifies the political lassitude of the day, and the necessity which is increasing for some...

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'Matto ant Vrnuthingn in Vartigintnt.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Horst or Loans. Monday, July 12. /loyal Assent to Chief Justice of Bombay, County Management, Commissioners for Exhibition of 1851 Bills—Oaths...

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thr Court.

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THE QUEEN has been leading a very quiet life at Osborne, as if gather- ing strength for the great state visit to Cherbourg ; occasionally daily carriage exercise, to Ryde, to...

-J Bittrapulis.

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Upwards of " seven thousand" persons assembled in the grounds of the Pavilion, Sloane Street, on Monday, to adopt a memorial to the Queen and a petition to Parliament, praying...

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Report hath it that the Hebdomadal Board of Trinity College, Dub- lin, has made such concessions to the reform party as will take away the motive for agitation. The changes in...

SCOTLAND. The official announcement of the appointment of Mr. Inglis,

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as Lord Justice Clerk and President of the Second Division of the Court of Session in Scotland, appeared in the Gazette of Tuesday. It is also for- mally stated that Mr. Charles...


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It was proposed to raise a church-rate in St. Michael's parish, Oxford, and a meeting of the vestry was held for that purpose. The Opposition moved the adjournment of the...

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lamp nub Colonial.

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ittlIf.—The Emperor is still at Plombieres. It seems doubtful whether he will return before the fetes of the 15th August. Prince Na- m polecat has gone to Limoges to be present...

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England is to be represented at Cherbourg by a respectable

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fleet. Or- ders have been promulgated by the Lords of the Admiralty, on the come wand of the Queen, for the assemblino b of a squadron forthwith at Portsmouth to attend her...

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The Agamemnon returned to Queenstown on Monday from her cruise in the Atlantic. The account of her trip fully confirms that brought by the Niagara. The violence of a gale that...

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On board the Prince of Wales, on his passage home from Calcutta, the Rev. Arthur Hamilton, B.A., son of the late Sir Frederick Hamilton, Bart., of Silverton Hill, Lanarkshire,...


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SATURDAY; The House of Lords sat last night until past twelve o'clock engaged chiefly in discussing the details of the India Bill. The principal debate took place on clause 7...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Quotations in the Market for English Securities have again taken a down- ward course this week, the extreme difference in Consols being per...


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On the 15th April, at St. Paul's Church, Paterson, New South Wales, Frederick Holkam, third son of Henry Hangar, Esq„ of Grantham, Darlinghurst, Sydney, to Eliza, second...


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Oa the 10th May, M Birkegate, near Adelaide, South Australia, the Wife of Arthur Hardy, Esq., of a daughter. On the 8th July, the Wife of S. J. Bradshaw, Eva., of Rose Lodge,...

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RI tuft.

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There is now but little to say about the Italian Theatres. At Her Ma- jesty's the season terminates this evening, and the series of extra nights, at reduced prices, commences on...

itOe theatres.

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Although Murphy's Way to Keep Him, revived at the Haymarket on the occasion of Mr. Buokstone'a benefit, may appear at the present day a very mediocre purposeless piece, failing...

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TO LORD STANLEY.—ARE WE TO HOLD INDIA, AND HOW ? Tan latest news from India gives force and emphasis to our re- peated assertion, that the military and administrative problems...

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"A SHEIK from Delhi is said to have instigated the massacre" at Jeddah. It is well known that the Indian rebels have been seek- ing for sympathizers beyond the bounds of our...


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Tax general effect of the debate on the Slave-trade on Monday night seems to have been very cheering. There was a prevalent uneasiness before,—a confused sense of things going...

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IT is a terrible experiment which is about to be tried on the far west coast of North America, not by the Yankees, not by that por- tion of the American republicans who live,...


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THAT the practice of confession has been extended within the pale of the Church of England we now learn, not on the testimony of very doubtful witnesses but on the avowal of an...

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A COMMITTEE of the House of Commons has been performing one- bajfpf the duty which we wished to see peeormed by a Royal Com- munion : performing it of course with all the...

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CHERBOURG.—The Moniteur de la Flotte has condescended to enlighten the

The Spectator

public on the subject of Cherbourg, its origin, and uses- " Cherbourg is the issue of the long-continued rivalry between the two nations. After our disasters of the Hogue...


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Avrwoucia the official Legit; extended over M. Otto Miindler might suggest some doubt as to the course promised by Mr. Disraeli, but not explained, we are inclined to think that...

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THE ABBE DOMENECH 9 S TEXAS AND MEXICO. * Ix 1845, the author of these missionary adventures was an eccle- s iastical student at Lyons, when in evil hour for his physical...

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EENRICR'S ROMAN SEPULCHRAL INSCRIPTIONS. * Li this brief treatise, founded on

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two papers originally read be- fore the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, the author of the " Essay on Primeval History" pretty well exhausts the subject of Roman epitaphs, so...

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Mr. Colquhoun that an angler, like a poet, must be born; "neither rules nor practice" will do. Perhaps the same may be said of sportsmen in general. To make or throw a fly, to...


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Boole. The Crisis in the Punjab, from the 10th of May until the Fall of Delhi. Hy Frederic Cooper, Esq. C.8., Deputy Commissioner of umritsur. On the Authorized Version of the...

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`At IrIIiq.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 13. wax OFFICE, Pall Mall, July 13.— Cavalry -2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards— Cornet H. P. J. Mackenzie has been permitted to resign his...

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BRITISH FUNDS. 'Closing Prices.) 1 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 5 Per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Anunitles Annuities 11186 Beak Stock, 11 per Cent India Stock,...

rOr Nang.

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 9. Aommer.ow, July 3.-Osrps of Royal Marines - First Lieut. E. R. Horsey. of the Artillery Companies, to be Capt. vice Gray, dec. ; Second Lieut....


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JULY 13. Bas1lrepfR.-IeRAEL Tonna, Newbury Berkshire, horse-deakr-Groaor YOUNG, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials, victualler-Josren MARTINDALE...