17 JUNE 1843

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'Ins subjects discussed in Parliament this week have been un- 'usually various ; and the talk about the allowance to the young Princess AUGUSTA, although a minor matter in...

In the actual state of Irish affairs there is no

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decided change; but the posture assumed by Mr. O'CONNELL is more threatening. He stated at Mallow, on Sunday, after he had reviewed 400,000 of his army, (Irish computation,)...

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The Times gives an explanation about the British seizure of

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the Sandwich Islands. Admiral Pourm-r, it is said, preferred some pecuniary claim ; which the King, unable to give money, offered to satisfy by the cession of sovereignty ; and...

likbates anb Vrottebings in Varlfament.

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MARRIAGE OF THE PRINCESS AUGUSTA. The Queen's message to the House of Commons relative to the marriage of the Princess Augusta of Cambridge with the Hereditary Grand Duke of...

The intelligence from Spain is gloomy and obscure. Certain facts,

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indeed, are plain enough : PRIM, the small insurrection- leader in Catalonia, so far from being suppressed, makes progress; several towns have more or less openly joined the...

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'be Iftetropotis.

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A Court of Alderman was held on Saturday, and there was a. long discussion respecting the floating pier at Greenwich. The Lord Mayor said that he had ordered the pier to be...

ebE aiourt.

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A VARIETY of state business has been transacted at Court this week. On Saturday the Queen. held a Court and Privy Council. At the Court, her Majesty gave audiences to the...

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She girobtntes.

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Rye was the scene of Mr. Cobden's Anti-Corn-law missionary labours on Saturday. The meeting was convened for the Town-hall ; but that building being over-full at the beginning,...


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The Repeal papers report at vast length "the Kilkenny demonstra- tion" on the race-coarse ; stating that the entire male population of Tipperary, Queen's County, Carlow,...

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ffortign Netus.

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FRANCE—The Chamfer of Deputies spent three days, beginning- with Friday, in discussing a bill to provide for the maintenance of the- new French settlements in the Pacific....

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It is reported that the Princess Augusta of Cambridge and

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the Here- ditary Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz are to be married on Wednesday the 28th instant, in Buckingham Palace ; and that they will spend the honeymoon at the Duke of...

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The last into) :7 ence from Madrid, to the 10th instant, is

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rather .uTotirt::;'. The revolters at Malaga decamped on the approach of Espartero's troops; Granada was panic-stricken-; and movements at Cadiz and Saragossa had been nipped in...

The Reverend Thomas Spencer, of Hinton, startled the Anti-Slavery Convention

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yesterday, by moving a resolution that the admission of Cuban and Brazilian sugar into this country is necessary as an act a justice to all parties, and not inconsistent with...

In a second edition, the Morning Chronicle gives the Spanish

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news current in Paris yesterday. Cortinez, the Captain-General of Catalonia, is said to have adhered, or pretended to adhere, to the revolutionary movement • and there had been...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons last night, the adjourned debate on the Irish Arms Bill, though again adjourned, and though no practical result was attained of any...

Prince Albert went down the river, soon after ten o'clock

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this morn- ing, to inspect the Royal yacht Victoria and Albert, at Woolwich. His Royal Highness embarked at Somerset House, in a state barge, attended by the Earl of Liverpool,...

Dublin intelligence of Thursday reports another Repeal demonstra- tion, at

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Murroe, near Limerick, on Tuesday ; 100,000 attending. A parish-priest beaded the speakers in denouncing " the Saxon," and handed to Mr. O'Connell 6181. for Repeal rent. Mr....

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TUE termination of Mr. MACREADY'S management of Drury Lane has been attended with even greater éclat than its commencement. Since the final close was announced, numerous...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. A decided change has occurred in the appearance of the Money-market; and, for the first time for several weeks, we have to notice a rise in...

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THE causes of suffering and discontent in Ireland are extremely complicated. Most of them, however, are either not of a nature to prompt to the disturbance of order, or only act...

The Italian Opera has produced nothing new ; but the

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performance of Linda di Chamouni, interrupted by the illness of PERSIAN', has been resumed; and Don Giovanni and the Barbiere di Seviglia have again been play ed with their...

CHARLES KEAN, who has been engaged for a dozen nights

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to exhibit his peculiar manner of playing tragedy, at the Haymarket, appeared on Monday in Hamlet : he was loudly greeted by a pretty full house ; and his explosions of rant,...

BOUFFE'S engagement at the French Play is for so short

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a time that he is scarcely able to repeat all his most popular characters ; especially as he is announced to appear in two or three new ones. On Monday, be played in Maurice, ou...


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SIR ROBERT PEEL'S DIFFICULTIES. Oust remarks last week on " PEEL'S position " have occasioned several readers to communicate their views, especially in reference to the...

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MR. WEBSTER'S Baltimore speech is a most important document. It affords evidence that there is in the United States a growing public opinion in favour of drawing closer the...

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RACING is a very useful pursuit. It has been mistakenly supposed to be chiefly valuable as conducing to improve the breed of horses : but the horses employed in racing are not...


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Every season has its disagreeable as well as its pleasurable asso- ciations : those of Midsummer are connected with change of resi- dence. It was not unnatural that of the four...

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Medical History of the Expedition to the Niger during the years 1841-2; corn- prisingan Account of the Fever which led to its abrupt termination. By James Or- miston M'William,...

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for her &Termer, a tale of mesmerism, and some other stories, which displayed an extensive knowledge of foreign. manners, a sufficient amount of foreign laxity, and a...

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.1 bad thought that the preceding day's halfway-house could not be outdone, and that it filled up the measure of all I had ever heard of Spanish yentas and their unbounded...


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THE scene of Gabrielle or Pictures of a Reign is laid in France, during the middle age of Louis the Fourteenth, when the court was a hotbed of polished vice, Paris a receptacle...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From June 9th to June 15th.

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Boons. The Closing Events of the Campaign in China ; the Operations in the Yang-tee-kiang; and Treaty of Nanking. By Captain GRANYILLB G. Loci', Royal Navy. A Visit to the...

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THE ROYAL COMMISSION. THE first fruits of the Royal Commission surpass the most sanguine expectations, in respect both of quality and quantity the artists have shown themselves...


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We have received a polite letter from Mr. ELLER MAN, the author of Tke Duke of Alba, explaining that " Coramba " is not, as we said, a " cant phrase or oath," but "merely an...

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BIRTHS. On the 1st of June, at Eaton Square, the Latta' MARY CHRISTOPHER. of a daughter. On the 6th, at St. Paul's Parsonage, Birmingham, the Lady of the Rev. COLIN CAIIPBELL,...


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The Guide. Sercombe, from Liverpool to Calcutta, was wrecked on the North-east end of Rua Vista, on the 7th March; crew saved. ARRIVED-At Gravesend, 13th June. Thetis. Evans,...


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Tuesday, June 13. PAKTNE RAH IPS DISSOLVED. Deptford Iron Company. Sunderland; as far as regards Chaster and Webster - Clarke and Co. Sunderlaud, engine builders; as far as...


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WAR-OFFICE. June 16.-1st Regt, Life Guards-Lieut. Lord T. C. P. Clinton to be Capt. by purchase, v ice Brevet Major C. Hall. who retires; Cornet and Sub Lieut. G. 'II. Cavendish...

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CURRENT. BRITISH 3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced at per Cents Reduced New 39 per Ceuts Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per cent, India Stock, 101...