17 JUNE 1972

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Without consent

The Spectator

The Government's success in carrying Clause 2 of the European Bill by only eight votes demonstrates beyond question of doubt that there is no longer that "full-hearted consent"...

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Devalue now, float later

The Spectator

What precisely has gone wrong with the Government's overall economic strategy? In some respects there has been a remarkable consistency of action with pre-election proposals,...

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A Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

The Court of Appeal's reversal of the Industrial Court's judgment is a sturdy blow for common sense struck by men upholding the common law. It is to be hoped that Lord Denning's...

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The American scene (1)

The Spectator

Postmortem on Angela Davis Louis Claiborne Angela Davis has been acquitted and all the world rejoices. They celebrate the triumph of a ' comrade ' in Moscow and Peking. In the...

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Colonels and cocktail parties

The Spectator

Yvonne Brock After a prolonged struggle with myself I have decided that I like living in the country. If anyone had prophesied this, say, ten years ago my reaction would have...

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The Spectator

Michael Howard on Law and order—and urban guerrillas It is now generally accepted that war since 1945 has increasingly been a matter of vertical rather than of lateral...

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Literary stereotypes

The Spectator

Auberon Waugh Generally a Virgin Thomas Hinde (Hodder and Stoughton £1.90) Another World James Hanley (Deutsch £1.75) A Chemical Romance Jenny Fabian (TaImy Franklin £1.75)...

Rock of order

The Spectator

Norman Stone Palmer (Weidenfeld and Nicolson Metternich, Counciffor of Eur°r - , A 75) „ The Right has few folk-heroes — t, f r e , for than the Left: a curious state of a,.;...

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The transcendence of Virginia

The Spectator

Stephen Spender Virginia Woolf: A Biography. Vol I, 18821912 Quentin Bell (The Hogarth Press E3) The muse of this biography is Virginia Woolf herself. It is best when it seems,...

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hat , or aking defence Ai ecisions 7 ,`mastai r Buchan p,he Po/!tics

The Spectator

of Defence David Owen (Cape t o not easy even after a careful reading iscern any underlying or coherent a b'''s in this book. Certainly it is not i sv (4 4 the politics of...

Making attack decisions

The Spectator

Oliver Warner The Great Gamble: Nelson at Copenhagen Dudley Pope (Weidenfeld and Nicolson £4.80) This is far the fullest work ever likely to be written about what Nelson spoke...

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Stretching the psychologists

The Spectator

Colin Wilson and philosophy, and an amusing atlu £2.95) pursue," says Liam Hudson of hi i an injustice ; it is rather more than ; lic e bein g also a criticism of modern S i...

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The Spectator

Bookbuyer Magazines for the liberated woman have been arriving thick and fast over the last few months. First Cosmopolitan, then (less liberated) Over 21, and finally, to...

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The Spectator

Without , foundation Kenneth Hurren There are just one or two basic premises to be accepted by anyone who wants to go along with a piece called An Othello, " by Charles...

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:0: 411 dS (1 1 y oung 1 i4 s 5 lit t e kabuki

The Spectator

Theatre is paying its ,h o: rn t ondon at Sadler's Wells, and ill entators have accordingly 1 trundled out the obligatory remarks about the obscurity of oriental culture....

Will Waspe's Whispers

The Spectator

Ever wondered why so few theatres do poster advertising on London Underground stations? Someone was remarking to me that whereas nearly all the cinemas have posters, only about...

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Back to the Empire

The Spectator

Benny Green In the last few months there have been indications from both camps in the television war of a belated awareness of the vast residue of imperial sentiment in Britain...

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Country life

The Spectator

A day in the Dales Peter Quince It seems that we are in one of our periodic bouts of gloom about the English climate. For many weeks we have been invaded by Arctic air instead...

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The future of Ronald Bell

The Spectator

Sir: The two good letters you printed (June 10) from constituents of Mr Ronald Bell, QC, MP, supporting his fight to be a candidate next time, were both from people who agree...

Berkeley bash

The Spectator

Sir: How fecund of ambiguity is the English tongue, especially for those who go in search of it! When I spoke of Mr Berkeley's having joined Labour (Letters, June 3), I...

Abortion poser

The Spectator

From Dr C. B. Goodhart Sir: Professor Glanville Williams is quite right (June 3), that if the main objection to abortion on demand was no more than that the administrative and...

Un plat est un plat

The Spectator

Sir: I am very sorry to see Pamela Vandyke Price's comment on the principal course of her dinner at the Aquitania Hotel, Bordeaux (June 10). Did she pile the feuillete de...

Triggering war

The Spectator

From Miss Sarah Gainharn Sir: Mr Cosgrave suffers a sudden drop into provinciality in his review of The Reform of Power by Leonard Beaton in your issue of June 3. I refer to the...

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-L 4. ion comment Yo°1;!' Note-Book (June 3) pf Spout the Abdication

The Spectator

the , I I. VA" man in 1936, the „„ Wilson Harris: "To ' , 1St a lady whom he ,as unfitted to be Queen '',.: could be accepted as a 4 the Kin g of En g land , stran ge and...

Humane Royalty

The Spectator

Sir: The spontaneously popular reception of the Queen durin g her recent visit to France seems to indicate that a monarchy still remains the most appropriate crown to nationhood...

Cow parsley

The Spectator

Sir: Possibly Peter Quince (June 3) may be interested to know, that Cow Parsley is called 'The Devil's Oatmeal ' in this part of the world. Anyone who has dusted round a vase of...

Rhetorical trick

The Spectator

Sir: May I use the letter columns of The Spectator to denounce a fiendish rhetorical trick which I find unbelievably irritatin g and which, I hope, all reasonin g human being s...

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Will and Paavo

The Spectator

Sir: Only today has your issue of May 6 reached Helsinki University Library's shelves, so that I must apologise for raising a point about an article a month old. Will Waspe, in...

Coming to terms

The Spectator

From Mrs Joanna M. Lycett Sir: I was much heartened to read in The Spectator (May 27) several good letters about the utter impossibility of coming to terms with Eurocracy. I...

Sir: While George Gale has been the recipient of a

The Spectator

well deserved chastisement in your correspondence columns for coming to terms with Europe — and hardly a day passes that some item of news underlines the sheer lunacy of the...

Fleet St women

The Spectator

Sir: As a New Statesman reader, I was rather glad that Anthony Howard had rejected Olga Franklin's overtures. This is not to say that her article (May 20) was not interesting....

Arab refugees

The Spectator

From Air Vice-Marshall R. I. Jones Sir: Mr Sarkiss (May 20) says that my statement that most Arab refugees fled from Palestine of their own accord is untrue. Undoubtedly...

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Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

Mr Maurice Macmillan, Employment Secretary, has announced that he is reviewing the present conventional method of collecting unemployment figures. Whatever else he does he...

Juliette's Weekly Frolic

The Spectator

Whether you view Lester Piggott through rosecoloured glasses, or turn white with rage at the sight of his name on the numberboard, it's only fair to remember that he's not the...

Princely occasion

The Spectator

The London Weekend Television dinner to mark the opening of their new building on the South Bank was a princely occasion this week, and I must follow the old fron At one time it...

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Tale of a dog's tail

The Spectator

Nephew Wilde Many years ago, my Aunt Maude drove her Austin 10 down the High Street in Guildford on the way to have tea with Amelia, Lady St Urban. As she tried to arrange her...

11 4 gamble

The Spectator

It products 5 1111 Or the stock market there are few m f ass to subscribe to the view of "cadclox's Domesday men, that i s i aciety is inherently unstable, and I t3 „ s0 PhY of...

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The Spectator

Cohabitation: the "A" code Custos writes : Below we print some of the rules which govern the activities of investigators hired by the Department of Health and Social Services...

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tor June 17, 1972

The Spectator

ety Ster lfare Smith N°rthern Ireland, as is often the case, ironically proceeded quite differently , ,' on inally Ulster has had integrated ervices administered through local...

k„ 14 ards from lead

The Spectator

Dixon Sed Physicist Ernst Mach is imk h . and revered in countless books . to 1$t °rY of science as the man who Nrge science of metaphysics and !peculation. Behind the wide...