17 MARCH 1838

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New York journals to the 20th of February have been

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received since our last publication. They contain unsatisfactory accounts from both the Canadas. A considerable body of malecontents were assembling in the neighbourhood of...


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F l y g Mons and a half of pounds sterling were voted in a Com- mittee Supgly on the Army Estimates, on Monday night. The opere . ..'oii was' performed in double quick time ;...

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` ePounts have been received from Jamaica, that an insurrec-

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4 t ong the - slaves in Cuba broke out on the 12th of January. nsive estate, on which the rising took place, was sacked, jhing valuable burnt. The proprietor saved himself...

ilIcbatrit anis liteartrbinatt in Parliament. AMENDMENT OF THE SLAVE ENIANCTPATION

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ACT, The Lords were occupied on Tuesday with a discussion on Lord Glenelg's bill for amending the Slave Emancipation Act. A long speech by Lord GLENELG was devoted to proofs of...

A very interesting debate, nominally on a motion for a

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grant of secret-service-money, really on the existence of the present French IdidIstry, occupied the Chamber of Deputies from Monday to sday evening ; when it was not concluded;...

Some particulars have been received respecting disturbances at Saragossa ;

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but it is uncertain how far they can be relied on. It is said that, on the 4th instant, a considerable body of Carlists, headed by CABANERO, entered Saragossa, and occupied the...

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erbr Court.

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ON Sunday, the Queen attended divine service at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace, with the Dutchess of Kent and several ladies and gentlemen of the Household. In the...

Cbr ffIctrapoiOi. The large room in Exeter Hall was crowded

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on Wednesday, by* multitude of both sexes, who assembled to petition Parliament for the abolition of Negro apprenticeship. The doors were opened at half- past nine, and by ten...

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A Jury, which met on Saturday at the Turk's Head

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in the Strand, to inquire into the state of mind of Mr. George Booth, Crouch-hall, Hornsey, tumid that Mr. Booth had been of unsound mind since 31st December 18-22. The...

ebe Country.

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The Government have very properly determined on disbanding the useless Yeomanry corps, and allowing the farmers who generally com- pose them to attend to their agricultural...

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A requisition is on foot, calling on Sir Henry Parnell to resign his seat for Dundee, in consequence of his absenting himself from the division on the Bailee—Dant:cc Courier....


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Lord Stanley was to have Ireland and the Home Office ; and the Orangemen were already lifting up their horns., Lord Sandon, the mover of the amendment, was already installed in...

So great is the destitution in the parish of Chapel-en-le-

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Frith, that many poor families are perishing from want of food, fire, and clothing : so large an extent of misery has never been before kuown.—Derby Mercury. On Monday night...

On the arrival of the Judges for the purpose of

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holding the Assizes at Worcester on Tuesday evening, they were made acquainted with the determination of the High Sheriff not to appoint a Chaplain. This circumstance induced...


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Mr. Speaker Abercromby, on the Election in the Standard. The preponderance of An adroit letter to Ballots, has appeared Liberals over Tories, in so large a proportion of the....

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Captain Sir John Hill is appointed Superintendent of the Dock-

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yard at Sheerness. Rear-Admiral Garrett, Superintendent of Hasler Captain Sir John Hill is appointed Superintendent of the Dock- yard at Sheerness. Rear-Admiral Garrett,...

By a late arrival from the West Indies, we have

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received some Jamaica and Demerara papers : their contents confirm Sir William Molesworth's statement respecting the " critical" condition of these colonies. Alluding generally...

We have just heard an amusing incident connected with the

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Belfast Election petition. Mr. Emerson Tennent, it seems, was summoned by Lord Belfast to attend the Committee, and produced hie title. deeds, in order to disqualify himself. He...

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The discussion of a question 'affecting the Irish registries occupied

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the House of Commons for some time last night. The English and Scotch Reform Act—the former clearly, the latter in somewhat ambi. girous terms—empower the Speaker to issue his...

M. Emile de Girandin has resigned his seat as a

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member of the French Chamber of Deputies, in order to meet the prosecution di- rected against him. The Frankfurt Journal, under the bead of Berlin, 2d instant, announces a...

Vessels arrived from New York during the week bare brought

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some Canadian intelligence ; the chief import of which is mentioned in a previous column, but some particulars of interest may be added. Quebec and Montreal correspondents of...

According to the American papers, the United States and Southern

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State Banks were in the market us purchasers of cotton. It was cal- culated that up to the old of January the former bank alone had pur- chased, through its agents, to the...

Mr. IIENny MASON is informed that the Editor has not

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seen the Metrical Annual. If it was delitered at the office, it has been buried nutter c yst unexplored mass of pamphlets.


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SATURDAY. Tire debate in the French Chamber of Deputies, on the secret- service-money, ended with a Ministerial majority of 249 to 133. This result was not unexpected ; as time...

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The Election Committees now sitting are those on the petitions

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from Readiog, Hull, Walsall, Shaftesbury, Evesham, Dublin, Youghall, County of Carlow; but nothing that requires especial notice has oc- curred in any Committee except that on...


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We have before us a statement of the imports, exports, ecarances, stocks, and prices of all teas for the years 1836 and 1837; prepared, with much industry and sagacity, by the...

The Kilkenny Journal of Wednesday last has an account of

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a pub- lic meeting in Kilkenny, whereat much wrath was exploded against an imputation of bribery supposed to have been advanced by Colonel T1105IPSON against the electors ; and...


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Arrived — Oif Portsmouth, March 1691, Norfolk, 51.Gildowey, from Mauritius, Al St. Helena, J4n. 2011,, H er o, Oppettheim, from London. At Van Diennen's Land, (It. Johnson;...

Lord Brougham has published his admirable speech on the Eastern

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Slave-trade, with the following dedication to the Duke of Wellington. The Duke must see that, in moving the "previous question" on Lord Brougham's motion, in order to shield his...


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Scouts ExCHANOI, PntDAY ATTYSNOOR. The English Stock Market has been heavy during the whole week ; and con- tinued depressed until this morning, when almost all descriptions of...

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LORD DURHAM'S AVANT-COURIER. L t EADING daily paper takes Lord DURHAM to school with re- 1 is future proceedings in Canada. He is told that "for spec the last seven years,...


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Wints: debated in the House of Commons on Monday ; and Lord HOWICK, according to the report of the Chronicle, aave this ex- planation of the discrepancies we pointed out in the...

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" OF all the forces that belong to this country, the Yeomanry corps are the most constitutionid "—such is the dictum of that great authority the Earl of WistettissEs. And his...


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Si sea the year 1832, there has not been so much popular excite- relent on any subject, as that which now prevails with respect to Negro Slavery or Apprenticeship. In a previous...


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THE " most extraordinary" bill that Mr. POULETT THOMSON " ever saw" became an act of Parliament during the last session, without in the slightest degree attracting the attention...

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NOTHING iS more painful to a sensitive soul than the persevering exhibition of friendship and support from vulgar-minded men. Our Palace Premier, for example, is pestered and...


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SBAKSPEARE'S Coriolanus, as now represented at Covent Garden, is Without question the most perfect and impressive classic spectacle ever seen on the stage. It is a triumph of...

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Tim fifth concert, on Monday evening, presented the following scheme. 1. Overture, Le Ruene di Paluzzi A. lkimassa. 2. Cantata, Job B. Kt.t IN. 3. Glee, " Blow, blow, thim...


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ALTHOUGH Die Zaubedlote was the most popular of MozanT's operas in the land of its birth, it has never been produced entire in England until now. Its popularity in Germany is...

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THIS work is a sequel to Ernest Maltravers ; and; like most con- tinuations, is scarcely equal to the former part. Not that the events and persons, considered as a whole, (for...


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• Aliee,vr the 11,001 lea: a Seipiel to " Ernest NIaltr avers." By the Author of •• Pelham," " It ienzi," " The student." tee. &e. In 3 vols....Smolders and 0/ley....


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MOTION. , E Pasaerman , A. Fenton, .1. Bewes, T. HAM, W. Collies, W. Colquhoun, J. C. Ilayter, W. G. Hawkins, J. II. Rich. II: Ma rdosll. IV. Strait, E. Itrxdie, E. II....

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Ix 1807, Dr. BUCHANAN was ordered by the East India Company to make a survey of the Bengal Presidency. The means allowed appear to have been ample ; and the instructions were...

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TIIE lapse of a few weeks has produced its usual piles of vats), kinds,—fiction, history, poetry, scientific or professional treat and compilations, selections, pamphlets and...


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THIS little volume contains essays on History, Religion, Poetry, Utilitarianism, Absenteeism, and three other subjects of longer and less expressive titles; and though not of a...

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1. The Siege of Antwerp; an Historical Play. By WILLIAM

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KENNEDY. 2. Freemen and Slaves ; an Historical Tragedy. By WILLIAM BALL. These are two poems in the dramatic form, written in well- sounding verse; and the trst vigorous,...

Sabbation, Honor Neale, and other Poems, by RICHARD CHENEYIX TRENCH,

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are short pieces, principally of a religious character, written in imitation of WORDSWORTH; but wanting the profound thought and imaginative feeling that nerve his sim- plicity,...

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The Mantilla is the title given to a pleasing portrait-picture, by ED- WIN LANDSEER, of Mrs. Lister; who is represented in a Spanish cos- tume, looking from an open window. The...