17 MAY 1834

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THE Whig Ministers have once more recorded their apostasy from the principles which they were accustomed to maintain with such an outward show of patriotic ardour on the...

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The Pcdroites have been uniformly successful in the North of

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Portugal. Coimbra and Figueiras are said to have fallen into their hands. But in the South, SA DA BANDEIRA has experienced a series of defeats. As usual, we have accounts of the...

The last arrival from New York brings a protest by

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President JACKSON against the resolutions passed by the Senate, in which his conduct in regard to the Bank was declared to be a violation of the Constitution. This document...

Elehated anb OracraiLi0 ia

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1. REPEAL OF THE SEPTENNIAL ACT. The House of Commons was occupied the greater part of Thursday night in the discussion of Mr. Tennyson's motion for leave to bring in a bill to...

The French papers mention the escape of some prisoners con-

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fined in one of the Frankfort gaols, for being concerned in the disturbances in that city last month. There appears to have been a plot to raise a riot ; and order was not...

Marshal SOIILT has obtained a supplementary vote ofcredit from the

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French Chambers, for about a million and half sterling, to defray the charges of the increase in the army, which the disturbed state of' the country renders necessary. This vote...

The Spanish finances remain in a very unsettled state. None

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of the offers for the new loan have been accepted, and the Cortes Bondholders are again disappointed in the hopes of even a partial recognition of their claims. The ratification...

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eb g C Curt.

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TILE King and Queen returned to Windsor on Saturday evening. On Monday, their Majesties dined at Kew; and in the afternoon visited the Earl and Countess of Errol at Richmond....

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tbt Sittroporii.

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The great room of the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate Street, Was crowded oa Monday evening, by a meeting convened to petition the Legislature to dissolve the union between...

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Eby cOunitit.

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A county meeting for the Eastern division of Kent is to be held on Monday, to take into consideration Lord Althorp's Tithe Bill. The Kent Herald says—" It is arranged by the...

An investigation has been carried on at the Lambeth Street

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Police- office during the week into some very singular circumstances attending the abduction of Mr. William Gee, a solicitor of Bishop Stortford, and the forcible means used to...


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Edinburgh is involved in all the bustle preparatory to a contested election. The Whigs, Tories, and Radicals, will have each a candidate in the field. The Tories have put...

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BIRTHS. On the 14th inst., in Hanover Square, the Wife of Dr. Lococx, of a son. On the 13th inst., at Hampstead, the Laity of THOMAS HAVILAND Beata, Esq., of a daughter. On...

Upon the division on Mr. Harvey's motion for a revision

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of the Pension-list, nineteen Tories took their bats and quitted the House, leaving the Ministers to fight their battle as best they could. Two Touies, one of whom is the...

The celebrated Bishop of Charleston, the Right Reverend Dr. England,

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has been appointed a Cardinal by the Pope. He is the first Irishman that ever attained that dignity. — Dublin Morning Register. [Dr. England is an excellent and accomplished...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Cousol Market evinced great firmness iu the early part of tho week, and the price fur Account has been as hi g h as 93. Up to this mornin...

We have received an interesting letter from 0. P. Q.

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addressed to the British Dissenters, and containing cogent reasons (drawn from the state of affairs on the Continent, especially as regards their brother Dissenters of all...

ERRATA.—The remarks on the Poor-Laws Amendment Bill attributed in some

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of the Morning Papers and in last week's Spectator to Mr. Charles Buller, were actually delivered by Mr. Edward Buller. Member for North Staffordshire. It was Mr. E. J. Stanley,...


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SATURDAY. It is stated in the Times City article this morning, on the authority of French correspondence, that a plot had been discovered at Munich for the assassination of all...


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PROGRESS OF THE CHURCH AND STATE QUESTION. WHEN the Glasgow petition for the separation of Church and State was under discussion in the House of Peers on Monday, Lord BROUGHAM...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, May 15th, Lord Him: weevil, Farquharson, from Bengal; Wellington, Liddell; from Madras ; and Aurora. Coulson, from the Cape. Off Ports- month, 15.h. H.C....

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TILE 3forning Chronicle on Wednesday quoted with much lauda- tion a number of extracts from an article in the Scotsman, enti- tled the " Moral Position of the Ministry." It is a...

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A. Liberty, modified by such restrictions as anybody can discover

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a private reason for imposing. 160. They [the other side] consider the system of pro. teetion, by means of mode- rate or wisely-poised pro- tecting duties, to he a vain theory....


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FRANCIS JEFFREY has closed his Parliamentary career; a con- summation which his friends must heartily rejoice in. For though brief, it has not been brilliant, nor useful, nor...

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BUNN, the great Upholder of the Legitimate Drama, has given another proof of his determination to promote the object of the patent monopoly, by propping up Tragedy and Comedy on...


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A NEW company was introduced to our notice, at the King's Theatre, on Wednesday evening, in MOZART'S opera Die Zouber- . 11iite. The impression of their performance was, on the...

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CARA DORI took her benefit on Thursday evening, in the opera of La Somnambula. She sang and acted in a chaste and finished manner, and with perhaps even more grace and animation...


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THE story of " Rinaldo the bold and Armida the fair" has fur- nished the subject of a one-aet ballet, tastefully got up by TERESA ELSLER. As a ballet of action, its pretensions...


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MR. F. CRAMER on Wednesday had what he called his " farewell " concert (full of good classical music, as usual); which, we are glad to learn, implies, not a retirement into...


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TO TUE EDITOR OF TILE SEECTATOR. Islington, 13th May len Sul—The question of the separation of the Church of England from its con- nexion with the State, and the substitution,...

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IN pursuance of a plan by the Home Government of 1819, to colonize the Offer frontier of the Hottentot territory, a free pas- sage was offered to emigrants upon certain...


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"COLONIAL COVIIINIIIi.NT. Africau Sketches, and Narratise of a It esidene in South Africa. By Thomas Pringle. Mu. on . • CrRAVEL41, Jo o uey to the North of India overlord...

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THIS is an interesting account of an interesting journey ; inter- mingled with personal adventure, indications of character, portrai- ture of manners, and sensible political...

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Tins work might have been called the Informer's Chide, or a Ready Road to Wealth. Every man who wishes to live easily on the means of others, should possess himself of the Book...


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THE title is indicative of the work. Miss PARDOE is a quick ob- server; her reflections are true, though neither original nor pro- found; her style is rather elegant; her...