17 MAY 1856

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The great model joint-stock company of France has put forth

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a splendid proof of gigantic success, in the report of its transac-: tions for the past year. The Societe de Credit Mobilier is among . joint-stock companies what the house of...


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IN this week of holidays, when our ordinary public business is suspended, we are reminded by new events that there are still some foreign questions which remain unsettled, and...

The conference of great capitalists in London with the Chan-

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cellor of the Exchequer, on Tuesday, passed almost as a matter of form. Sir George Lewis having complied with the wish ex- pressed on the occasion of the last loan, by stating...

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Under a combined pressure from the Primate of all England,

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the representatives of Exeter Hall, and the Scotch Members of Parliament, Lord Palmerston has caused the performances of music in the Parks on Sunday evening to be discontinued....

Lord Dalhousie has arrived in England. For sight years le

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has occupied the Viceregal throne of India ; lie has enlarged our bounds, decreed the fate of states, contributed to the wellbeing of a hundred million souls, and to the wealth...


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It is now some weeks since Sir Benjamin Hall, the First COMmissioner of Works, with the amnion of the Prime Minister, introduced the regu- lar performance of music by a military...

Cyr ,Court.

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TEE Queue - with Prince Albert and their family, left Buckingham Pa- lace on Saturday afternoon for Osborne. The chief incident during the week of quiet has been the inspection...

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lord Stanley met his constituents at King's Lynn on Wednesday. They seem very proud of their aspiring young Member, and they gave him three times three at the close of the...

5 furtigu nub Colugial.

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c fraurt.—The treaty of the 16th April, signed by the Ministers of England, Austria, and France ' although presented to the British Parlia- ment, has not been published in the...

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ghat llannto.

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Tax CRIMEAN INQUIRY.—The Board of Officers reassembled at Chel- sea Hospital on Wednesday. At the outset of the proceedings, the Tudge-Advocate stated, that since the Board...

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liatrADA.Y. A new turn has been given to the great Band question; and it seems that steps have been taken, with the concurrence of the Duke of Cam- bridge, to provide music...

Lord Cowley set out for Paris at four o'clock on

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Wednesday morning; in consequence, it is said, though on questionable authority, of intelli- gence of an important and urgent character, received by Lord Clarendon late on...

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The Railway Traffic Accounts of the United Kingdom, for the

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six months ending the 31st December 1855, exhibit 11,613,5501. as the . total receipts from all sources ; being 820,000/. more than was realized in the corresponding half-year...

The trial of Palmer, at the Central Criminal Court, was

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continued yester- day ; the Court sitting, with a slight interval, from ten to six. Sixteen witnesses were examined : Charles Joseph Roberts, the apprentice of Mr. Hawkins,...

Mr. Henry George Hughes, of Cornadrung, has been returned for

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Long- ford, in the room of the late Mr. Richard Maxwell Fox. There was no opposition. The Times, " upon the best possible authority, " contradicts two reports in the Indian...

A Coroner's Jury which sat yesterday to inquire into the

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death of Mr. Charles Russell returned a verdict of " temporary insanity. " Nothing weaJ. elicited to show in what the insanity originated, except that Mr. Russell had lately...


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' STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY arreasooa. The English Funds have" been very firm this week, and are about higher titan they were before the announcement of the New Loan' a...

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Mario reappeared for the season at the Royal Italian Opera

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on Tues- day. He played the part of Gennaro in luerezia Borgia, but with less effect than usual; for he evidently laboured under indisposition, which affected not only his voice...

The two Philharmonic Societies have had concerts this week ;

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the Old on Monday, the New on Wednesday. Both concerts were good, and attended by crowded audiences. At the Old, our English violinist Cooper played Spohr's Dramatic Concerto in...

t4ratrts an Muir.

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The brilliant success which attended the reopening of Her Majesty's Theatre on Saturday was the more interesting from the circumstance that it belonged not so much to the...

A strange tale of adultery and consequent vengeance, founded on

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a novel by M. Charles de Bernard, is told at the Olympic Theatre, in the shape of a four-act drama, entitled Retribution. The hero is a pale-faced, melancholy-looking gentleman,...

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'1/1k. FRENCH ALLIANCE. TEM first act in the alliance with France and England has been accomplished. The Emperor of the French and his lieutenants have made peace at the moment...


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As the modern British imitator of the Elizabethan writers turns to Sadler's Wells as the only place where patronage is likely to be found, so does the " legitimate " French...


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The following is a se- lection of the more important business put down for them. HOUSE Or Loans. _Monday, May 19. Government of India : Select Committee. (Earl of ALM:EARLE.)...

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As the Aehivi suffered for the aberrations of their kings, the Eng- lish suffer for the mistakes of their officials. It is inevitable that man should smart for his own sins, but...


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THE progress of the age shows itself in nothing more than in the • criminal world. We do not mean in the suppression of crime, but in the development of the arts belonging to...

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WHEN Anastasia Robinson ' threatened with a separation from Lord Peterborough, sang " Oh ponder well !" she did not expect, of course, that the words would carry logical...


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THE movement hi the Carlton Club to rally the members to the ".political purposes" for which it was established, and to elimi- nate those who have seceded from those purposes,...

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- York, 27th April. Sta.—In the cause of Duncedom, permit me to say a word to your positive and peremptory correspondent " A Cheshire Parson," who, from preach- ing against the...

Trittss jII tt gititar.

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FRENCH AND ENGLISH ALLIANCES. Corby Castle, title May 1866. The long Gallic wars, from the Revolution of 1688 down to recent events, have made even our statesmen forget, that...


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SIR — I will not, at this time of the year, trouble you with a long letter, but I wish to place on record certain remarks which occur to me on the terms of the late treaty of...


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MEE Duke of Cambridge has added to his public services a cou- rageous net of peacemaking. He is the one man who has inter- fered hr the Sunday Bands question without doing more...

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UBICINT's LETTERS ON TURKEY. * TROUGH contemporary in pointof appearance, these letters have quickly become an authority as regards modern Turkey ; and in a certain sense...

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Timm exist in all times and places, civilized or uncivilized, men with great native force of character, or peculiar acquirements, or eminence in some pursuit which is practised...

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AMONG the several fictions before us, three possess some dis- tinctive character, from using moral or religious purposes to set off stories of modern life, although neither of...

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BQOES. FOREMOST in importance among the publications of this week is the long - expected Memoir by the late Sir Robert Peel upon the Roman Catholic Emancipation Act. It •...

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lint arts.

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. Ix our brief note on the private view, we termed the Academy E x - hibition "more than commonly satisfactory upon the whole." Further inspection...

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Tan fourth and penultimate volume of Mr. Ruskints great work is de- voted, as the titlepage implies, to the illustration of mountain-nature ; the beauties and lessons which God...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 13. Partnerships Dissolved.-Sheppard and Wildbore, Wimeswold, corn-factors-- Fairbaini and Co. Leeds, machine-makers-Allen and Banks, Norwich,...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 16. WAR DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, May 16.-Cavalry-6th Refit. of Drag. Guards-J. W. Doering to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Bruce, promoted. 7th Drag....


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On the 5th May, the Wife of the Rev. Robert Martyn Ashe, of Langley House, Wilts, of a daughter. On the 7th, in Grosvenor Place, Lady Scott, of a daughter. On the 9th, at...

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BRITISH FUNDS. &turd. (Closing Konday. Prices Tuesday. ) Wednec Friday, 3 per Cent Consols 921 921 931 931 07 1 93/ Ditto for Account 931 931 934 931 sat 94 3 per Cents...