17 NOVEMBER 1832

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The Belgian Chambers were opened on Tuesday the 13th by

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King LEOPOLD. After announcing the recognition of Belgium ny most . of the Powers of Europe, and his recent marriage with the daughter of the King of the French, LEOPOLD says—...


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Do meeting which took place in London on Tuesday, for the pur- pose of addressing the King against the expedition to compel the Dutch to evacuate Belgium, bids fair, from the...

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The capture of the Dutchess DE BERRI was mentioned in

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our second edition last week. The particulars have since been re- ceived. The following account is from Galignanis Messenger. " The Princess, resisting the earnest entreaties...

The Prussian States - Gazette contains a declaration of the King, -which,

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after noticing the determination of England and France in respect of Holland, proceeds to say- " His Majesty the King, conformably to the declarations that he has made on every...

Two other decrees have been issued by the Spanish Regency.

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One, signed by the Queen, promises her royal approbation to those magistrates and others who cheerfully and zealously co-operate with the views of the Regency, and holds out the...

The only news of the slightest importance from Oporto, is

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the retirement of a notoriously inefficient man, the Marquis DE VILLA FLOR, from the command of Don PEDRO'S army, and the assump- tion of the supreme command by the Emperor...

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Ebe Court.

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Their Majesties went on Saturday to Brighton ; where, We need hardly say, they were not merely well, but rapturously received. The Queen has repeatedly walked out since her...

The Times has published a long and not uninteresting note

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of Mr. SEYMOUR, the English Resident at Florence, addressed to the members of the Political Conference at Rome, of which Mr. SEY- MOUR was one, with the answer of the Count DE...

It has been stated in the Foreign Journals for some

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weeks back, that Count Pozzo DI BORG°, the well-known and highly-accre- dited agent of the Czar, has been hurrying f:om Court to Court, with an activity that spoke some great...

A requisition to the Lord Mayor has been numerously signed

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by many of the Aldermen and Common Council, to take into considera- tion the following motion at the next Court—" That this Court, im- pressed with feelings of sincere...

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The remains of the late Lady C. Barham were removed

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from her residence, Queen Anne Street, on Monday morning, for interment in the funnily vault of the Earls of Thanet at Rainham, in Kent. As two of Lord Sidmouth's daughters...

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A mEETING comprising nearly the whole of the commercial Conser- vatives of the City, was held on Tuesday, at the City of London Tavern, to consider of the propriety of...

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rely enttittrn.

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The intelligence of Sir T. Denman having been raised to the Lord Chief Justiceship was received with the most lively emotions by the friends of freedom in Monmouth. In the year...


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It appears, by a report of the proceedings of the Merchant Company of Edinburgh, that the Lord Advocate is at present engaged in prepar- ing a bill for the reform of the...

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The death of Sir John Leslie is an event that is not to be passed over without notice. Last week we were not able, at the moment, to collect all the facts that were required to...

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BmariNnItaar.—It is said that the Conservatives really mean to at- tempt this town, in opposition to Messrs. Attwood and Seholfield. The case of these gentlemen is not an...

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Lords Stanley and Uxbridge, the Marquis of Tavistock, and Lord. Grey, of Groby, the son of the Earl of Stamford, are to be created Peers. His Majesty having the power of...

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FROM TILE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, November 13.

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PARTNERSHIPS .rmsoLyin. NFEnnAm and Symms, Earl's Court, Bromnpton, browere-Wirnmone junior and Tnr... - teen, Cooper's Row, Crutchedfriars, wine-luereliants-Evan and Co.,...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, Nov. 14th, Claudine. Heathorm from Madras; 15th, Uni- verse, Duthie, from Singapore; 16th, Hero, Thompson, from Bombay ; and Grecian, Smith. for New South...

CHOLERA Monaus.-The following is the report for the week.

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Days. Saturday 66 2S 42 Monday 140 42 113 Tuesday 67 37 70 Wcdneaty 67 :37 54 ThumlaV 98 32 75 Friday . 45 26 27 New Cases. Deaths. Receveries.


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On the 9th inst., at Walton Rectory, the Lady of the Rev. Lord JOHN MENNE, of a son. On the 11th inst., in Hamilton Place, the Countess GOWER, of a son. On the 7th inst., at...


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ON - FORD. The following degrees were conferred on the 15th. Masters of Arts - Rev. E. R. Berens, St. Mary I1,.:1; Rem J. Bell, University ; Rev. It. M. Ashe, Trinity ; Rev. T....

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It was understood in Paris when the last accounts came

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away, that by the 16th (yesterday) Marshal GERARD would be in full march for Ant- werp,' which he would reach in a couple ofdays. His forces altogether will amount to about...

Spain, with which we intimated that the Ambassadors of France

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and England were in treaty for the recognition of Donna MARIA as Queen of Portugal, has at last turned rou n d, and, as a preliminary, has de- manded the release from prison of...

It is stated that the Dutch King has not copied

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our example in the imposition of an embargo. Up to the 13th, English vessels had re- • ceived permits to discharge as usual. Some Dutch fishing-boats were detained a few days...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. The English Stock Market has continued during the past week in the same state of quiescence that we have so frequently had . occa.slon to...


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THERE is a Juste Milieu in England as well as in France. In both countries, the term may serve to describe the supporters of their respective Administrations. The Ultra-Tories...


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THE DUTY OF FOLLOWING EVIL COURSES. AN argument used by Mr. THOMAS BARING, at the Anti-Minis- terial meeting in the City, is not without speciousness. " Earl GREY," says he, "...

Paris Papers of Thursday were received this morning, by express.

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A telegraphic despatch had been received by the Minister of War, announcing that the French troops were in movement, and would enter the next day into Belgium, if no contrary...

THE SPEAKER.—As Mr. MANNERS SUTTON was travelling through Haddington, on

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a visit to his relative Mrs. NISBETT, at Beak, a crowd of people mistook him for Mr. FEnGussox of Midi, the Reformer : they immediately took the post-horses out of the car- '...

The Madrid correspondent of the Herald says that FERDINAND means

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to resign in favour of his daughter, and that a general Cortes is to be summoned for that purpose.


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The last despatches from Berlin received at the French Embassy here are quite pacific.

The correspondence seized with the Dutehess DE BERRI is said

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to comprehend letters from the Kings of Bavaria and Saxony, and various other potentates, among whom the most conspicuous is Don MIGUEL. The Carlists, it appears, agreed to...

Great discontent is said to prevail in Don MiGuEL's troops

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at Oporto. Several of the regiments are in a state of open mutiny ; and three have been disarmed and sent off to the capital. We have been informed, from a source upon which we...

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IN discussing, last week, Mr. BuewEieS idea of a Literary Union, we accused the Masters of the Press generally (that is to say, the conductors of Newspapers and other...

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A REPORT has been in circulation, that the lessees of the two Great Theatres had mutually agreed to reduce the prices of ad- mission ; but it has been contradicted on the part...

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Captain Pontius announces the engagement of Madame SennoRnEreat Drury Lane.

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To what end, or for what purpose, w . e "cudgel our brains " in vain to conjecture. This lady knows little of any language but her own—of English absolutely nothing ; and what...


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Memoirs of Dr. Burney. By his Daughter, Madame D'Arbioy. 3Tols. Moron. The Life of General the Right Honourable Sir David Baird, Bart., G.C.B., Re. _'cols. Bentley. PERIODICAL...


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THE Memoirs of Dr. Burney, by Madame D'Aeriss.v, couple two of the most distinguished names of a family which, if merit, in place of ancestry or fortune, were chiefly esteemed,...


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WE have some good news for concert-goers. They will no longer be under the necessity of entering a pigstye in order to obtain the enjoyment of hearing good music. The Hanover...

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THIS is a laborious narrative, compiled from authentic and mostly private sources of information, of the life of a meritorious and distinguished British officer. The career of...

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THE City Society of Artists and Amateurs held theirfikst Conversa- zione for the season on Thursday evening, at the. London Coffeehouse. There was a brilliant display of winks...


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IT has long been a prevalent idea, that the French were incapable of a Critical Review,—not only in England, but in France itself, where in truth they are not exeeedingly prone...

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Haydon is getting very forward with his great picture of

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the Reform Banquet in Guildhall, which he is painting for Earl GREY; and it promises to be equally splendid and interesting. Nearly all the Cabi- net Ministers have sat to him ;...


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ROBERTS'S splendid architectural design of the Israelites' Departure from Egypt, has been copied on a magnificent scale, and is exhibiting as a dioramic picture at the Queen's...


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THROUGH the kindness of two liberal possessors of TURNER'S wonder- fully beautiful drawings in water-colours for the Views qf England and Wales, we have enjoyed the rich treat...

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November 15, 1832- The Society commenced its meetings for the session on Thursday last. His Royal Highness the President being absent from town, the Chair was taken by J. W....