17 NOVEMBER 1944

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A FEW days ago an American official spokesman stated that the port of Antwerp would be in service in a week. The port installations, which were left by the Germans almost...

The End of the Tirpitz '

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The last of the great German battleships, the Tirpirz,' has been sunk at her anchorage in Tromso Fjord with 12,000-pound bombs dropped by Lancasters of Bomber Command led by...

Canada's Conscription Controversy

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The summons to the Canadian House of Commons to meet next Wednesday, instead of some time in February, puts the conscrip- tion controversy on another level. This can hardly be...

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Home Travel by Air

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An old but serviceable four-engined De Havilland passenger plane took off from Croydon last Monday at 9.a.m. and arrived at Speke Aerodrome, Liverpool, hours later. It was the...

Bad News from China

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News of the war in the Far East has been concerned mainly with the campaigns in the Pacific and in Burma, and has insufficiently revealed the situation in China. The Japanese...

Eire and War Criminals

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The reply of the Government of Eire to the British representations against the harbouring of war criminals should not cause surprise, since it is exactly in keeping with the...

Schools - of the Future

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' Among the essential tasks that must be carried out under the aegis of the Local Education Authorities before the new Education Act can come fully into force is the provision...

Blitzed City Churches

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There have been churches in the City of London—NWren churches —which from the strictly parochial point of view were redundant, and some time ago a proposal for the sale of the...

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F RANCE is restored to her rightful place among the nations. That is the supreme fact which emerges from the conversa- tions of the past few days in Paris. They were days of...

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If general opinion is anything to go by, the likelihood

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of the Bishop of London becoming Archbishop of Canterbury is strong. I hope it is not irreverent to suggest that these things must be settled to some extent on the points...

Mr. Churchill's assertion in an interview with a Paris paper

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that if the Germans had landed in Great Britain in 1940 we should have been beaten is the most categorical statement I have seen on that subject yet. " That," the P.M. added, "...

The evolution of Earl Winterton out of Viscount Tumour marks

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a transition from enfant terrible into something like Elder Statesman. For Viscount. Tumour was really a rather terrible infant ; he was very young—only twenty-one—and very...

I am extremely grateful to the many readers who have

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already sent donations towards the fund for the provision of a Shrine of Remembrance in St. Paul's Protestant Cathedral at Malta. Indi- vidual acknowledgements have been or will...


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A case (Attorney-General v. the Dean and Chapter of Ripon Cathedral) which is down for hearing before Mr. Justice Uthwatt at an early date is likely to arouse considerable...


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I T is too soon to assert equivocally Hider fuit, but that something unusual has happened to Hitler is manifest. Unfortunately, nothing more than that can be said to be manifest...

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By STRATEGICUS W ITH the arrival of V2 we begin to enter on the phase of robot warfare, and it is important to recognise its range and .ts limits. VI and V2 are both instances...

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By P. C. HOOPER T HE speech of the Prime Minister at the end of October and the supporting statements by leaders of the Liberal and Labour Parties have blown away the fog of...

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By CANON R. M. NICHOLLS I T is welcome news that The Spectator has undertaken to raise Lz,000 for a Shrine of Remembrance in St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral, Malta, in connexion...

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By J. L. HODSON O NCE more we are faced with the unwelcome announcement of a further fall in the output of coal—a drop of over a million tons in the second quarter of this year...

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By H. D. WALSTON • E FFICIENCY seems nowadays to be the password to our economic prosperity in the future, and in the minds of many people efficiency can only be attained by...

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It. is necessary that the accommodation and amenities provided for

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the Press and strangers should be considerably extended ; but it is also right that upon the floor of the House itself the former dimensions should be maintained. To provide for...

The Select Committee appointed this time under the chairmanship of

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Lord Winterton have in some ways been presented with a simpler task. Their predecessors were obliged to begin their discussions by considering whether the Westminster site was,...

Mr. Lloyd George, it is true, came to perplex their

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counsels by urging them " not to be rushed into a mere repetition of the old Chamber," and by advancing the interesting suggestion that the traditional shape of the House of...

* * * * The problem of acoustics has been

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dealt with in a most scientific fashion, although the sad example of the theatre at Stratford-on- Avon should warn us that the science of acoustics is still in baby shape. The...


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By HAROLD NICOLSON F OR the second time in one hundred and ten years the House of Commons Chamber in the Palace of Westminster has been destroyed by fire, and for the second...

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Dead End " (Revival) and " Left of the Line." At the New Gallery —" Old Acquaintance." At Warners.—" San Diego, I Love You." At the Leicester Square. THERE are a number of...


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A wni.comn new recording is that of Mozart's Pianoforte Concerto in A major by Denis Matthews, with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra under George Weldon (Col. DX1167-9.) I...


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I WALK along the shore In a ceaseless roar of rising, falling sound, As if some stormy jungle ringed me round With dark, tormented pine trees writhing, Striving with a...

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BUILDING AND THE FUTURE Stn,—I very heartily support Mr. Clough WiTams-Ellis in his contention that whatever may be alleged against the bricklayer and other building operatives...


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Stn,—The revised scale of teachers' salaries is an interesting indication of the new educational policy in England. Specialist teachers with a university degree and experience...

NURSERIES IN NEW HOUSING have followed with great interest the

The Spectator

many letters which have appeared during recent weeks in The Spectator on the housewife wad her problems, and the effect of housework on the birthrate.' It is probably within...


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Sia,—In your edition of November 3rd there was an article under the title of " Marginal Comment " by Mr. Harold Nicolson in which the author makes the following remarks: " The...

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Sta,—You welcome, rightly, the Football Association's recommendation that Football Pools

The Spectator

should be prohibited, and you observe that firms on commission " incite citizens to squander their money." To pass an Act prohibiting these pools would be difficult and is,...


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Sta,—I was greatly interested in the article by Dr. Dunsheath on " In- dustrial Education " in your issue of October 22nd. One point which is far too little stressed in...


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StR,—Mr. J. Pietrzycki writes that not long ago, in 1940-41, not only among Poles, but generally among the Allies, the opinion was held that certain German territory which she...

Sat--When Mr. Carrington writes that ," an equally important aspect

The Spectator

that of pure efficiency, which coincides, as it happens, with the emands of common decency " he is referring to hotch-potch advertise- ent display at railway stations. But he...


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Sla,—Mr. Noel Carrington introduces into this correspondence a most important point. Time-tables may be added to direction signs and advertisements as notices -which should be...


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Sts,—It appears now to have been settled that the National Government shall be broken up, and presumably that we shall face the critical period of the post-war years with a...


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Sta,—In the "News of the Week " section of Thj Spectator (November 3rd) you have a reference to football pools. In this there is the statement: " It is idle to argue that...

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AN utterly surprising but quite valuable rhapsody on the charm of the farm and the psychology of the English farmer opens the latest issue of the highly technical Farm...

A Great Naturalist • The most exciting, the most satisfying

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walk I ever took in the pur- suit of natural history was on and about Hickling Broad with " Jim Vincent." He organised that best of all sanctuaries under Lord Des- borough; and...


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SIR,—Mr. H. G. Twilley's letter of last week calls for comment in the matter of Excess Profits Tax, in which he seems to be labouring under a delusion which is even less...

Sot,—In your issue of November 3rd Mr. II G. Twilley

The Spectator

questioned my conclusion that if E.P.T. were completely removed " the scope for reduc- tions in general taxation (failing a really spectacular increase in national income) seems...


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SIR,—Your gibes at Irish neutrality are not helpful. Our High Com- missioner gave you facts and figures. You repeatedly ignore them but have never refuted them. You say we owe...

In My Garden The last of the fruit from an

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orchard that had borne more than a bumper crop, especially of Coxes, was being stored in a cellar: Some had been sold, and the purchasers had volunteered the testimonial that...

FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN CONFLICTS SIR,—In his otherwise sympathetic review of

The Spectator

Foundations of Human Conflicts by my father, the late Dr, W. A. Braid, your reviewer• writes of him: " Then for a time he tried general clinical practice at Brill in...

Gnats and Terns All sorts of surprising things can stimulate

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rhapsodies. I have just received an eight:page letter from Algeria, of which seven pages consist of delight in studying mosquitoes. The young research worker finds extravagant...

Postage on this issue: Inland, lid.; Overseas, rd.

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Aspects of Advertising The Economics of Advertising. By F. P. Bishop. (Robert Hale. 7s. 6d.) IN the new mood it is inevitable and proper that advertising should come in...

Liber pro Velato

The Spectator

From Jesus to Paul. By Joseph Klausner. Translated from th Hebrew by W. F. Stinespring. (Allen and Unwin. iss.) PAUL said that those who read Moses in the Synagogue had the...

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A Diary of the Peace Conference

The Spectator

Unfinished Business. By Stephen Bonsai. (Michael Joseph. 18s.) COLONEL STEPHEN BONSAL, an American journalist with some fo years' diplomatic experience, was one of Colonel...

Letters on Kenya

The Spectator

Race and Politics in Kenya. By Elspeth Huxley and Margery Perham. (Faber. 12s. 6d.) Miss PERHAM and Mrs. Huxley embarked on the letters, which comprise this book, in order to...

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Earth and High Heaven. By Gwethalyn Graham. (Cape. 9s.) All Glorious Within. By Bruce Marshall. (Constable. 8s. 6d.) The Lady in the Lake. By Raymond Chandler. (Haznish...

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The winner of Crossword No. 295 is DR. S. J. TURKINGTON, Is}, Uni- versity Square, Belfast, N. Ireland.

tt THE SPECTATOR " CROSSWORD No. 297 1.4 Book Token

The Spectator

for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct i:,non of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week, S et ember 2Sth. Envelopes should be...

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By CUSTOS IT seems just a little odd that banking opinion in the United States should now be insisting on agreement on tariffs, bulk purchasing and the other problems standing...

Shorter Notice

The Spectator

The Logic of War. By Murray Harris. (Allen and Unwin. 10s. 6d.) SQUADRON-LEADER 4IARRIS has written a clear and closely-reasoned discussion of certain aspects of modern war. His...

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CAUMONT - BRITISH PICTURE UPWARD TREND OF TAKINGS AND COSTS , a 17th annual general meeting of Gaumont-British Picture Corporation, • lied, was held on Tuesday in London. Mr....