17 OCTOBER 1846

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Although the revenue accounts for the year and quarter do

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not exhibit a very large nett increase, the aspect of the tables indi- cates a healthy state of the revenue and a prosperous state of the country. To begin with the quarter....

Switzerland is again the theatre of civil war, and eaeyolit-

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tionary government is enthroned at Geneva. The immediate- question at issue was the right of Lucerne and six other Cantons to form a league for the purpose of defendino- e'...

The two Spanish marriages have been solemnized ; Spain has

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looked on in silence ; the journalists that threatened to prevent the match, driven from any tenable position in the present, rush into impressive vaticinations for the future ;...

The members of the German Zollverein are suspending their corn-duties,

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'without any very satisfactory results in the way of im- ports. That is in part, no doubt, the effect of the „0-eneral scarcity ; in part it is the consequence of restrictions...

Austria threatens her Polish province with two formidable measures—martial law,

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and a loan. The Imperial Government has not yet been able to quell the disorders which it evoked for the further crushing of the Polish race; it is obli g ed to recur to...

A report was circulated in London early in the week,

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with os- tentatious display as if it were genuine intelligence, that Mexico had purchased peace from the United States by the cession of California ; and there - was a burst of...


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• IRELAND wears a quieter aspect this week. The public works and other kinds of employment are comin g into operation ; and the effect in tranquillizing the general fe eling of...

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The Cape of Good Hope appears to be at present

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the Algeria of England ; only that the savages who keep our troops employed are not so warlike as the Arabs, nor endowed with such a leader as Abd-el-Kader. A perpetual...

be jillttropolts.

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The business of the Home Office is removed to apartments in the Tree- my, during the time that will be required for completing the extensive alterations which are now in...

Sbe Vtobinces.

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The committee appointed to select a candidate for the representation of Manchester, at the next election, have at length determined that Mn Bright, M.P. for Durham, be requested...

The accounts from New Zealand provoke the bitterest reflec- tions.

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The Hutt has again been the scene of a disastrous assault on the British troops, with such loss on our side as to incite the ign orant audacity of the savages. The whole course...

Vibe eourt.

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THE Court movements are still barren of interest. The Queen and Prince Albert are as exemplary as usual on the score of exercise, and the Royal Family drive out every day. The...

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An adjourned meeting of noblemen and gentlemen was held in Dania on Monday, over which the Earl of Roden presided. It was resolved to revive the" Relief Association" of 1831,...

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ffortign anti Colonial.

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SpAm.—The bare fact of the arrival of the French Princes at Madrid was mentioned in the Postscript of last Saturday's paper; but such an event calls for a fuller narration....


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An important ecclesiastical movement has just been effected at Glasgow. The Synods of the United Secession and of the Relief Church have been slitting in that town, and...

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At a Chapter held by the Lord-Lieutenant in Dublin Castle, on Monday last, the Earl of Fingal' was invested with the riband and badge of the order of St. Patrick. The Right...

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Letters from Geneva, as well as the Journal de Geneve

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of the 12th instant, announce the complete restoration of tranquillity in that city.

The Semaphore de Marseilles of the 12th instant contains a

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letter from Rome dated the 8th, mentioning that the Congregation of Cardinals having shown themselves systematically hostile to the measures of reform proposed by Cardinal...

There is nothing of novelty in the accounts from Ireland

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received this morning. The increasing impatience at the official Government delartita applying the acts for the employment of the people is beginning to find a curious mode of...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The marriages of Queen Isabella and the Infanta were solemnized in the Hall of the Ambassadors, at half-past ten p. m., on the 10th instant. All the Royal...

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The Town-Council of Sheffield have adopted a memorial to the

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Queen praying for the opening of the ports; adding to it a strong expression of sympathy for the present condition of Ireland and Scotland. The Commissioners for the Reduction...


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We must confess, that the fulfilment of the first promise of novelty (after the opening night) at the Haymarket Theatre a little disappointed us. The "comedy in three acts,"...

An extravaganza called The Jockey Club, produced at the Adelphi

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Theatre, is a good practical instance of the danger of writing dramatic works without plots. The object of the piece in question is not to tell any story, but to exhibit the...


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THE EMPLOYMENT OF LABOUR. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 39, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, 2d October 1846. Sin—You did me the favour of inserting in the Spectator, in 1843 and...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The settlement of the Cense] Account, which took place on Wednesday, caused rather more activity in the English Funds than has been observable...

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SOCIAL PROGRESSION. A VISION OF THE FUTURE. AFTER the successful result of some great political movement, there is first a childish exultation; then a long pause of torpor and...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quartersended 10th October 1845 and 1841), showing the Increase or Decrease TEARS ENDED 10th...

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THB consentaneous move of the Irish landlords to abandon the Dublin meeting, is a confession that they at least had nothing in petto more effectual than Lord Besborough's assent...

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IN several striking incidents, the approaching season is without precedent. It is the first winter after the repeal of the prohibi- tory Corn-laws • and England sees dearth all...


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"WHAT is to be hoped, what to be done?" So asks an able writer on foreign politics in the Daily News; who, like most of his fellows in the London journals, is just now somewhat...

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BIOGRAPHY-CIIITIC12-HISTORT, The Life of Wesley ; and Rise and Progress of Methodism. By Robert Southey. Esq., LL.D. Third edition ; with Notes by the late Samuel Taylor...

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Tins agreeable volume is a melange of description, story, reflection and reverie, mingled with notices of existing evils in our laws and social con- dition, from what may be...

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NIS volume contains the result of Mr. Ormerod's notes and observations during nine years' attendance at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, (1835- 1844,) first as pupil, and...


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BOORS. A History of the Rise and Early Progress of Christianity. By Samuel. Hinds, D.D., Prebendary of Castleknock, Chaplain to his Grace the Arch- bishop of Dublin, and first...

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On the 11th July, at Kurrachee, &lade, the Lady of the late Captain John Moore Napier, of a daughter. On the let October, at Malta, the Wife of Major Jeffreys, Eighty-eighth...


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ARRIVED-At Gravesend, 11th Oct. Earl Powls, Mossop ; Wanderer, Prints; nut Monarch, Duncan, from China ; Idaho, Burton ; and John Witt, Donovan, from Cal- cutta; and Isle of...


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Tuesday, Oct. 18. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Atkins and Blackwell, Warwick, ear-proprietors-Outram and Co. Halifax, grocers- Austwick and Clayton, Bradford, Yorkshire,...


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OPEICE OF ORDNANCE, Oct. 14.-Corps of Royal Engineers-First Lieut. A. H. Frees ling to be See. Capt. vice Fellowes, dec.; Sec. Lieut. A. R. V. Crease to be First Lieut. vice...

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BB.ITISH FUND S. (Closing Priem) &dung. Monday Tuesday. Wawa Thur,. 959 939 i tS1 95 949 95f 11311 1/69 959 shut sliez.d. 941 91 94 shut 96 ex.d. Si 959 65) shut S79 ex.d. 99...