18 DECEMBER 1841

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The Spectator

WHEN Parliament assembles on the 3d of February, it will meet no improved accounts of the state of the country. This week has added another to the list of great meetings to...

The series of judicial defeats sustained by the French Govern-

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ment has been continued : a party of political agitators, who were dragged before the court at Pau like malefactors with chains round their necks, have seen their trial turned...

A programme has been put forth as that upon which

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Sir ROBERT PEEL ' S Corn-law Reform is to be shaped. It is presented in the most apocryphal manner ; so much so, as to be thought on the one hand utterly groundless, while...

After all the reports on the subject, and the counter-reports,

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the assertions and denials, a great stride has been made in the dis- armament of France : one-fifth of the army is abolished. M. GUIZOT has thus emphatically taken his stand...

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int eourt.

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THE Queen has this week been leading a quiet life at Windsor ; taking daily walks on the Terrace or in the Little Park with Prince Albert ; and occasionally riding in a pony...

gbe liAttropolis.

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The Lord Mayor has issued cards of invitation to all the Cabinet Ministers to a grand dinner at the Mansionhouse, on Monday the 17th January, to meet Prince Albert, in order to...

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izsbr vrobinces.

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Deputies from the various Anti-Corn-law Associations of the West Riding of Yorkshire assembled at a Conference in the Leeds Music- ball, on Monday last. Delegates, almost all of...


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The patents appointing the Right Honourable Thomas Lefroy a Baron of the Irish Exchequer, and Mr. Leslie Foster a Justice of the Common Pleas, passed the Great Seal on the 9th ;...

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The daily papers make the important announcement that Prince Albert, as patron of the Kit winning Archers, is about to be presented with a superb bow and arrows by the members...


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A meeting of the noblemen, gentlemen, Commissioners of Supply, Justices of the Peace, and NI igistrates of towns of the county of Ren- frew, called together by Sir William...

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The Globe on Monday made answer as follows to the

The Spectator

article in the last number of the Spectator, headed "Emigration and its Frau- dulent Detractor," "The party in a controversy which first uses opprobrious epithets, without...


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Arrived — At Gravesend, Dec. 13th, Bengal, Gordon, from Batavia; 15111, Kinnear, Lidderdale, from New South Wales; 16th, Helen Mary, Palmer. from Bengal ; 17th, Brightman,...

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A letter from Constantinople announces the death of Mr. Charles

The Spectator

Scott, a son of the late Sir Walter Scott, and clerk attached to Sir John M.Neil's embassy. Mr. Scott died at Teheran, of fever.

The Liverpool Standard points a convention between Captain Tucker of

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the Queen's ship Iris, and King Pepple and the Chiefs of the Bonny dominions, for the suppression of the slave-trade throughout those dominions. Great Britain undertakes to pay...

It has been reported in the City for the last

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two days, that Italian°, implicated with Beaumont Smith in the Exchequer Bill fraud, has ab- sconded; and we believe there is little doubt of the fact. Mrs. Solari, whose name...


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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The Duke of Buckingham and Lord Wharncliffe are both named as likely to succeed to the distinguished honour of being created a Knight of the Garter,...

The Frankfort Journal of the 14th instant announces that the

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As- sembly of the Brunswick States had ch termined, by a majority of 33 to 13, that the Grand Dutchy should accede to the German Customs Union on the 1st January 1842, in...


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STOCK EICIUNON. FRIDAY Arm-mom The important intelligence received from Paris on Wednesday morning, of the intended reduction of the French army, has produced a decided improve-...

Considerable alarm was occasioned this morning by the 'report that

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a serious accident had occurred on the Brighton Railway Irst night. Upon inquiry, it turns out that the accident occurred at the Sydenham station on the Croydon Railway ; where...

A meeting of rate-payers was held in the Cloth-hall Yard

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of Leeds, yesterday, to consider the proposal to levy a church-rate. About ten thousand persons were present! The Vicar presided ; and the Leeds Times of this day bears...

A Conference was held at Manchester on Thursday, of deputies

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from the various towns of the cotton district. Mr. Robert Hyde Greg was called to the chair. The assemblage comprised Mr. Cobden, M.P., Mr. Brotherton, M.P., and a great number...

A correspondent at Welsh Pool contradicts the report that any

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meeting has been held in that town to petition the Queen for the establishment of a new Welsh Order of Knighthood and of Welsh Professorships iu the Universities. A...

The Paris papers of Thursday report the close of the

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public pro- ceedings in the great state trial of Quenisset and his fellow-prisoners, on Wednesday evening. Dufour, the only one of the prisoners be- sides Quenisset who had...

The Post of this morning publishes a long treatise on

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the war between Great Britain and China, which seems to be an address delivered to the Massachusett's Historical Society by the Honourable John Quincy Adams. Mr. Adams lays down...

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FINANCE AND TAXATION, MR. CODDEN has startled the Times from its propriety by a pas- sage in his speech at the Derby Conference of Manufacturers of the Midland districts. He is...


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BIRTHS. On the 9th. December, at Veu House, Milborne Port, Somerset, the Lady of Sir Wilms's Coral; Mun.vcopr, Bart., of a son. On the 11th. in Eaton Place, the Lady of the...

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THE advance of Free-trade opinions has been gained in spite of difficulties which have seemed at times almost sufficient to over- whelm them. Not the least of those difficulties...

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NOT long ago, the Morning Post praised the authors of the " Tracts for the Times," for that they kept in the communion of the Church of England individuals whose views...


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IN so far as a man's character is concerned, ordering him to find bail is equivalent to committing him for trial. It is a declaration on the part of the officiating Magistrate...

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SPECTATOR. SIR—Will you allow me, by way of Coda to your notice of SPORR'S new Oratorio, to mention a few circumstances attendant upon its birth and parent- age; under the...


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A PATENT, issued "this eighth day of December," informs us that the Queen has created her infant son Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, "by girting him with a sword, by...


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TO THE EDFIOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Blackheath, 15th December 1841. Blackheath, 15th December 1841. SIR—As a painful degree of alarm has been excited among those who have relations...

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Hrteronv„ The History of the Knights-Templars. the Temple Church, and the Temple. By Charles G. Addison, Esq., of the Inner Temple Longman and Co. BIOGRAPHY, Letters of David...

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THESE Letters of David Hume are not incurious in their substance, and are very interesting from their connexion with the philosopher and historian, and for the light they throw...

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LIKE all piecemeal productions, these adventures are tiresome to read as a whole, and leave a much less favourable impression of their merits than in their periodical form : the...


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LIEUTENANT DE Burrs arrived at Ceylon in 1836, and quitted it in 1839. During the period of his sojourn he visited the different military stations, and traversed the island in...

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In connexion with these proofs of the imitative talents of

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Italian artists, we may mention a recent instance of ingenious fabrication and imposture, which is one of the boldest as well as the most successful frauds ever practised in the...


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MODERN ANTIQUES: THE PONIATOWSRI GEMS. A SET of casts from sculptured gems assuming to be antique, and being a portion of the collection, upwards of twelve hundred in number,...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London. 6th December 1841. Sirt—The importance of Fresco-painting as a branch of art, the great names therewith connected, and the probable...


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WAR-OTFICe, Dee. 17.-Ist Regt. of Foot-Major G. Pipon, from half pay unattached, to be Major, vice D..M•Nicol. Who exchanges; Capt. G. Goodall to be Major, by pur- chase, vice...

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BRITISH FUN DS. (Closing Prices.) 8per Saturday Nonslay. Ttinday. creamer. Thurs. Friday. shut -- - - -- - - 881 ex d. 881 881 881 82t 824 881 881 89 891 891 894 981 981...


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Tuesday, Dee. 14. PARTNIIRSHIPS DISSOLVED. Cooksey and Handley-Bamford, and Co. Babbington Colliery. Nottinghamshire, blackamiths -Griffin. and Freason. West Ham. Essex....