18 FEBRUARY 1832

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We stated last week, that it was intended by the

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French Go- vernment to send a body of troops to Ancona; the report was sub- sequently contradicted ; it turns Out, however, to be well-founded. 'The avowed object of this...

The affairs of Greece have lately come under the consideratiort

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of the representatives of the Five Great Powers ; and their deter- mination is said to be, that a regular monarchical form of Govern- ment, limited in its authority, shall be...

The first division of Don PEDRO'S expeditionary fleet sailed for

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Terceira on the leth, with a fair wind. A letter in last night's Courier gives an interesting and curious account of the expedition. It says- " Our flag ship, Is Reynha de...


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THE clauses of the Reform Bill have passed the Committee. The Schedules will be discussed on Monday. By Monday sennight, in all probability, it will go up to the Lords. It is...

Manila anti procrebin 0 in Vadiament.

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. . I. hum TITHES. In a conversation, on Tuesday night, on the sub- ject of Irish tithes, Mr. WALKER having alluded to the declaration of Earl Grey,—which, he said, if carried...

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MILITARY OtrraaGE.—On Monday morning, the inhabitants of Pine Apple Place,

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Edgware Road, were alarmed by the shrieks of a woman, carried by at a.hand-gallop on a charger, which she was unable to hold in. By her side, almost incapable of keeping his...

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The 'Duke of Sussex, as President of the Royal Society, held a Con cerzatione on Saturday, at Kensington Palace, which was attended by five hundred of the most distinguished in...

NEW WaiTs.—New writs have been moved for Colonel Arbuthnot, for

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Tregony ; and Mr. Glynne, for Flint ; both of whom have accepted the Chilterns. TITHE COMPOSMONS.—From a paper laid before Parliament, it ap- pears that in 1,497 parishes,...


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On Monday, a duel was fought at Wimbledon Common, by Major- General L. Moore and Mr. Miles Stapylton. General Moore was brought in the course of the evening to rnion Hall, in...

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These sessions commenced on Thursday. The caSes are numerous, but not aggravated. The only trial of interest on Thursday was that of a boy named Charlton, an apprentice of...


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'Tins disease, or what is called so, has at length exhioited itself in Lon- don. Cases have been reported in Limehouse, Rotherhithe South- wark, Lambeth. The first cases were...

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Some particulars of the recent as well as of previous

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cases, are given in the correspondence of the Daily Press. Dr. J. J. Conquest states, in the Times, that in the autumn and spring of 1827 and 1830, cholera cases, as they are...

The following are the principal enacting clauses of the act

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conferring discretionary powers on the Privy Council for the purpose of prevent- ing the extension of cholera- 1. Any two of the Privy Council (of whom the President the...

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In Scotland, the disease moves languidly. It has very nearly disap- peared in several places, and its progress in others is slow. Hadding- ton is almost free of complaint; in...

Of the 5,000 shares which are to be sUbscribed for

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the Bristol Joint Stock Banking Company, previous to the commencement of business, 4,117 have been taken. It appears from Parliamentary returns, that the amount of poor-rates...

Lord Blayney, one of the leading men among the Orange

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patriots of Ireland, told a rigmarole story, at a public dinner some time ago, about a conversation which he said had taken place between the King, Earl Grey, and Lord Hill,...

The Warwickshire Tories, with the Lord Lieutenant at their head,

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have got up an Anti-Reform petition, to which 800 names are appended. 3VIr. Attwood has the offer of a Reform adhesion address, signed by 40,000. An Anti-Reform Address to his...

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BRISTOL RIOTS—THE RECKONING. Mr. Sergeant Ludlow, in an address to the Grand Jury at Bristol, on Monday, made the expected but not pleasant communication, that the whole of the...

The three individuals, Curran, Broadhurst, and Ashmore, who had been

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apprehended in London, were on Monday examined at the New Bailey at Manchester, on the charge of conspiracy and seditious meet- ings ; and, after a long defence of their conduct...

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16th February 1832. His Royal Highness the Duke of SUSSEX, K.G. See. President, in the Chair. Mr. Barry was admitted a Fellow of the Royal Society. John Disney Esq. of the Hyde,...


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West-Oence, February 14.-4th Regt. of Foot Lieut. T. Gibson, from half-pay 97th Foot, to be Lieut. vice Clarke. commuted. Memorandum-The half-pay of the undermentioned Officer...


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BIRTHS. On the 10th inst. in Portland Place, the Lady of Sir WILLIAM CURTIS, Bart. of a daughter. On the 10th inst. in Hereford Street, the Lwly of BERNARD BROCAS, ESq of a...


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FnEF.MAN and Saint, Bermondsey New Road, soap:manufecturere-l. and 3. 3. PAGE, Standard Hill, Nottinghamshire, lace-manufact urers-L EMIT and IT o . Stock- port,...

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Ax attempt is at present making to import a little of the Irish madness into our peaceful island, hi the shape of what is called an Orange Institution. It must thil, because it...

The Earl of' MANSFIELD, who has at no period been

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much be- loved by his neighbours, has of late become so unpopular in Perth- shire, from his factious opposition to the Reform Bill, that he was seriously urged by his family not...


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Mr. Marshall is about to publish a volume, small in bulk, but, like his other works, great in substance, which, from the leading topic touched upon in it, he calls the Mortality...

The f( , flowing is an alis'tmet of the reductions in the

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Civil went of the 1`.■aval service, from the 26th November 18:30 to is:32. It ii:ritules, of couri.e, the proposed reductions under Sir neiv. bill. Sul:trios renxim.F., ll...

HORACE Twiss came into the Committee-room whilst the Forfar Election

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was under consideration. "What kind of Committee have we here?" asked . "None but the spawn of Reform" replied the great ex-Secretary.

[The three following Articles, which appeared in our Second Edition

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last week, are reinserted fir those who take the first.] THE AMBASSADRESS. NAPOLEON used to employ female spies ; which is a refinement in the art of procuring intelligence....


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OTHO, the intended King of Greece, is only seventeen years of age. If he accept the Crown, three Councillors will be sent from Russia, Great Britain, and France, to act as a...

TITHES AT BERWICK-DPON-TWEED. — The Corporation of this borough make

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a nice thing of their tithes. The value of them is above 2,000/. per annum, out of which the corporators pay the vicar 80!.; a renewal fine is paid every seven years to the Dean...

The Royal Academy has done itself the honour, and two

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distin- guished painters the justice. of electing INIessrs. BRIGGS and NEWTON ACiWiellliCiallS, ill the room vf the late Messrs. JACKSON and NonTucort. It is especially...

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IS CHOLERA IN LONDON—AND WHAT IS IT? THE Cholera has at length been officially reported as existing among us. Our movements, which had previously been languid, , are now...


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No. I. I cannot, my dear Lord W , for one moment delay offering you my most sincere congratulations on the Reform Sill having been thrown out last night by your noble House. It...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Ems/No.—Three per Cents, closed on Saturday, after a very dull day, at 821 1 for tho Account ; Exchequer Bills at 8s. to 9s. There was a heavy sale of...


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The H. C. S. Sir David Scott, Ward, reported last week as having got on the Break- "rater at Plymouth, has since, with the assistance of H. M. S. Caledonia and a steamer, been...

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ON Wednesday night, Mr. BRISCOE moved the House of Com- mons to resolve that the Cholera was an infliction of God. On Thursday, Lord Advocate JEFFREY, having received numerous...

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WE fear it is quite useless to expect that any nation will make of Great Britain that exception which Great Britain has never made of any nation. In a fortnight, the whole...


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KENNEY'S two-act farce at Drury Lane, and a brace of burlettas at the Strand Theatre, are the only new productions of the week. The Self-Tormentor, or Whims and Fancies, is the...

INDIAN SFORTEI.—Among the amusements prepared for Lord Ed- ward Bentinck,

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the Governor-General, during a recent tour in the province of Oude, was to have been a combat between a wild horse and a tiger, but which, 'at the especial request of Lady...

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THEOLOGY AND BIOGRAPHY, The Entire Works of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M. ; with a brief Memoir of his Life, and a Critical Estimate of his Character and Writings. Published under...

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THE chief interest of this little work arises from the circumstance of its author having been the companion of the " Last Days ora Philosopher." We have a minute account of Sir...

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To read the Canterbury Tales of the Misses LEE once more,. is species of temporary regeneration. There is scarcely any edu cated person of this century who has not, at some time...

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MESSRS. LEAP and Co. complain that we have stated their case with unjust severity; and they seem to have supposed that we had acted under the influence of statements derived...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Sitter. Monday. Tuesday. Brednes. Them Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cent. Reduced 31 per Cents. of 1818. ... Reduced...