18 JANUARY 1845

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But it is in Ireland that the • epistolary tumult

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is most conspi- cuous ; for missives are flying in all directions. Some are adapted to keep up and exasperate dissensions, others to damp the fire or sooth the irritation. Of...

From a matter of rumours, and conversations, and newspaper reports,

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the " Ministerial crisis" in France has become one of open discussion in the Chambers ; and Count Mole, the suspected rival of M. Guizot, has, as the Minister terms it,...


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Tnn week has been remarkable for a singular epistolary agita- tion, as if the Polite Letter-Writer had superseded Hansard ; and foremost in English interest stands the...

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Zbe Zourt.

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Winnson has been again shorn of the Royal presence; the Queen and Prince Albert having departed on a short visit to Stowe. Some public business has, however, to be recorded,...

Incidentally to the debates in the French Chambers has been

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• pablished, a mass of diplomatic correspondence between English -and French officials, on the subject of Tahiti and Morocco ; and, 'worn as the subjects are, the documents have...

The position of Santa Anna, so long the leader in

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Mexico, is - as dubious and complicated as that country is disordered. At the date of the recent accounts he was playing the last moves in a desperate game, in which checkmate...

Mr. President Tyler is consistently working out his enterprise, and

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achieving for himself in history, not immortality, not a deathless but a lifeless fame, a kind of everlasting death. He retains to the last his vicious intent ; but expires,...

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The Illettopolfs.

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The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress save a grand entertainment on Monday, in the Venetian parlour of the Mansionhouse, to the members of the civic household. On Plough Monday, the...

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Zbt Vrobinces.

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The following letter has been addressed by William Lord Archbishop of Canterbury to the clergy of his province. " For a considerable time past my attention has been anxiously...

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Archbishop Crolly, Roman Catholic Primate of Ireland, has addressed a letter to Mr. O'Connell, in contradiction of O'Connell's assertion that a letter sent to the Archbishop...

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Mr. Andrew Rutherford, M.P., was installed as Lord Rector of Glasgow University, on Friday, in the midst of a numerous assemblage of ladies and gentlemen, including Lord...

gorrign anti giolonial.

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Feassce.—The reports of a " Ministerial crisis " and of an " intrigue' between Count Mold's section of the Conservatives and the Opposition to upset M. Guizot have continued,...

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The Morning Post describes a present which has been accepted by the Queen- " On Saturday last, Charles Herbert Wood, an artisan in the employ of Mr.. Windsland, builder,...

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Aasivsn—At Gravesend, 12th instant, Spectator, Robinson, from Mauritius; 13th, Taglioni, Black, froom South Australia ; and Gazelle, Ramsay, from Hobart Town ; Larkins, Hilbert,...

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The Queen and Prince Albert returned from Stowe today. They

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ar- rived, with the suite, at Euston Square by twenty minutes to two o'clock; and proceeded at once by a special train from Paddington to Windsor Castle. Her Majesty will leave...

Last night's Gazette contains this announcement-

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" Whitehall, 16th January. "The Queen has been pleased -to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal, granting the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of...

The report of the Emperor of Russia's death, said to

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have taken place on the 5th instant, has spread far and wide. Berlin letters, of the 6th instead, received in Paris on Thursday, mention his illness. But among our laat regular...

The Reverend Dr. Penfold delivered his promised explanation, in Mary-

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lebone Vestry, today. It corroborated rather than differed from what hard previously been stated on his behalf ; but he cited the testimony of the gentleman who gave the 25L...


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icearnimar NIGHT. The flood of epistolary correspondence from Ireland is unbroken: today we have another letter from Mr. O'Connell to the Archbishop of Armagh, dated" Darryrume...

A letter received in Paris from M. Dudoit, French Consul

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at the Sandwich Islands, confuans a previous report that the Wallis and Gambier Islands have been taken under the protectorate of France.

The Coroner's Jury that have inquired into the death of

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James Dimond, Sarah Freeman's child, at Shapwick, yesterday, returned a verdict of " Wilful Murder' against her. The boy died in 1843.

The Medical Times states that the Loudon College of Surgeons

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have de- termined to make such liberal changes in their constitution as will remove The Medical Times states that the Loudon College of Surgeons have de- termined to make such...


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Bmwei Excitation, FRIDAY ANTEEZIOOM The usual upward tendency of the Public Securities received a check on Mon day on the appearance of President Tyler's message about Mexico...

Jest as our pages were about dowdier the week, we

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received a verp interesting letter from, a friend in Paris, who has been attending the dsbates in the French Chambers. Time and preoccupied space preclude any immediate use of...

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TILE only change in the current performances of the last fortnight has been for the worse: those pests of the stage, pathetic pickpockets, sentimental swindlers, and virtuous...

Mr. Lover gave another of his "Irish Evenings" at the

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Hanover Square Rooms on Monday; choosing for the subject of his new entertainment Paddy by Land and at Sea. It is a melange of songs and stories, new and old; capitally told and...

The programme of the French Plays for the ensuing season

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is very in- viting; and, Mr. Mitchell being a manager who always keeps his promise, the subscribers may count upon having a series of varied and piquant entertainments....


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THE CANONICAL EPISTLE. THE epistle addressed by the Cardinal Prefect of the Propaganda to the Roman Catholic Primate of Ireland, in last October, is a remarkable historical...

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THE diplomacy of Mr. Calhoun is about as respectable as the finance of Pennsylvania and Michigan. There is a blundering frankness of dishonesty about both. Mr. Calhoun thinks to...


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WHEN the French assumed the Protectorate of Tahiti, Mr. Pritchard hauled down the Consular flag. This was not meant as an intimation that Mr. Pritchard intended to withdraw from...


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DIGNITY is a thing much coveted by man, but perhaps nothing takes such various shapes in the aspirations of different men. There are those in America who think that the dignity...

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A NATURAL association of ideas has led the Queen to follow up her visit to the pigs of the Smithfield Club by a visit to "the farmer's friend" at Stowe. Her reception at the...


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SOME statistical information respecting railways, equally curious mud im- porumt, has been published by Mr. Hall. an eminent -sharebroker at Liver- pool. It appears from Mr....


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THERE is one thing that masters all. It is in everybody's reach —no, not everybody's, but in the reach of multitudes. Do you de- sire to aecomplish any enterprise that depends...


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THE battue system of sporting seems likely to expire from awer-inilidgence. At Stows the game was so packed to be shot at, that the keenest sports- men, not mere hardened...

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REALITIES OF EASTERN TRAVEL. NOTWITHSTANDING this rhetorical title, Mr. Eliot Warburton's volumes are merely a book of Egyptian and Syrian travels, deriving their -colour and...


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History of the Reformation in Germany. By Leopold Ranke. Second edition. Translated by Sarah Austhr. Volumes I. U Longman and Co. fAAVELA The Crescent and the Cross, or Romance...

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THE halo that remoteness, poetry, and a reputation for learning in the Mahometan world, have shed over Bokhara, has lately received an un- fortunate increase from the fate of...


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THE professed object of this book is to furnish information to parents and guardians respecting the proper mode of placing youth at the Universi- ties, especially Oxford; as...

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Poem Janzary 10* go January lath. Bowes. History and Antiquities of the Angle - Season Church.; containing an Amount of its Origin, Government, Doctrines, Worship; Revenues...

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DRAWING-SCHOOLS. Tx6 one thing wanting to enable English artists to compete successfully with the foreigner is power of drawing. By this we mean, that scientific- ketowledge of...


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Tun competition for painting an altar-piece to St. James's Church, Ber- mondsey, for which purpose MI. was bequeathed. by an inhabitant of the parish, has resulted in the...


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On the 3d January, at the Rectory, Great Vannes, the Lady of the Rev. Banindalle" Poialietton a sou. ce s the 4th, at Aeco g Lodge, Bate, Lady Keith Murray, of Ochtertye, of a...


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WAR-Ormar, Yam PL—M Regt. of Life Guards—Vet. Surg. J. Wilkinson, front ITth Light Drags. to be Vet. Surg. vice J. Home, who retires noon half-pay. 12th Light Drags.—Capt. 31....


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Tuesday; Jan. 14. PASTNEREIMB DMSOLVID. Kirkham and Taylor, Birkenhead, veterinary-surgeons—Parkinson and Halliday; Liverpool, shoe-binding-mannfacturers—Sales and Flume,...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct — Massachusetts (Sterling) ...5 p. Ct. Austrian 5 — 1121 Mexican 5 —...