18 JANUARY 1851

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IT would seem probable that the meridian of Durham is again to be the line by which the public will find the little planet of a mea- sure on Papal aggression which the Premier...

Another Ministerial crisis in France is over ; a Cabinet

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not en- tirely new succeeds the Cabinet that resigned : but the general political difficulty has by no means been solved. As we stated in our Postscript last week, the President...

Manchester, which gave the first great practical impulse to the

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Free-trade movement begun in 1839, is now taking a vigorous lead in the Education movement. The Public School Association, re- cently enlarged from a local to a " National"...

The Prussian Minister, Manteuffel, has torn the veil off his

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master's pretensions to Liberalism. The occasion was a speech upon the address in the Upper Chamber at Berlin. The Minister had been vivaciously attacked by M. Camphauscn, who...

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Lord Grey has the peculiar knack of doing right so

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as to make it seem wrong ; of using that which is good in itself so as to pro- duce evil. No step can be more justifiable, or calculated to be more popular either in the...

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The Corporation Committee appointed to inquire into and report on the most efficient means to arrest the decay of Blackfriars Bridge accom- panied by Mr. J. Watson and Mr. D....

'Ot Cunt Tara Royal Family enjoy good health at Windsor.

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Prince Albert has hunted or shot almost every day. General Radowitz had the honour to dine with the Queen and Prince Albert on Monday, and remained at the Castle till the next...

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Sir George Tyler, of Cottrell, is a candidate for the seat in Parliament for Glarnorgansbire vacated by the retirement of the Earl of Dunraven. He is attached to the "glorious...

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'the Pope has sanctioned the division of the united Catholic dioceses of Milne and Ross, and the restoration of the bishopric of Ross on an independent Sooting 1.13% ,Mosphy,...

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FRANCE. — The dismissal of General Changarnier from his command of the Army of Paris was a blow at the majority of the Assembli winch they instantly ;endeavoured to return : ;-...

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Cabinet Councils were held at the Foreign Office on Tuesday, Thurs- day, and yesterday : most of the Ministers were present, and the sittings were long. Lord John Russell came...

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Paris, January 16. For once, the pelitical eonflict now waging here really involves a principle. Furthermore, it is capable of being clearly understood. The French, are young in...

The debate on the resolution proposed to the French Assembly

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by Id. Remusat's Committee proceeds without any very exciting interest. The speeches of mark have been—an effective one by !!if. Lasteyrie, on the she of the Committee,...

Two men lost their lives yesterday by a sewer accident

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at Islington. The Commissioners are driving a large tunnel-sewer from Church Street to Cross Street, at a depth of twenty-four feet, and under the tunnel containing the New...

The Peerage sustains a third loss in a single week,

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in the person of the Marquis of Northampton ; who died yesterday morning, at Castle Ashby. The Marquis was father-in-law of Viscount Alford; and the death of that young nobleman...


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SATURDAY. It is now understood that the Government have decided upon the sur- render of the Window-tax, and the substitution of a moderate house-tax. There is reason to hope...


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Strom EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ArricaSocin. The Stock Market has been heavy, and it continues depressed. There is evidently an indisposition amen.. capitalists for long investments:...

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It is a rentarkabIe instance of theatrical good faith, that all the novel- ties recently promised have been punctually produced , according to date. Frequently managers seem to...


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The admirers of Mr. Macready will be glad to learn that one of his most famous personations has received permanence in a recent picture by Maclise ; more especially so now that...

Mr. Hullah's concert at St. Martin's Hall on Wednesday derived

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a pe- -culler interest from the production of several sacred compositions by M. Gounod, a young . Frenchman, whose name isjust beginning to be heard in the musical world. He was...


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The interest felt in the Franklin expedition has begun to fall within -the province of art; a: fact attested by the opening of its second dioramic record at the Western...

engagement Meanwhile, Mr. Macread y 's ngagement at the Haymarket is drawing

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to s. close, and the period of his retirement from every stage is approach- ing. Each character is now performed for the last time ;. and the list for 1.1e. week now...

Mademoiselle Caroline Duprez has made a most successful debut at

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the Italian Opera in Paris, in the Luria of Donizetti. She is described as a singer of great brilliancy, with a soprano voice of most extensive compass, and to be entirely at...

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NATIONAL AND " DENOMINATIONAL " EDUCATION. THSRE was more in the Edinburgh dinner to Dr. Gunn, noticed among last week's parag phs of news, than a mere compliment to a private...

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FEW things contribute so directly and forcibly to bring the Go- vernment into contempt as the total disregard of justice which is shown in the working of great departments ; but...


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WE have awaited in vain the report of the "full investigation" that was to take place into the collision of the 4th instant at the Boxmoor station of the N oath-western Railway...

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TIIERE is a novelty in things stale : the free and iliest t i t hanner withl which old crimes come forth in the face of new lig * take• advantage of new imProyements, imparts a...

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change displaces servants of the past, it as cert i . y i iieplaces

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theta with the richly-endowed servants of the futore,.. ii (1 - i ,, , I.) p.qao1 1,. REFISION OF THE PRAYERJ-ROO.Ificalord LosiflO5t,j1.00i JiiiinttPy 1851. A short time ago,...


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TOHNsToN's ENGLAND AS IT IS. * To describe a civilized country " as it is," in its geography, is not very difficult ; for, be the scale what it may, the materials are all ready...

Ix 'tlic aggregate d Wif i litiinfi' i l y lpif s e than

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couuterbalancedli ,.., , : 1 titloiii. ' edia f tears to deparing Wien `-', — " VW t!, 4 ,iie g Tet is more7tiinsient thY is f ''is seldom we recall u the dyin#'*titi r dlinit...

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to the public, by his " Italy, Past and Present ”; a work which displays exten*Areading and • Scenes from 'Italian Litre: :By L. lifdrlotti; Author - efAcIttili. Past and Pre-...

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TITACHWELIIS SECOND SIECH WAR. * THE author of this " narrative

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" is a son of the General Thack- well who held a distinguished command in the last Sikh war; and he served throughout as aide-de-camp to his father. He was therefore well placed...

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STIER'S ILUNGARIAN TRADITIONS AND TILED. 4 ■ ∎ II Tug collectors ,of fairy

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lore, who lay: their .foundation with the solid Cabinet des Fees, and go on with the work of accumulation as new stores are perfred in - " :Itarcie or Sclavonid"gurope, irii...

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BOOKS. Traditions of l'uocaag, in Verse. By Mrs. D. O g ilvy. _. Time the _le:urger. By the Author of "Emilia Wyndha m ," Sc. In three volumes. Social Statisties. ; or the...

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TT;i Banta. i M] 0 Pa the 9th January, at

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Chicksands Priory, Lady .Elizabeth Otsboin, of a daughter. On the 10th, at EatoriSquam, tile' Wife of Edward Divett,'Esq, M.P., of aseros,,: ()tithe 11th , at Elthate, the Wife...

• MILITARY GAZETTE. Wia-onnex, Jan. 17.-1st .Regt. of Life Giants—Charles

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J. Viscount Ingenre, to be Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by pur. vice Levett, promoted. lst Diag,. Guarde- Lieut. - gen. Charles bl - ..Eari Cathcart. If-C.B. Trent the 3d Drag. Guards....

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• PARTNRRim Diesor.vse: - Barrett and Co., in g s cad Court, Beech - . Street, - Barbican, brassrininaderi-Barrettiurd Son, Head Court, Beech Street, Bar- bican,...


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: 97} oaf 214 58 70 33 31} AVERAGE. PRICES OF CORN. WEEKLY AVMRAGB. Per Qr. (Imperial) of England and Wales. For the Week ending Jan. 11. Wheat ... 39s. 13: R ye 241. 3d....