18 JANUARY 1868

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I T is stated, apparently on authority, that Sir Stafford Northcote has offered the Indian Exchequer to Mr. Childers, Member for Pontefract. As Mr. Childers is a Radical, the...

The French Army Bill has passed by a final vote

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of 199 to 60, a curiously large vote in opposition. All accounts from France concur in the opinion that the Bill is unpopular, that the peasantry hate it, and that the Emperor...

The Bishop of Capetown writes to the Guardian to announce

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that a second and competing Bishop has been selected to contest with Dr. Colenso the charge of " the Church in Natal." That section of the Church which professed a wish for a...

As to the mode of raising the Educational rates, the

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opinion of Conference seemed to be decidedly in favour of subscriptions where possible, then of rates, to be raised, Mr. Forster advises, by an Educational Board, composed,...

On the question of secular or denominational schools, the feel-

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ing of the Conference was strongly favourable to the permission, at least, of purely secular schools. And with regard to denomi- national schools, the prevalent feeling was...

Prince Alfred is making a kind of Royal progress through - -

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Australia. Everywhere he has been received with demonstrations of unbounded loyalty, with addresses, and fetes paid for out of colonial funds. It is expected that the reception...

The Educational Conference which met on Wednesday at Manchester, and

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was presided over by the Right Hon. Austin Bruc3, M.P., and Mr. W. E. Forster, M.P., declared itself decidedly, though with moderation, in favour of compulsion. On the question...

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The Midland Shareholders' meeting on Wednesday passed over without any

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striking result. The Chairman said all that was to be said for the Directors' extravagant policy ; the meeting appointed Mr. Baines's committee of consultation to see whether...

A curious indication of the policy and the anticipations of

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France in' regard to the Roman question is the report, if true, in the Nazione, that the artillery materials brought by the frigate Orenogue to Civita Vecchia consist of mortars...

The Government has instituted proceedings against Mr. R. Pigott, publisher

The Spectator

of the Irishman, for publishing " unlawful and seditious libels." The libels complained of are, first, a letter from New York urging insurrection, in very vague but still...

It is difficult even for men who know how little

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relationships ever have to do with politics not to feel curious about the nomina- tion of Lucien Bonaparte to a Cardinal's hat. The Times twice in a leading article describes...

It is stated that France, Austria, England, and Prussia have

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remonstrated with Servia about her armaments. We cannot answer the statement, but we do not believe it as it stands. The distinct interest of Prussia, and we should say her...

The Republican Convention of the United States meets on the

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20th of May at Chicago to decide on its candidate for the Pre- The Republican Convention of the United States meets on the 20th of May at Chicago to decide on its candidate for...

Mr. Stansfeld addressed his constituents at Halifax at great length

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and with much power on Tuesday, protesting against the ratepaying test, " this eureka of the Conservative party, which was to discriminate between a good and a bad citizen," and...

We are informed that the extraordinary order recently issued by

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the Pope commanding Roman ladies to cover their necks and put off their chignons, and so on, when they went to church, was issued under circumstances which suggest that the...

Mr. John Martin, patriotic person of Kilbroney, recently called on

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all Irish patriots to raise a penny subscription for the families of the " Manchester martyrs." In Cork about 751. was collected, but in all the rest of Ireland barely 291....

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Mr. Gladstone was compelled in his last budget to mention

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the death of a private individual, Mr. Thornton, whose wealth was so 'enormous that the legacy duty received perceptibly affected the national revenue. Mr. Thornton, however,...

M. Athanase Coquerel pere, for thirty years the pastor of

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the Reformed Church in Paris, and the head of its Presbytery, has died within the last week in Paris in his 73rd year. He was one of the least orthodox of the French Protestant...

Mr. Fawcett delivered a lecture on Tuesday to the Reform

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League on the condition of the agricultural population, whom he described as living in a state of semi-starvation on 10s. a - week, working like machines—the farmers, we fear,...

The Star has published a poem of Garibaldi's, " Garibaldi's

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Answer to Victor Hugo, transmitted and done into English by an Oxford Graduate." It shows decisively that Garibaldi has no common command of poetical rhetoric, some of which (as...

A phenomenon common enough in Canada, but very rare in

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England, occurred this day week on the Chiltern Hills,—an ice- storm,—in other words, a fall of rain which froze as it fell, so as to adhere tightly to any object it touched, in...

Yesterday and on Friday week the leading British Railways

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left off at the annexed quotations :- Friday, Jan. 10. Friday, Jan. 17. Great Eastern... 20* 214 Great Northern 1065 1064 Great Western Lancashire and Yorkshire 1234 45} ....

The Italian Parliament has reassembled, but the debates have been

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dull. General Menabrea's opening speech was vague, a mere 'exhortation to rally round the cause of order, and the Members await Count Cambray Digny's budget on the 20th. It is...

There has been an improved feeling in the market for

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Home Securities, at an advance in the quotations of f per cent. On Monday, Consols, both for money and time, opened at 92f, ; yesterday, they closed at 921, t, after having...

Yesterday and on Friday week the leading Foreign Bonds left

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off at the annexed quotations:— Friday, Jan. 10. Friday, Jan. 17. Mexican 151 151 Spanish New Turkish 6 per Cents., 1855 59 1862 60 57 x. d.... 574 United States 5.20's .......

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OUR PROGRESS IN ABYSSINIA. R F1 ALTA' it is possible to carry our national habit of self- depreciation just a little too far. It is a very useful and moral habit, doubtless,...

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W E do not wonder that many Irish and a few English Liberals are annoyed and uneasy at the determination of Government to prosecute the Irish Revolutionary Press. There is no...


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W E strongly advise such of our readers as have cash to read carefully and ponder well the article in the Edinburgh Review just out called " Two per Cent." They will not find in...

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C ONGRESS is winning the Constitutional race in a canter. Of all the questions between the people and the President the dismissal of Mr. Stanton, the Secretary for War, was the...

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T HE Gas Companies have passed the Recess in meditation. They have asked themselves whether it is reasonable to hope that the cry of confiscation will always succeed with...

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I T is impossible to imagine a more impressive illustration of the helplessness of a crowd of identical self-interests clamouring for satisfaction, than an excited Shareholders'...

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A MONG the many journals recently started to compete with Punch for public favour, one, and one only, has attained a success which is not exclusively of the till. Fun sells, and...

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L.—THE EXTRA-METROPOLITAN DISTRICTS OF THE SUBURBAN COUNTIES AND HERTFORDSHIRE. T HE special and paramount interest of the Metropolis has necessarily somewhat disturbed the plan...

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week passed over the earlier of my notes, that no time might be lost in placing before the public facts that seemed of pressing importance in connection with the distress at the...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR, I have, unfortunately, only now noticed the reference made in your review of Admiral Smyth's Sailors' Word-Book (Spectator, December...

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PROFESSOR TYNDALL ON SOUND.* PROFESSOR TYNDALL is not merely a man of science. He is that in the most delicate sense of• the word. But if his science is great, his art is yet...


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that those friends of Education, represented by Mr. Forster, who desire to perpetuate, with whatever modifications, the Denominational system, will be grievously disappointed,...

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Tins novel, like sundry newspaper articles, &c., which we have noticed during the past year, is recommended to us as having been written by the Author of A Night in a Workhouse....

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IN the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. We seem likely to verify this in the case of Mexico. From most opposite parties information flows in, and...

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THIS, the third volume of Mr. Marshman's History of India, con- cludes the work, and we are therefore in a position to form a complete judgment on its general value. Its merits...

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Some Account of the Life and Works of Hans Holbein,

The Spectator

Painter, of Augsburg. By Ralph Nicholson Wornum. (Chapman and Hall.)— We are doing an injustice to this elaborate work in passing it over with a short notice. Bat Mr. Wornum has...

The Theological Review. No. 20. January, 1868. (Williams and Norgate.)—This

The Spectator

number of the Theological Review has a very striking and, in one sense, profound article by one of the most eminent Uni- tarian ministers of the day, Rev. John H. Thom, on "The...


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Memories of Some Contemporary Poets, with Selections from their Writ- ings. By Emily Taylor. (Longman.) 1868.—This little selection from contemporary poets, either for the most...

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National Honours and their Noblest Claimants. By Robert Bigsby, LL.D.

The Spectator

(J. E. Taylor and Co.)—Dr. Bigsby writes in the interest of the literary class, and demands that men of letters shall be no longer ex- cluded from rewards and honours. The...

Smollett : his Life, and a Selection from his Writings.

The Spectator

By Robert Chambers, LL.D. (W. and R. Chambers.)—This is rather a study than a life, but it is a pleasing study. The thread of biographical story is broken by the insertion of...

On Primary Instruction in Relation to Education. By Simon S.

The Spectator

Laurie. (Blackwood.)—This volume is part of a report made by Mr. Laurie to the Trustees of the Dick Bequest, and has been printed before, but not published. So much has been...

My French Companion to Paris and its Environs. By P.

The Spectator

E. Tapernoux. (Longman.)—The idea of this book is novel, but it might well be adopted by teachers. M. Tapernoux gives his reader a short sketch of what is to be done and seen on...

Mr. Sprouts : his Opinions. By Richard Whiteing. (Hotten.)—The comedy

The Spectator

of bad spelling is no longer very new, and unless it is done well it is very stupid. This is one objection to the book before us, some of the contents of which are rather good....

Spring Time, or Words in Season. A Book of Friendly

The Spectator

Counsel for Girls. By Sydney Cox. (Saunders and Otley.)—Friendly enough in its tone, and likely to do good to many of the less thoughtful members of the gentle sex, this book is...