18 JULY 1835

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THE Tory opposition to the Municipal Bill, which slept during the last week, Las been revived; and a fierce attack upon it is an- nounced for Monday next, by Sir RICHARD VYVYAN....

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Elebatul anti Proteriiings3 in t3atlinnictit.

The Spectator

1. CORPORATION REFORM. The Municipal Bill was recommitted in the House of Com.nons on Monday ; when, on the motion of Lord Joust It essem., various new clauses were inserted...

The Queen of Spain issued a decree, on the 4th

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instant, by which the order of Jesuits is suppressed, and their property or- dered to be sold. This is described as being a very wise and popular act. The Jesuits are not...

For some weeks past, great preparations have been in progress

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for a review of Russian, Prussian, and Austrian troops, at Kalisch in Poland. The exact time for the display is not fixed, nor is there any especial reason assigned for...

Last week, there were disturbances in Amsterdam, caused by the

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resistance of a number of the poorest class of inhabitants to the collection of some odious taxes. The military soon put down the rioters ; but the spirit of discontent is said...

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THE King and Queen dined on Saturday with the Duke

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of Cumber- land, at Kew Pulace, and returned it night to St. James's. On Sun- day, the Duke of Cumberland and the Princess Sophia visited their Majesties ; and in the afternoon,...

Ely ffirtropoTil.

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The second " Protestant meeting" was held at Exeter Hall on Satur- day last. Lord Kenyon was in the chair ; supported by Lord Ashley, the Earl of Lincoln, Mr. G. R. Dawson, Sir...

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In the Court of Exchequer, on Saturday, an action was

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brought by Mr. Chattock, a solicitor in Warwickshire, against the Eagle Insurance Company, to recover the sum of 5000/., the amount insured on the life of Colonel Greswolde. The...

iThe eauntrit.

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Colonel Henry Wyndham is smelitioned as the Tory candidate for Wtat Sussex at the next election ; the Tories are providing themselves with caudidares in all parts of the...

Lord Lynedoch is confined to his residence in Stratton Street,

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by an accident he met with on Friday at the review in Hyde Park, where his Lordship was thrown from his horse. The gallant veteran was conveyed home in one of the royal...

A General Court of East India Stock Proprietors was held

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on Wednesday. The principal topic of discussion was a motion by Mr. Mills, for copies of all the correspondence between the Directors and the Board of Control in regard to the...

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The Orangemen of Belfast celebrated the anniversary of the battle

The Spectator

of the Boyne on Sunday, in so riotous a manner that it was fimmi necessary to cell out the military.. We salijoin from the Belfast Northern I iAiq an account of the affray,...

The Prirome has summoned the Irish Bench of Bishops to

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attend ldmi, Lendon, to discuss tool watch the liroceedings of the Govern- ment relative to the Irish Tithe Bill. Already have several of their Lords;:ips proceeded thither. It...


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On the Sill inst., the ti-if.' of J. A. EOEBrca, Esq., M. P., cf a son, st On the loth inst., at Chelmsford Rectory. the Hon. Mrs. CAREW um.tv. of a daughter. On the 1111,...

The Bishop of Down and Connor has been endeavouring to

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pro- cure signatures from the clergy of his diocese to a petition against the Irish Church Reform Bill ; and we have no doubt he has been gene- rally successful ; but he seems...

rt d William Bentinck has arrived in town, in improved

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health. His Lard-hip reached Spithead on Sunday, in the Curaeoa. The Earl of Delimit) left town yesterday, on his mission for St. Peter-hut-g. The noble lord will sail front...


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The Government is fast filling the public depaaments with its po- litical adherents. The Whig newspaper recently announced the up. ',ointment of Mr. William M'Dermott (the...

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SATURDAY. The Morning Chronicle asserts, that the Duke of CUMBERLAND is the person of the " highest rank," alluded to by Mr. HUME in the House of Commons last night, as being,...

The Emperor of Austria has refused to send his quota

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of troops to the camp or review at Kalisch ; and be has moreover declined to meet the Emperor NICHOLAS and the King of Prussia at Toeplitz or else- where. The Morning Chronicle...


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OUR readers are aware that a petition has been presented against the return of Colonel THOMPSON for Hull. There is not tine slightest doubt, if the scrutiny which it is said...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market has been steady since our last report. The settlement of the July Consol Account, which occurred yesterday, was remarkable...


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AN article bearing this title appeared in the Standard of Thursday, from one of our contemporary's correspondents. We need not trouble our readers with more than the first...

The arronick reminds us, that although Lord CANTERBURY is no

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longer Speaker, he continues to inhabit the Speaker's house ; thereby putting the country to the expense of providing another for Mr. .ABF.RCROMBY, or at least of hiring...


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The Eliza. Follins, from Canton to London, was totally lost at the Paracelles on the 24th January, crew saved. Arrived—At Gravesend. July 15th, Maleeln, Estes, and Childe...

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Ir is now nearly three years since, in THE WORKING OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, we explained the causes of the slovenly • manner in which the public business was transacted, or...


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THE COURT AND THE MINISTRY. THE King's assent to the introduction of the Irish Church Bill has been signified by Lord JOHN RUSSELL to the House of Com- mons, in the usual form;...


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THE Standard exhorts the Tory Aristocracy to " carry out " the Duke of NEWCASTLE'S principle—to do what they like with their OWn. " Fr be it from us (says the S(.ineh!rti) to...

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Lord BROUGHAM, in postponing for a day or two the

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fin flier hearing of the everlasting case of " Small versus itz.woJd, - is reported to have said- " We amid, if it were necessary, give you two hours to-morrow morning ; but two...

A Jew having been ordered to find bail for lurking

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about the area of the house of Sir WILLIAM CURTIS in a suspicious manner, the enlightened Baronet is said, in the Police Report, to have . . . . "left the office, &elating...

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Spf doter suggested this tribute ef respect to Jolts: (RAMER ; and the attendance of professors and amateurs at Freemason's Tavern, on 'Wednesday, sufficiently eyInced that % ....


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11C.,1A . N ingenuity seemed to have been exhausted in contrivances to cram into the comparatively small spitee of ground occupied by the Colosseum a world of wonders ; but...

In the course of the hearing of arguments of counsel

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in the Vice-Chancellor's Court, on an injunction prayed for by Mrs. NORTON to restrain the present proprietor of the Court Magaz n e from publishing in a separate shape some of...

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The King has appointed Mr. C. H. 'Tracey. Sir Edward

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Cust, the Honourable Thomas Liddell, Mr. George Vivian, and Mr. Rogers, Commissioners " for examining and reporting upon the plans which may be offered by the competitors for...


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MR. Sracaaares—The remarks in your Paper, to-day, on the proposed alteration in the Marriage-Law, are so good and so appropriate, that 1 cannot but wish they may meet the...


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THE probable purpose of Mr. COOPER in this new tale, might be to present the world with a profound satire on the prevailing vice of the English and American mind, as it displays...


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TO TIIE EDITOR OE TIIE sercr.vron. Sra—A Committee has been granted ; and a great lever let us trust it will prove. Let us earne , tly hope it will examine—First, as to the...


The Spectator

!Timm?, The Monikius. A Tale. By the Author of" Tim Spy," "The Pilot," Sze. In 3 tols. Beeley %may. 1u 3 cols. Chapiail aid WU. TRAVELS, Records of a Route through France...

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Jr would require some high acquirements or some peculiar quali- ties to invest a rapid tour through France and Italy with any thing approaching to novelty or interest. Mr....


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WE cannot say that this is a good novel, and yet it is by nomeans a bad one. Neither can we assign to it the character of medio- crity, using the word in its common acceptation...

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HAVING been employed for a quarter of a century in expounding " to practical men as well as to youth, the applications of mecha- nical and chemical science to the (usend) arts,"...

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OF the various volumes before us, three seem peculiarly to demand attention, from their portly size, and the gravity and importance of their subjects. As we cannot positively...

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Tatum exhibitions of Modern Paintings close to day ;—namely, the Royal Academy, Somerset House; the Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street ; and the New Water Colour...


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WE are glad to find the House of Commons recognizing the necessity of doing something to promote the extension of a knowledge of the arts of design in the country. Not but that...