18 JUNE 1842

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The Spectator

Tits doings of Parliament have been manifold this week. First of all, the Tariff has passed its Rubicon, the Committee on details, and has come forth without damage. The debates...

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Ddates an larottetiings in Varliament.

The Spectator

THE TARIFF. Considerable progress was made by the House of Commons, on Monday, in Committee on the Customs Acts. Mr. MITCHELL moved to increase the proposed duty on foreign...

A recently-arrived vessel from the United States brings intelli- gence

The Spectator

of some progress towards the settlement of the North-eastern Boundary question. The States of Massachusetts and Maine have appointed Commissioners to act with Mr. WEBSTER, the...

The inquiries into the riots at Ennis last week prove

The Spectator

many things,—that the people are maddened with hunger to violent out- breaks; that the authorities, perhaps from familiarity with the scene, suffer the disorders to go on...

According to a correspondent of the Colonial Gazette, on whom

The Spectator

that journal appears to place full reliance, the Governor-General ofCanada has made a tardy commencement in the actual business of governing; and, if reports are to be trusted,...

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gbe (num THE Queen has left the quiet of Windsor

The Spectator

for the courtly bustle of Buckingham Palace. Before her departure on Monday, her Majesty received a congratulatory address from the Eton scholars, on her late escape; presented...

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TILbt Ottropolis.

The Spectator

A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of business. The Lord Mayor presented the answers of the Qaeen, Prince Albert, and the Dutchess of Kent to the...

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The Spectator

Mr. Corbally was returned for Meath on Friday, without opposition. Another candidate for Belfast has appeared, in the person of Lord Hamilton Chichester, the son of the Marquis...

Ebt Vrobincts.

The Spectator

The nomination of a Representative for Newcastle-under-Lyme took place; on Monday. The two candidates proposed were, Mr. Harris, a Liberal, and Mr. John Campbell Colquhoun....

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The Spectator

An Arabian man-of-war, the first, it is said, that ever appeared in English waters, came up the river on Sunday in tow of a steamer, and was moored in the afternoon off the...

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The Spectator

BIRTHS. Ou the 6th Jane, at Scrnton Hall, Yorkshire, the Lady of HENRY COOKE, Esq., of a SOD. On the 10th, the Wire of Wn.u.smTcrens. Esq., his Swedish and Norwegiau...

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The Galway Vindicator of Wednesday states that the Riot Act

The Spectator

was read in Galway late on Monday night, and the people were dispersed. On Tuesday morning the 'fishermen returned to their usual employ- ment, and the town was quiet.

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed Colonel

The Spectator

Sir Robert Henry Sale, Knight Commander of the most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, serving with the rank of Major - General in Afghanistan, to be a Knight Grand Cross of...

The Novel, :Aid' Our Correapimdent at Rochdale inquires about, has

The Spectator

NOT been received. DISCIPULUS, and several other Communications, are unavoidably postponed.

The debate in the House of Peers last night, on

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the Income-tax Bill, contained some minor points, which want of space forbids us to do more than mention. There is the less to regret in that, since no practical issue was at...

Thomas Cooper, the Hornsey footpad, was brought up for trial

The Spectator

at the Central Criminal Court today, charged with the wilful murder of Timothy Daly, a Policeman, with shooting at Charles Moss, a Police.. man, and with shooting at Charles...


The Spectator

Arrived—Off Kiugsbridge, June 16th, Dutchess of Northumberland, Scott, from China. At Liverpool. 12th, Susannah Collings, White. from Mauritius. Sailed—From Gravesend, June...


The Spectator

SATURDAY NIGHT. As our City correspondent alludes to a Stock Exchange rumour that Louis Philippe is ill, we may as well mention that we have reason to believe the rumour to be...


The Spectator

STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There has been a greater demand for money than ordinary during the last few days, and this circumstance, in conjunction with the rumoured...

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The Spectator

THE GOLD COINAGE. THE proclamation respecting the gold coinage has occasioned con- siderable annoyance even in town : in the suburbs, it for a time almost put a stop to buying...


The Spectator

LORD ELIOT has pushed on the Lagan Navigation Bill, to which we adverted in our last number, another stage. He took for this purpose the "genial hour," as IVIocuis says, for...


The Spectator

WHAT is the law of Scotland with regard to the examination of irreligious or heterodox persons upon oath in criminal trials? " In the trial of Lowe and others for treason,"...

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The Spectator

THE performances of two different companies of French actors, the vaudevillistes headed by Monsieur BOUTFE at St. James's Theatre, and the tragedians in the suite of...


The Spectator

THE same letters which tell of our military operations in the Whig- begotten war against the Chinese Government, contain glowing ac- counts of the thriving state of British...

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The Spectator

THE present German company, as we ventured to predict, have confined themselves to the repetition of well-known operas ; and therefore we have been content to he silent...

The respectable publisher of Hullah's Part Music has drawn our

The Spectator

at- tention to an important misstatement in our last number, respecting the price of the publication. In place of being at the rate of three halfpence for each page, it is only...

The gossip columns of the Morning Post supply reports respecting

The Spectator

Miss ADELAIDE KEMBLE'S retirement from the stage, somewhat more definite than previous rumours as to time. She, with Miss ILLINFORTIF, BALFE, and others, will set out on a...


The Spectator

THE past week, at the Opera-house, has been remarkable for two things—the reappearance of RUBINI, previously to his final retirement from the stage ; and the performance of Don...


The Spectator

THE novelties which from time to time turn up at these concerts are usually displayed at an early part of the season, and June rarely finds the Directors in active mood. The...

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The Spectator

Taarrts, Missionary Labours and Scenes in Southern Africa. By Robert Moffat. twenty- three y ears an Agent of the London Missionary Society on that Continent. With Engravings,...

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The Spectator

ALTHOUGH slight in substance, and dictated by a sense of filial piety rather than by any very critical examination into the im- portance of the subject, these Recollections of...

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Fnms Jaae MA to June Nth. BOOKS. Recollections of the Life of the Reverend A. J. Scott, D.D., Lord Nel- son's Chaplain. The Simple Treatment of Disease deduced from the...

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The Spectator

Tuesday, June 14. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and G. P. Cott, Mile-end, Middlesex. carpenters—Debree and Co. Gracechurch Street. warehousemen—Brettell and Rufford. Lye....


The Spectator

WAR•OFFICE. June 14.-15th Regt. Light Drags.—Major W. H. Ball, from halt-pay unattached. to he Major. vice J. M•Queen, who exchanges; Captain G. W. Key to be Major, by purchase,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent. Consols Saturday Monday. Tuesday. Wedges. 77rees. Friday. stunt Ditto for Account 911 exd. 911 91e 911 911 9 11 3 per...