18 MARCH 1843

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All is not peace in India or China. There has

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been an attempt to force the chiefs of Scinde to recognize the wisdom of European commercial principles, and to agree to certain treaties favourable to British commerce and...


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THE Corn question has been hung out to air in both Houses of Parliament this week, and on the same night ; an arrangement which has the advantage of cramming the papers next...

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Thatching% in Varliantent.

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OPERATION OF THE NEW CORN-LAW. In the House of Peers, on Tuesday, Lord MONTEAGLE moved for a Committee to inquire into the operation of the existing Corn-law. He began a speech...

Further news from the West Indies tells us that, after

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all, the blow fell gently on the British Colonies compared with that inflicted on the French island of Guadeloupe: the earthquake cast widespread loss upon Antigua, but...

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THE -Court has been exceedingly quiet this week. The Queen

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has enjoyecciiiprning-walks with Prince Albert daily ; and on Wednesday her Majesgy took an airing with the Prince in a carriage and four. The Q -4 ved a visit from the Duke of...

Int _Metropolis.

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A. Court of Aldermen was held for the despatch of business on Tues- day. The Gaol Committee reported a letter from Sir James Graham, containing a set of new prison-regulations ;...

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Colonel Sir William Lewis Herries, C.B., K.C.II., has been appointed Chairman of the Commissioners for Auditing the Public Accounts, in. the room of Francis S. Larpent, Esq.,...

Inc Agrobinces.

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Cambridge is excited with all the turmoil of a contested election, for a Member in the room of Sir Alexander Cray Grant. The new can- didates are, Mr. Fitzroy Kelly, on the...


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Great preparations are making in Scotland for the new secession of Nonintrusionists from the Established Church. Members of the body are perambulating the country, giving...

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Liverpool was visited by a very palpable earthquake, yesterday morn-

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ing about one o'clock ; the shock being felt on both sides of the Mersey. The phmnomena were of the usual kind, but too strange to the Liverpool folks not to astonish them...

The Western Times of this date reports the result of

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the •Tavistock poll on Thursday : for Trelawney, 113; Vincent, 69; majority, 44. Mr. Trelawney was declared duly elected.

As a paragraph has been going the round of the

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papers annonueing the intended resignation of the Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Ex- chequer, (Lord Abinger,) we have been requested to give such reports the most unqualified...

The monument to the Scottish Martyrs, which has been wandering

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in search of a resting-place, has at length found one, by favour of the Duke of Bedford, in Bloomsbury Square. The inhabitants of that "lung of London" are said to be in dudgeon...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In neither House of Parliament, last night, was the business attrac- tive. The Commons were for the most part engaged in Committee with the Registration of...

Stevenson was reexamined at the Mansionhouse today. Dr. J. Bright

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and Dr. A. J. Sutherland gave their opinion that he is decidedly insane ; and letters to the same effect were read from his own father and the minister of Paisley. Mr. Maule...

The Chronicle publishes this morning a correspondence between Lord Brougham

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and Mr. John Bright, beginning on the 15th of February, and ending on the 24th. Lord Brougham sets out by seeking Mr. Bright's disclaimer of the "atrocious falsehood" in the...

The Leeds Intelligencer states that Mr. T. B. C. Smith,

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the Attorney- :eneral for Ireland, arrived at Ripon on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning he issued a printed address to the electors, and in the after- noon he addressed them in...

The Paris papers of Thursday state that the Deputies had,

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on the previous day, voted a grant of 2,500,000 francs to Guadeloupe, by a majority of 296 to 2. When the numbers were announced, there was a general cry that the two black...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Artgasoow. The most important occurrence of the week has been the meeting of the Sank Proprietary, which took place yesterday ; when many of the Stock-...

The average aggregate amount of the circulation of the United

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Kingdom for the four weeks ending 4th instant, exhibits as compared with the last return a diminution of 1,169,527/. in the whole circulation; which is made up of the following...

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TRE Italian Opera commenced its season less auspiciously than might have been augured from the exertions of the manager and the brilliant appearance of the house on the first...

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The other theatres have been more than usually musical during

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the week. Not to mention the somewhat coarse exhibition of La Sonnambula after Virginius, at Drury Lane on Monday, Oberon was performed at Covent Garden on the same night for...

At the French Plays, Mademoiselle PLESSY appeared on Wednesday as

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Mademoiselle de Belle Isle, in the piece of that name, of which an English version was produced at one of our theatres, under the title of A Night in the Bastile. The subject of...

• Wm CLARA NOVELL° is announced to appear at Drury

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Lane next week. Sappho, an opera of Nem, in which she made a great sensa- tion at Rome, is selected for her debut on the English stage. The great French tenor-singer, DUPREZ, is...


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THE ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS BILL. OF the numerous defects of our institutions, none is more glaring than that the Church should have any jurisdiction in secular affairs : and it...

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THE truth of what we have all along maintained must now be becoming evident, that cur difficulties in China would begin after we had conquered. Mistaken notions hate been...

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Wu have had something too much of NPNAUGHTEN ; and, after the satisfactory discussion in the House of Lords on Monday evening, it is to be wished that the public excitement may...


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THAT part of the Report of the Children's Employment Com- mission which relates to milliners and dressmakers, tells only in a more official and authentic form what was known...


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WHEN MT. VILLIERS OR the night -of Mr. WARD'S mobs' u . 4r Committee on the taxation of land) read, by way of nft te . the inculpations of the Anti-Corn-law League, the...

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SPECTATOR. Guernsey, 10th March 1843. SIR—Having observed in your columns an article under the head of " Mas- son's Adventures in Balochistan," in which allusion is made to my...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 2d March 1843. Snt — I feel greatly obliged by the insertion of my last letter, and flattered by the attention which you and Colonel TORRENS...

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MORALS, The Wives of England. Their Relative Duties, Detnes'ic Influence. and Social Obligntions. By i lie Author of The Woroen of En g land." Dedicated, by per- mission, to...

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THE different results of SARAH STICKNEY'S career of authorship in her maiden and married state are not incurious. As Miss STICE■ NET, her subjects, though grave and moral, were...

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THE scene of this novel is laid in France and England, during the closing years of Queen Anne's reign and the beginning of George the First's : and both the opinions of the age...

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From March 10th to March 16th. Boom!. Miss Pen and her Niece; or the Old Maid and the Young One. By Mrs. STONE, Authoress of "The Art of Needlework," &c. In three volumes....

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Tuesday, March 14. pARTNERsHIPS DINSoLTEn. East and Ferguson, Nottingham builders -Rawsen arid Sou, Leicester, hosiers-J. nod E. E Bateman, St. John Street. West Smithfield....


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ARRIVED-At Gravesend, 13th March. China , Robertson. from China; and Colum- bine. Crisp, from Madras ; 13th, Augustus. l'urchase; and Spartan. Miller. from Mauritius; 14th,...


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2.1 Regt. Life Guards-The, Hon. J. II. D. Astley lobe Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase. vice W. II. Helmes, who retires. 3d Regt. Drag. Ganida - Lieut. E. Dyson lobe Capt. liy...


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On the 3d March, at Tenby, the Lady of Groner COLES, Esq., Bombay Civil Ser- vice, of a daughter. On the 6th. at Amsterdam, the Baroness F. A. A. C. yaw LYNDEN TOT SANDENBURG,...

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BRITIS H FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. frednes. Thurs. — 3 per Cent. Consols 961 97 97 97 961 Ditto for Account .. 961 91 97 96i 964 3 per Cents. Reduced...