18 MAY 1861

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T HE Emperor of the French has given way on Syria. In the Senate, on the 14th inst., the Marquis de Larochejaquelein opened the debate, supporting the petitions which prayed the...

Rumours are again current of French intrigues in Germany, and

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a German correspondent of the Daily News, writing from Frankfort, gives a strange picture of the situation. The smaller sovereigns, he says, are afraid that the Prussian...

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The Government of Italy appears to be watching the course

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of events in Hungary with some interest. The Austrian garrison in Venetia has been diminished, and the Italian army +of observation consequently increased. The whole of the...

The Sultan has consented to the union of the Principalities

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under a single ruler. The inhabitants have long desired this ninon, and succeeded, in 1857, in electing Prince Couza for both the Principalities, under a pledge that if the...

The ,special correspondent of the Tines has at length -reached

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Charleston, and we shall therefore obtain some accurate intelligence from the South. His first letter adds little to our knowledge of political facts, but Mr. Russell considers...

The Russian Government has revived the old constitution of the

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province of Finland by calling together the assembly of notables , elected by the four estates of nobility, clergy, citizens, and peasants. This assembly, which contains...

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The Indian mail brings us little except Mr. Laing's defence.

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It is 'the same as that published in this country, being briefly that he ac- cepted a share in Mr_ Wythe's contract, at the request of the Great Western of Canada Railway, with...

'It is a very rare thing for a foreigner to

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preside at a public dinner in England, and distinguish - himself by his after-dinner speeches. 'We do not call to mind any similar case of the kind. The feat has now been...

The debate on the budget has been again postponed. Nominally,

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it came off on Monday and Thursday, but the discussion was alto- gether sterile. The speeches contained few new points, and the Tories declined to take a division on the second...

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The Judge Ordinary of the Court of Divorce, Sir Cresswell

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Cress- well, delivered on Wednesday his judgment in the case of Lady Forth. He said: "The suit was originally instituted by the wife for _a dissolution of the marriage on the...

The annual meeting of the University of London, for conferring

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degrees, was held at Burlington House on Wednesday, the Chancel- lor, Earl Granville, in the chair. After the degrees had been con- ferred Lord Granville made some remarks on...

The corporation of the Sons of the Clergy has existed

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for 270 years, and for 207 years it has celebrated its annual festival in St. Paul's. The festival of this year took place on Wednesday, and none of the usual ceremonies were...

The annual dinner in aid of the National Orphan Home

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was held at Richmond, on Tuesday, the Duke of Cambridge in the chair. In proposing the health of the Queen he said that it so happened that her Majesty was now at Richmond, but...

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The Reverend Mr. Hatch has obtained a verdict against his

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soli- citors, Lewis and Lewis, for negligence at his first trial. It may be remembered that when ir. Hatch was convicted on the accusation of Eugenia Plummer, no witnesses,...


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THE Queen held a Privy Council at the White Lodge, Richmond Park, on Monday, when a proclamation enjoining neutrality on her Majesty's subjects during the pending quarrels in...

Vrhutto auh rarer itigo in Varliaurtnt.

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Horse or LORDS. Monday, May 13.—Ragged Sdhools ; Lord Shaftesbury's Griev- ance—Princess Alice's Annuity Bill read a first time. Tuesday, May 14.—San Domingo; Lord...

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(From the London Gazette of May 14.) Vicronis R.—Whereas we are happily at peace with all sovereigns, powers, and states. And whereas hostilities have unhappily commenced...

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'DIE House of Lords sat a very short time, chiefly that the Royal assent might be given to severalibills. In the House of Commons last night, Sir ROBE= PEEL called attention to...

A. telegram from 'Constantinople, May 16, viii Paris, says :

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" Omar Pasha left to-day for Kustendje, 'bearer of a conciliatory proclamation promising a reduction of the taxes and a remission of all arrears. It further grants the right of...


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TEE day of the forthcoming Wimbledon prize meeting is altered from the 1st, to Thursday, the 4th of July. "It appears from authentic documents," says the Pastrie, "that France...

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MR. GLADSTONE'S POSITION. W HAT the House of Orleans was to the Bourbons, Mr.' Gladstone is to this Administration. Allied by in- stinct and circumstances to its chiefs,...


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A ROYAL proclamation published on Tuesday last de- fines with some care the official attitude of Great Britain in the American crisis. The Government is strictly neutral in the...

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THE PROGRESS OF SPAIN. T WELVE months ago, when a Congress

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of Paris appeared imminent, Spain claimed admission to its councils as a first-rate Power. The demand was formally made, and the Emperor of the French declared himself not...

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-O N the 2nd of May a Member of the House of Commons quitted a private lunatic asylum where he was a patient, hired a cab, drove to Westminster, entered the Houle of Commons,...

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RECENT EVENTS IN MEXICO. T HE honest enthusiasts who believe that

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war is an ab- surdity as well as a crime, and that all national quarrels can be settled by arbitration, must be a little puzzled by papers such as those just published on our...

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1VI R. LINCOLN can wait. By the law to which he appeals, he is bound to allow "illegal combinations" twenty days before he disperses them by force. The time of grace expires on...

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" Celui qui court aprea l'esprit, attrappe 1a sottise." • W RITERS have clearly gone mad about conversation. The chances are that any paper you take up, or any modern book...

THE NEAPOLITAN DIFFICULTY. T HERE was some reason after all in

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Lord John Russell's short-sightedi preference for Italian dualism. Up to this date the annexation of the Neapolitan provinces has brought to Italy little besides a small fleet...

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Ix chronicling the most remarkable occurrences of our Italian Opera, our attention, this week, is especially due to one incident which' will probably be memorable in the annals...

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'The procladtion of Don Diverrsoii-at The nante'theatre, on Monday,' was

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also an occurrence which calls for -notice. 'This .opera is often performed, almost every.season indeed, but very seldom in a - manner' worthy of the - work of its -immortal...

lint 361.

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MR. E. M. WARD, always manly and erudite, has produced a work which amply atones for the deficiencies of his court pictures. He has never been in greater strength than in (189)...

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DU CHAIIMPS EQUA_TGRIAli- AFRICA.° Tars volume will not disappoint the unusual capectations has excited. The region traversed by its author has not, indeed, 'the peculiar...

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To inquire into the origin of matter argues an intellectual Quixotism with which few real thinkers in our own age can have any sympathy. We would not indeed, if we could, close...

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Sown books are ambitious - of their nature, and are so received whether or not they claim the honour. If they fulfil their promise is another question, not always to be...

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Texan is no statesman whose "Life and Opinions" should be more welcome to the people of this country than those of the great Lord Grey. He embodies in his own person all that is...

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The .d . fricass at Home: being a Popular Description of Africa and the Africans, condensed from the Accounts of African Travellers from the Time of Mango Park to the Present...

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The Autobiography and Services of Sir James JPGrigor, Bart., late

The Spectator

Director- General of the Army Medical Department. With an Appendix of Notes and Original Correspondence. (Longman and Co.) History of Civilization in England. By Henry Thomas...


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Sroca ExellANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. MONEY has been in greater demand throughout the week on ac- count or the remittances to America, the last quotation of the ex- change from...


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BRITISH FUNDS. Friday. (Closing Prices.) Friday 8 per Cent Consols 911 Bank Stock, 10 per Cent 232 Ditto for Account 91f India Stock, 101 per Cent 3 per Cents Reduced 891...

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Onthe 25th March, at Petropolis, Brazil, the Lady Frances Baillie, tif s. eon. On the 9th inst., at 17, Cheaham-street, the Lady Conyers, of a son. On the 9th inst., at No. 8,...

EROBI THE LONDON ..alizErnr., MAY 14.

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Bankrupts.-.John Beniard Behrends and William Austin Nichols, St. Mary-axe, City, East India merchants-Abraham Cohen, George-street, Minories, wine mer- chant-Philip Turner...