18 OCTOBER 1845

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Mr. Newman and some of his immediate adherents have abandoned

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the Church of England for that of Rome. The step, no doubt, constitutes an important event in religious politics. It substantiates all that has been said as to the Romanizing...

France, however, prepares manfully for the struggle : her temper

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will not suffer her to submit to any defeat which can by any means be retrieved; and the contumacy of the Arabs only serves as an impulse to fresh efforts across the...


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IRELAND is threatened with famine ; not merely that periodical dearth between the potato-crops every year which puts a third part of the people into a state of destitution, but...

The insurrection in the Papal States is over : the

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Italian autho- rities almost deny that there has been more than a riot in the single town of Rimini and a gathering of brigands in the hills; and all that remains of the...

America sends us news upon the whole pacific ; for

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Mexico proves to be helpless, and the expectation of a war about Texas had subsided. There was the more leisure for a little domestic contest ; and the worthy Republicans were...

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Zbe eDourt.

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THE fine weather of the week has been duly improved by the Court; her Majesty taking walks, rides, and drives, with Prince Albert and other re- sidents at the Castle; the Prince...

sbe Vrobintts.

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The nomination of candidates to represent Wigan, in the room ef the late Mr. Greenall, took place, at the Moot-hall, on Wednesday. Mr. R. A. Thickness° was proposed, not as a...

'be Plettopolis.

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It is understood that the Queen has fixed two o'clock on the 30th instant as the time for opening the new hall in Lincoln's Inn. The Trustees of the British Museum have...

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The Lord-Lieutenant has appointed Archbishop Crolly, Roman Catholic Primate of Ireland, to be a Governor and Director of the Armagh District Lunatic Asylum. The Dublin Evening...


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The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland met at Dum- fries on Tuesday last; several agriculturists from Cumberland attending. After the usual show, on Wednesday,...

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_foreign antr (Colonial.

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ArzrEas.—More disasters to the French troops are reported. The ar my of Colonel Cavaignac had sustained a fresh defeat; which is thus narrated by the Semaphore de Marseilles- "...

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Our active. agrkultural correspondent in Surrey sends us no better - ac- count of 'the harvest: iii thatrquarter the wheat yields badly - in threshing; and, incredible as it may...

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Somewhat conflicting reports still pour in respecting the state of

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the potato-crop in Ireland. The accounts received in Dublin on Thursday are by no means calculated to allay the apprehensions of a fearful scarcity. Vast quantities of diseased...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has recommended the

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Dean and Chapter of Wells Cathedral to elect to the vacant see of Bath and Wells the Right Reverend Richard Begot, D.D., Bishop of Oxford. It LS now said that the Dean of...

The Paris papers of Thursday are still busy with comments

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on Algerian affairs; and they contain another letter from Marshal Bugeaud, disclaiming the publication of his notorious note to the Prefect of the Dordogne. The Epoque...

The official declaration of the poll at Wigan was made

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by the Mayor on Thursday evening: the numbers were—for Lindsay, 274; Thicknesse, 211; majority, 63. Captain Lindsay was therefore declared to be duly elected. Sir John De...

The Leeds Mercury reports an agreeable novelty in the amusements

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of the working-classes- " The Committee of the Bradford Teetotal Association have resolved upon esta- blishing weekly concerts in their place of meeting during the winter...

Although opinion in many agricultural districts is in the state

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best de- scribed by the epithet " jogtrot," instances occur, with increasing frequency, of a remarkable transition. The annual meeting of the Chertsey Agricul- tural...

We have received good news from Germany, of the Zollverein;

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though the channel of the communication to us is such as to forbid the statement of particulars at present. We believe, however, that this country has nothing to fear in the way...

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The Times this morning exposes a double hoax on the

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newspapers which has just been committed. "In common with every one of our contemporaries, we received, on Wednesday evening, a report under the signature of a well-known and...


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THE return of Mr. Macready, after a three-years absence, during which he has reaped fresh honours in America and Paris, is an event in stage-annals; and the crowds that beset...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The long-expected measure of an increase in the rate of discount by the Di- ,fectors of the Bank of England has at length been resolved upon:...

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Leer spring something was very much thearratter with the Com- missioners on the Pine Arts, for theyseeneto have heboured under a woolgathering of 'their wits. Prom their records...


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NAVAL RETIREMENT. Main attention, in a degree commensurate with the national importance of the subject, seems directed to the state of the Navy; a nd the Government is at last...

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Tau receipt of files of Hong-kong newspapers invites to a retro- spect of what has been doing by the Fan-qui in China. Of course a minute history of the British colony and...

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THE Faculty have been not a little excited by an attempt to father some new universal medicine upon the late Sir Henry Halford. The attempt is more impudent than original. There...


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THE "Hudson Testimonial," we are told, is to take the shape of almshouses. This is as it ought to be. It is a good old English fashion to "send round the heat" among winners to...

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IMITALIT ECONOMY', A View of the Formation, Discipline, and Economy of Armies. By the late Robert Jackson, M.D., Inspector-Generalof Army-Bospitals. The third edition, revised...

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MB. KINGSTON, the author of some rather inflated historical, political, and social sketches of Portugal, in the form of a fiction entitled The Prime Minister, which embraced the...

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AFTER, a silence of nine years , Bernard Barton again comes before the public with a volume of Household Verses ; chiefly treating of social and domestic incidents, and...


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From October 10th to October 16th. Boosts. Household Verses. By Bernard Barton. A Practical Treatise on Healthy Skin; with Rules for the Medical and Domestic Treatment of...

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Athaliah; composed by G. F. Handel; arranged for the Organ or Pianoforte, by Dr. John Clarke, Ca dye. THE volume before us contains the vocal score of Athaliah, with the ac-...

-Mozart's. Cantatas; edited by G. A. Marfarren.

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This work is handsomely brought out; and it will help to diffuse as general acquaintance with some of the finest productions of Mozart. The, only thing to which we object, is...

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On- the 22d July, at Neemuch, the Lady of Captain W. H. Rickards, Fourteenth Regiment Native - Infantry, Deputy-Adge-Advocate-General, of a son and heir. On. tll5 10th October,...


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Tuesday; October 14. rARTNERIMIPS DissOLVZD. Mesa mid Denton, Stroud; linendrapers ; as for as regards J. H. PApps-Hollis slur Watford, Liverpool, tea-dealers-Buchanan and...


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MACLISB'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES. hy a preface to a very elegant drawingroom edition of his Irish Melodies, j us t_ published by Longman and Co., Mr. Moore...


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WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 17.-6th Drag. Guards-Lieut. Lord A. S. Churchill, from 8th Light Drags., to he Lieut., vice Bourehier, who exchanges. 8th Light Drags.-Lient C. J. Bourellier,...


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ARRIVED-At Gravesend, 13th Oct. Sarah Scott, Butcher, from Sydney ; and Phoebe; Dale, from Ceylon ; 14th; Kelso, Arnold ; and Palmyra, Daniell, from Calcutta ; 15th. Lemnoe,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. Tuesday. Mama. Thurs. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per...