18 OCTOBER 1851

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FRANCE may be said, all exaggeration apart, to be left without a goternment. All the Ministers hive resigned ; the Prefect of the Police has given in his "demission along with...

The position and prospects of our own Ministers are nusailis.-

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factory. Luckily, our institutions are so consolidated, and habits- of order so confirmed in the people, that a weak government, or even an interregnum, brings less danger with...

Like Mr. Lumley at Her Majesty's Theatre, the managers of

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the 4 eh Great Industrial ibition• have favoured the public with a few extra performances after the close of file regular season. But Wednesday the 15th witnessed the "...

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Milton compared the wars of the Saxon lEeptarchy to the

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"bat- tles of the kites and crows.* The simile is applicable to the mili- tary operations now in progress on the River 'Plate. The cuffing or kissing of the Dictator of Buenos...

The solemn, and withal somewhat ponderous rebukes, which Lord Palmerston

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has drawn down upon himself from the German Diet and the Russian Government are natural enough. The off- hand style in which our perpetual Foreign Secretary encounters his...

John Bull is assuredly a very inearnation of contradictions. Efe

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grumbles at war-expenses, yet rather likes to ran the risk of being drawn into wars. He denounces intervention in foreign affairs, and will yet be meddling in the domestic...

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THE Royal Family are now again at Windsor. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the four elder children, arrived from.Scotlandand Lancashire on Saturday, at seven in the evening.....

The change of Ministry in Denmark is of consequence in

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so far as it is understood to evince a disposition in the Danish Govern- ment to resist the dictation of Russia, Prussia, and Austria. The tendencies of the Government at...

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(Chung. of tl t (krtat exOritivr.

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The Great Exhibition of Industry and Art is finished. The miscella- neous public took their last look on Saturday ; the exhibitors and their friends were allowed a privileged...

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The following are the heads of the Franchise Reform Bill which the Court of Common Council have determined shall be brought into Parlia- ment in the ensuing sestet:in. "That...

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thr Vraniurro.

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The writ for Bradford is now in the hands of the Mayor; and the elec- tion will take place about Tuesday next. There is no sign of any opposi- tion to the Liberal candidate, Mr....


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There was a great meeting of the leading members of all the Boards of Guardians in the Province of Munster, at Limerick, on Wednesday,. against the order for repayment of the...

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,furrigu nub Caudal.

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Frercz.—Towards the end of last week, the rumours which have late- ly been prevalent of a Ministerial crisis gained greater consistency. The journals in the interest of the...


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The first Cabinet Council since the reunion of Ministers after vacation rambles was held at the Foreign Office. on Tuesday. The Ministers pre- sent were Lord John Russell, the...


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Mr. Hume has been advising himself of the opinion of Edinburgh on the Income-tax and the latent Ministerial Reform Bill,.—that is to say, he has been addreeeing a public meeting...

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The Stornoway has arrived from Cape Town, with news from

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the seat of the Caffre war to the 12th of August. Everything was quiet in Bri- tish Caffiaria ; but above Graham's Town to the Orange River, a distance of 300 miles, the whole...

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There is a certain degree of elevation, especially in the course of human events, which foretells a speedy downfall. Tyrannies, before their decline, become more and more...

The Paris papers of yesterday hardly allude to the political

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crisis. The Moderates are said to hope still that Louis Napoleon will reapproach them with terms, and that they will save some part of the restrictive franchise law of May. The...


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SATURDAY. The flight of the works of Industry and Art froth the Crystal Palace proceeds at a prodigious rate. By Thursday evening, fifteen hundred of the British contributors...

Mr. Justice Pattison has announced his intention to resign his

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office of l'ttisne Judge in the Queen's Bench, before next circuit-time ; a public loss, the more to be deplored as it proceeds from no decay of mind or abatement of will in one...


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8roca EXORARDR, FRIDAY Arm:wools, The French Funds declined every day during the week till yesterday, when an advance of about per cent occurred. From the end of September tiP...

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Irttrtu to attar.

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CONTRIBUTORY BOROUGHS. 12th October 1851. Sin—When I find you take up a question in a leading article just at the very moment when I was contemplating it as a subject for a...


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Sin—In your review of Cayley's Dante, you seem to me too severe on the principle of metrical translation. With your permission, I will take one or two points. Success, you say,...


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The dioramic and other exhibitions of this newly-opened establish- spent have this week received an accession—and an attractive one—in the mesmeric performances of a French...

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Tire tyranny of majorities is an argument used with great effect by opponents of popular government; and is with them a compen- dious phrase for expressing instability of law...


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1.11/, BRITISH EXODUS. Tnx British exodus, which has just caught the attention of the 7Vme8, the Globe, and the Standard, is far from being a new sub- ject of discussion. So...

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" DIFFICTI.TIES are obstacles to be overcome," is the motto under which all great achievements have been attempted and all great triumphs won. To know when an obstacle exceeds a...

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TIM professed object of the meeting in the City to memorialize the Government on the subject of the Trans-Egyptian Railway is clear and legitimate ; but the same clearness and...


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Tun Industrial Congress of All Nations is dispersing and returning home ; and one now looks to the sum of the effect produced by the Congress—to the reflex influence on industry...

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• - LIEUTENANT BURTON'S SCINDE. * "Tire IT - nhappY Valley " is a, great advance_ on its predecessor, " Goa and the Blue Mountains. " Mr. Burton has_ acquired more confidence...


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THAT the Parliamentary inquiry into the Caffre War would be a farce, everybody knew ; but it is a - farcical fiction founded on trag ical facts which are still going on ; and...

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volumes is more liraited than their title ;. Greek literature, from the age of Homer to that of Alexander the Great, .for*az , the theme. The execution rather resembles a,...

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THE mere passions of animals, as separate from instinct or intelli- gence—the "half reasoning" of Pope—is a narrow field, and this volume embraces a much wider range of topics....

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Boons. The Life of John Sterling. By Thomas Carlyle. Hours and _Dap.. By Thomas Burbidge. The Amiens of Animale. By Edward P. Thompson. Great Exhibition of the Works of...

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On the 8th October, at Little Grimsby Hall, near Louth, the Lady Frederick Beauclerc, of a eon. On the 11th, at Roehampton, the Hon. Mrs. Robert Boyle, of a daughter. On the...


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WAR-OFFICE, Oct. 14.—lst Regt. of Drag. Guards—Lieut. F. Marshall, from the 10th Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Birt, who retires. 6th Drag. Guards—Assist.- Surg. G. F. Cameron,...

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Friday. Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Exchequer Bills, I id. per diem...


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Tuesday, October 13. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVEM-The Leicester Loan and Discount Company, Leices- ter Place ; as far as regards J. Last-Marshall and Allen, Birmingham, hotelkeepers...