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IN the affairs of Spain, "rumour" has so often become an event, or has been dissipated as an idle dream, according to the recep- tion of the rumour itself, that some importance...

An accident of the most trifling nature happens to the

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Duke de Nemours, and all France trembles. Rebellion and assassination are such familiar ideas, that a casualty in sporting cannot happen without suggesting a murder and a change...

One of the most remarkable incidents of our day is

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the dis- cussion now going on between the working people and the masters of the factory districts, as to the best mode of counteracting the excessive depression which beats down...

If the rulers of Italy are of accord, they do

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not as yet go fast enough for the people, and the progress of the peaceful revolution is hastened by the popular impatience. The record of the jour- nalist can barely keep pace...

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?Et/ Itletropolts.

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The revision of the list of Parliamentary , voters for the City of London commenced on Thursday, before Mr. T. Y. M`Christie, the Revising Bar- rister; who took his seat in the...

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Abe Vrobinces.

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The cotton-spinning business in Manchester and its neighbourhood con- tinues very depressed, and exhibits no visible signs of immediate amend- ment. The numbers either thrown...

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A deputation from the Royal Society for the Promotion and Improve- ment of the Growth of Flax in Ireland had an interview with the Lord- Lieutenant, last week, to present a...

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A public dinner was given to the Earl of Dalhousie, in the Edinburgh Music Hall, on Tuesday, to pay him a farewell compliment on his leaving this country as Governor-General of...

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iforeign anti Colonial.

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aux.—Our last Postcript contained some account of the proceedings at Lucca, which had resulted in the issue of a proclamation by the Duke, promising a number of reforms and the...

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The Duke of Cambridge has returned from the Continent. His Royal Highness arrived at Dover on Sunday afternoon, and travelled to town by railway on Monday morning. The King of...

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Recent advices from Algiers confirm the statement made last week,

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that Abd-el-Kader had possession of Tam in Morocco. The Emperor Abd-er- Rahman has applied to France for assistance. A subscription has been opened in the department of the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. According to present announcements, the Queen was to leave Ardve- . Ade on Friday afternoon, proceeding by Fort William, &a. to the sea; to anchor at Fleetwood...

A deputation from Newcastle-upon-Tyne arrived in town yesterday, for the

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purpose of representing to her Majesty's Ministers the distressed con- dition of the coal-proprietors. The Morning Post reports the specific ob- ject of the mission- " The...

Notice was received from the Admiralty at all the semaphore

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stations of the Portsmouth line, on Thursday, that from and after the 31st December Xlext their duties will cease; the electric telegraph superseding all other modes of making...

The news from the South of Europe continues to be

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highly interesting, and would seem to indicate the near approach of actual war. The Pads correspondent of the Times avers, on unquestionable authority, that the Austrian...

Private letters from St. Peter...burg, to the 7th instant, report

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a most terrific storm of wind and rain which visited the city and lasted for forty-eight hours: 400 houses were destroyed; and at one time fears were entertained for the safety...

The Coroner's inquest in the case of the Cricket steamer

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was resumed this morning. A great deal more evidence was received, in complexion similar to that already given; and the inquiry was again adjourned till Wednesday next.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The usual half-yearly meeting of the proprietors of the Bank of England took place yesterday; when a dividend of 3b. per cent with a bonus of...

The Bishop of Gloucester has been seriously indisposed; but the

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earlier accounts of his illness were exaggerated, and the Globe avers that "not the slightest danger is apprehended."

The armed crisis also seems to be probable in Spain.

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Names continued to linger in Madrid; and it is said that immense sums of money have been forwarded to him from Paris, with which he had gained over the majority of the Spanish...

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THE appointment of the Special Commission, gazetted this week, for inquiring into the means of improving the health of the Me- tropolis, must be regarded as a recommencement of...


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The Schadfor Scandal has been brought out at the Marylebone Theatre, and put on the stage with a taste and liberality worthy of the Olympic in the days of Madame Vestris—and...


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PROMOTION OF THE ITALIAN PRINCES. TREES is reason to hope that the sovereigns of Italy have not only yielded to the peaceful revolution which keeps the even tenour of its way...


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On the 21st August, at Newfoundland, the Lady of Assistant Commissary-General Weir, of a daughter. On the 10th September, at Boulogne, the Hoc. Mrs. Henry Graves, of a son. On...

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IT seems as if circumstances would force upon our statesmen some great measure of colonization. Free Trade has struck at the foundation of the antiquated "Colonial system," and...


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THE " Praslin affair " was one to make the most unreflecting think ; and its suggestiveness has been proved to us experiment- ally by a number of communications, remarkable for...

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Larras IT has already been stated, in the preceding letter, that the Cantons of Soleure and Argau were destined to a revision of their political constitu- thms (both...

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TlAvyls, • Travels in Western Africa, In 1845 and 1846 ; comprising a Journey from Whydah, through the Kingdom of Dahomey, to Adofoodia in the Interior. By John Dun- can, late...

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THE " old Dominion," as the Virginians still fondly call their State, has several striking features connected with its history. It was the first settlement attempted by the...

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CONSIDERED as a novel, Wildenham's Pilgrimage, or Rationalism in the Bud, the Blade, and the Ear, is not of a very artistical kind, es- pecially to English tastes. The German...

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BOOKS. History of the Bank of England, its Times and Traditions. In two volumes. By John Francis. The Slave Captain; a Legend of Liverpool By John Dignan, Author of "A Romance...

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DISORGANIZED STATE OF THE SCHOOL OF DESIGN. FROM a brief mention in our last number, it would be perceived that the School of Design remains in a disorganized state, and that...

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Tuesday, Sept. 14. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Smith and Clunn, Macclesfield Street South, stone-merchants—Amos and Kelham, Manchester—Peters and Banbury. Wood Street,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 17.-7th Light Drags.—Cornet J. Trennery to be Adjt. vice Bowles, promoted. 16th Light Drags.—Lieut. W. Webster to be Capt. without pur- chase, vice Townley,...


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ARRIVED — At Gravesend, 14th Sept. Unicorn, Mullens, from Swan River ; and 15th, Janet Wilson, Morris, from Penang. In the Downs, 15th, Himalaya, Burn, from Cey- lon; 16th,...

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BRITISH F U N D S. &turd. (Closing Lanky. Prices-) Tuesday. , -- Waists — — Thurs. Pridoy. 3 per Cent Consols -- 87 864 861 861 88 83 Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents...