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In the desire to profit by his administrative ability, or

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to ex- press admiration for his character, honours and offices had been heaped upon the Duke of Wellington, all of them now vacated by the decree of Death. To many of these a...


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THE DrxE is dead ! London's Duke, England's Duke, is dead ; and each of us, front the Queen in her palace to the man that sweeps the crossing, will henceforth miss the chief...

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Vrot4 of JO Vukt of 113"rltington.

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Tun Duke of Wellington died on Tuesday afternoon, at Widmer Castle The unexpected news reached London on the same evening, and, indeed, was communicated at once, by the great...

There is no official news from America ; but in

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the - United States, if not in the British Provinces, the people are usually so much in advance of the Government, that the popular news is some- times more important than the...

Apart from the public) privation which engrosses thought, the only

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striking occurrence in the political world at home is the me- teoric appearance of Mr. Robert Lowe at Kidderminster. At the time of classifying the new Parliament, Mr. Lowe was...

Louis Napoleon is acting as his own commercial traveller in

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the South of France, and is inahing a show tour to collect orders for -the kmpire ; and while he is away from Paris, his friends are car- rying on some vagaries, which have in...

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tht aittrupulio.

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Some time since, the Directors of the Crystal Palace Company sent Mr. Owen Jones and Mr. Digby Wyatt with a roving commission to the Continent for the purpose of acquiring casts...

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Of Putnam

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Mr. Robert Lowe, the new Member for Kidderminster, has made a great speech to his constituents. The occasion seized by the new Member was a dinner given to him, at...

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Balmoral has not been without events rising above the ordinary routine of a court. Last Friday, Queen . Victoria attended a torch-light ball, where all the Highlandmen of the...


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A proclamation was issued by the Lord-Lieutenant on the 10th, placing the barony of Tireragh in the county of Sligo under the Prevention of Outrage Acts, in consequence of the...

fortigu nut tulatrial.

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FRANCE.—President Bonaparte commenced his Southern tour on Tues- day. He drove to the terminus of the Orleans Railway under an escort of cavalry, and accompanied by Jerome...

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We understand that the two screw steam-frigates, Dauntless, Captain Halsted, and Highfiyer, Captain Matson, ordered to be ready for sea at Spithead on Thursday, will proceed at...

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Traits and characteristics of the great Duke continue to be

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supplied by the journals. "The Spartan simplicity of his habits," says the Times, "was maintained to the last ; and the only relaxation which he permitted himself was an oc-...


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SAMIDAY. The Earl of Derby arrived last night from Baltnoral. Deep concern was felt by the Queen at the intelligence from Widmer, and Lord Derby came to town in compliance with...

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"Vive PEmpereur I "—that cry still hails the Usurper of

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the 2d of De- cember. It is ostentatiously paraded in the Honiteur. When Louis Na- poleon left Bourges, this veracious authority declares, that "simple peasa nts" were heard to...

In carrying out the intention already announced of making Fremantle

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a convict settlement, the first batch, consisting of two hundred and fifty, will be despatched, says the Morning Chronicle, early in October. "They will consist chiefly of...


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We are still in a period of recess as far as regards dramatic productive- ness. ,Tack Sheppard has answered the expectations of friends and ene- mies; drawing down a fair...

Two maiden ladies, who had "seen better days," went to

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lodge in the neighbourhood of the Edgeware Road about a month ago. Lately they locked themselves in, and so aroused the suspicions of the landlady. By a device she obtained...

A controversy has already arisen on the historical question, whether

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Queen Victoria ascended snowy Lochnagar in September 1852. The local correspondent of the Morning Chronicle professes to have grounds for denying the mountain legend ; while the...

We have this morning the overland mail from India, with

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dates from Bombay of the 6th August, Calcutta 7th, Madras 14th, and Hongkong 23d July. Nothing of importance has been done in the Burmese war. In certain orders Untied by...


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Sloes Exciumos, FRIDAY Arrzsaroon. There is very little to notice this week with respect to the English Stock Market, as the fluctuations have been trifling and the...

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THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON. TnE death of the Duke of Wellington is one of those events which have been looked for as familiarly as the approach of a particular day in the calendar,...


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FRANCE is suddenly brought back to the point at which she stood before 1848, or rather before 1815; all that she has endeavoured suffered, thought, frustrated for the profit of...

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a nautical question. It is pro- posed to make new docks for the ocean-steamers which are now multiplying so rapidly. Already an Australian Company has ob- tained a survey of the...


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Barrisic statesmanship must not console itself with the idea that it can permanently purchase quiet by staving off great frontier questions. The Order of the Lone Star is not...

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Tim two grand accidents of the week carry on, with painful force, the illustration of that which we have continually affirmed, that the present arrangements of railways are...


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TE:E Museum of Practical Art is an institution of excellent inten- tions and we have a strong conviction that it goes far to fulfil its intentions ; its exhibition also is...

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FORSYTH'S HISTORY OF TRIAL BY Aranorron it is only in England that "trial by jury" has com- pletely sustained and developed itself through the various stages of civilization,...

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SULLIVAN'S RAMBLES AND SCRAMBLES. * A NEW purpose a peculiar mode

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of locomotion during part of the journey, the characteristics of the class to which the traveller belongs, conjoined with his own intellectual spirit and ability, im- part more...

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APART from any merit in the tale of Annette itself, this publica- tion would possess considerable interest from its prefatory matter; displaying as it does so much of kindliness...

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Booze. A _Discourse of Natters pertaining to Religion. By Theodore Parker, Minister of the Second Church in Roxbury, Mass. Napoleon the Little. By Victor Hugo. (Contemporary...

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On the 9th September, at Springfield House, Warwickshire, the Lady of Edmund Vernon Mackinnon, Esq., Fifth Dragoon Guards, of a son and heir. On the 10th, at Alderney,' Channel...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR-opmE, Sept. 14.-10th Regt. of Light Drags.-Lieut. the

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Hon. A. A. S. Annesley, from the 16th Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Severne, who exchanges; Cornet J. M. B. Murdoch, from the 3d Light Drags. to be Cornet, vice Bridgman, who...


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BRITISH 1"UNDS. (Closing Prices. Saari. Moastay. Tussalay. Vedas. Thur.. Spec Cent Consols 901 100 991 901 99 Ditto for Account 100 1001 100 994 991 3 per Cents Reduced shut...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, Tuesday, September 14.

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PARTNERsares DissoLvED.-Williamson and Heywood, Preston, cotton-manufac- turers- Stevens and Park, Manchester, architects-Mobbs and Phillips, Portman Place, Edgware Road,...