19 APRIL 1834

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BOTH Houses of Parliament reassembled on Monday. In the House of Commons subjects of the highest importance have been discussed. On Tuesday, Lord ALTHORP explained, or rather...

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The insurrection at Lyons, the origin and commencement of which

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was mentioned in last week's Spectator, was not suppressed without a severe and lengthened struggle, and dreadful loss of life. On Wednesday the 9th, the day fixed for passing...

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A change has at last actually been effected in the

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Spanish Ministry. BURGOS and ZARCO DEL VALLE have retired, to make room for the Count of TORENO, and General LL tUDER, the Governor of Catalonia. M. REMISS.. succeeds M. Iuaz as...

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1. COMMUTATION OF TITHES. The Ministerial plan for the Commutation of Tithes was introduced to the House of Commons on Tuesday, by Lord ALTHOltl'. His Lordship forgot that it...

An attempt was made by Lord HOWARD DE WALDEN and

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Admiral PARKER, on the 31st March, to induce Don MiGuat to leave Portugal, upon the following terms. He was to be allowed a safe conduct out of the country, and a liberal...

Tranquillity is perfectly restored at Brussels. The King has dismissed

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some of his English domestics; and several foreigners connected with the Lynx and other Orange journals have been ordered to leave the country. Sir ROBERT ADAIR, who had been...

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the Court.

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THEIR Majesties paid a visit to the Duke of Cumberland at Kew on Monday ; where a party, consisting principally of members of the Household, met them. In the afternoon, they...

rbc InctropaTit.

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The Committee of the Court of Common Council met on Saturday, and passed several resolutions, in the form of recommendations to the Court, which, if acted upon, will have the...

In the Court of King's Bench, on Thursday, a rule

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for a new trial was applied for on behalf of Mr. Ballantine, the Thames Police Ma- gistrate, against whom a verdict with 130/. damages was given, at the suit of II pawnbroker...

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Mr. 0' Connell, in a long and lugubrious letter, addressed to the People of Ireland, dated April 8th, complains of their apathy in petitioning for the Repeal of the Union. He...

E. be Countril.

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Mr. John Stewart, one of the Members for Lymington, made a tender of his seat tea his constituents on the 2d instant, in consequence of his inability, from unforseen...

During the last week, the plantations in Windsor Park have

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been maliciously set on fire in different parts, and con,iderable damage done, though not so extensive as might have been expected had the weather been drier. The authorities at...

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The spirit and integrity of the " Reformed " House

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of Commons will be tested on Monday, by the motion of Mr. PvrEit to address the King to remove the Earl of WARWICK from the Lord-Lieutenancy of Warwickshire. The common law and...

The intelligence which we receive from Lyons is by no

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means con- firmatory of what the French Government would wish us to believe. We have nothing to convince us that the fighting was over on the 15th ; and by what we can gather...

General Alma was in a very dangerous way yesterday, and

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in great suffering ; but to-day he is more tranquil.


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Prince TALLEYRAND had a long interview with Lord PALMERSTON this afternoon, and afterwards sent off a special courier with despatches to Paris. It is believed...

The members of the various Trades Unions of the Metropolis

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in- tend to meet on Monday morning, in Copenhagen Fields, for the pur- pose of preparing and transmitting to the King, through the Home Secretary, a petition to revoke or...

The Portuguese Ambassador has received from Oporto an official communication

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of the entry of a body of Spaniards into Portugal; but there is no official account of the fact from Lisbon.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market still continues hewy ; the pressure of Money Stock on the market has rot been removed. Exai,: - ferated repot ts of the...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 18.-13th Light Dragoons—Cornet W. M. Julius to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Ilackett, who retires ; F. Burdett. Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Julius....

The Russian, Austrian, and Prussian Ambassadors here, have had several

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meetings during the week, on the Portuguese and other ques- tions. It is given out at the Foreign Office, that there is a good under- standing between them and our Government at...


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Arrivals—None. Sailed—From Gravesend, April 15th, Helen Mar, Benson, for the Cape ; 17th, Lady l'evershain, Ellerby, for Bombay ; 18th. Monarch, Buchanan, for Ceylon ; from...

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ANTI-NATIONAL MARCH OF THE GOV ERNMENT 4. ., Raccures,rato, les ordres

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°milts a Lyon sent impitoyables."—Sparcu of M. 6cizor, 0 i.:1. ptiii. West pas dans les associations. Elk est dams la presse."—MONTI.OSIER'S TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR....

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THE days of civic glory are passing—past !—never to return. Even the Lord Mayor's Day is to be shorn of its splendour. Mr. CHARLES PEARSON, that unsparing foe to Magisterial...


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THE defeat of the Ministerial candidates at Gloucester and Dudley, and the unequivocal assurance given to Mr. WARRE by his con- stituents at Hastings, that his proposed...


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AFTER determining the aim of such an association, viz. the super- session of the Whigs by a better commodity, the next is to display some of the objects, by the avowal of which,...


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THE NEW TITHE PROJECT. Loan Amonte's propo&tion on the subject of Tithes, is of a mingled yarn. By transferring the impost from the produce to the rent, it removes all the...

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A DISCUSSION arose in the House of Peers on Tuesday, relative to the suppression of intemperance ; which it was alleged had in- creased alarmingly throughout the country, owing...


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THE Post-office people labour hard to mystify the public on the subject of the expense and management of their department. And this by no means surprises us ; for the facts arc...

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GRISI appeared on Tuesday, in DONIZETTI'S Anna Bolena. After witnessing such a display as her performance of Ninetta, we scarcely conceived it possible that any opera in which...

CORN CATECHISM. (Continued.)

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119. —unless the rampart of the country, the agricul- tural community, is intended to be destroyed.—I5. 118. As it appears, on in- A. Waiving all question of the accuracy...

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TO THE ED/TOR OF TILE SPECTATOR. StR—In your excellent article of Sunday last upon the ensuin g Musical Festival' in Westminster Abbey, there are two errors. which von will...


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THE ELSLERS have come to fill up the void left by TAGLIONI : but it is like seeing the satellites and missing the planet—they make us feel the loss of our "bright particular...

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THE Merry-andrew Manager of the Patent Monopoly has this week achieved a master-stroke of genius. ELLISTON, " the Great Lessee," was fertile in expedients; but Mr. BUNN...


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THERE is nothing intrinsically agreeable in doing what may by possibility work pain or disappointment to any. But non omnibus omniu ; and every man must be content to go through...

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LET any mart competent to the task survey his past life even from his earliest remembrance, and in the majority of cases what will be the result? That the good, in health, in...


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Necessity of Popular Education ns a National Object; with Uinta on the Treatment of Criminals, and Observations on Homicidal Insanity. By James Simpson, Advocate Longman....

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This article was in type before the Chancellor's speech upon

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National Education was delivered. It confirms our opinion as to the largeness of the fund which is applicable to the instruction of the people. According to Lord BROUGHAM, the...


The Spectator

Is a slight and somewhat crotchety essay, deriving its interest front the importance of its subject. In the multitude of counsel- lors there is safety. In a multitude of...