19 APRIL 1845

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MoomooTH is again the prominent topic of the week, both in and out of Parliament. Public meetings against the Endowment Bill have been held in all quarters; the product has been...

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Bitates artb 1 ) 9race:ringsin tiarliament.

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ENDOWMENT OF MAYNOOTH COLLEGE. -renewed. r notices were also given. Mr. FERRAM) gave this adjourned debate-on the second reading of the Maynooth College Bill, the notice `ref...

Lord Brougham has "drawn attention" to two facts connected /with

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railways, that ought to provoke some more effectual atten- .tion to growing evils,—the excess of speculation, often not very .lucrative, sometimes quite profitless and ruinous ;...

The Foreign news consists of minor gossip.

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The Swiss Diet cannot make up the Federal mind on the real causes of the anarchy in the republic : poor paltering negative :measures are all that obtain concurrence among...

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Wbe eourt.

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Taw incidents of the week are more various than striking. On Saturday, after gi ving an audience to Sir Robert Peel, and receiving a visit from the Dutchess of rmt, the Queen,...

Zbe „Metropolis.

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There have been many meetings to oppose the increased endowment of May- nooth College. A meeting of bankers, merchants, and traders of the City of London, convened by the Led...

abe 1Jrobinces.

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Lord Holmeadale and Mr. Thomas Frewen, of Brickwall House, Northiam, the rival Conservative candidates for West Kent, have both withdrawn, in favour of Colonel Au-sten, of...

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.Foreign anti Colonial. Firawcir..—The Chamber of Peers finally passed the

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Colonial Administratioa Bill on Saturday, by 103 to 59. Soine of its provisions will tend to improve the condition of the Negro. The first clause secures to him one day in the...


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The report that the Queen intends to visit Ireland, upon which some discredit las been thrown in London, seems to have been confirmed in Dublin. The Lord- Lieutenant has told a...

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The Morning Post announces the probability of another grand bal costume at Court. "It is there generally asserted, that the Queen, taking into consideration the losses...

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The poll at the election of a Member for Greenock

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closed, on Thursday, with 350 votes for Mr. Heine, and 344 for Mr. Dunlop; majority, 6.


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MR. BURFORD now transports us from Leicester Square into the heart of the Celestial Empire. On an eminence reached by a few steps, his visiters command a bird's-eye view of the...

Mr. Pringle, who, we presume, is no longer a Lord

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of the Treasury, voted in the minority against the Government. It will he difficult for the Government to fill his place with another Scotch Member who supports the Maynooth...

The Paris Prase of Thursday has pacific news from Switzerland:

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Lucerne is taking steps to release its prisoners; Berne is suspending from office all public functionaries who joined the invading Free Corps; and reconciliation dawns upon the...


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SATUBDAY NIGHT. 7 The adjourned debate in the House of Commons, on the second reading of the bill for endowing Maynooth College, ended last night—the sixth night of the...

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But the appearance of Duprez at Drury Lane in the

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part of Edgar in The Bride of Lammermoor, originally written for him by Doniz.etti, has been the great event of the week, musical and dramatic. This opera, so universally...


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THE performance of Semiramide at Her Majesty's Theatre on Thursday proved a welcome treat in two ways,-,-first, on account of what was given; secondly, on account of what was...


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Waz-ortics, April 18.—lst Regt. of Drag. Guards—F. Delany, Gent. to be Vete- rinary-Surg. vice John Mellows, who retires upon half-pay. 2d Drags.—Lieut. W. C. Grant to be Capt....


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Asztvno—At Gravesend, 12th inst. John Cooper Greig, from Bombay ; and Nan- MS% Thomas. from Maur i tiu s ; 13 th. William Lee, Shepherd, from Calcutta ; 14th, Amelia Hill, Hill,...


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STOM EXCHANGD, FRIDAY APTIZNOON. The favourable character of the last intelligence from the United States has given more firmness to the English Government Stocks, but the...

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THE MORALE OF PEEL. SIR ROBERT PEEL has propounded what is really a minor mea- sure a matter of detail in carrying out the Irish policy which he evidently contemplated from the...

Auber's comic opera Le Dec crOl.nne is got up at

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the Princess's in a very creditable manner; though the English version is of the homeliest, and its performance will gratify those only who have not seen it on the French stage....

Mr. Russell is enlivening and instructing the evening visiters at

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the Polytechnic Institution with a Lecture on Singing, that most amateurs, and some professional vocalists, might benefit by attending. Mr. Russell's illustrations of the...

The reign of laughter has now fairly commenced at the

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French Plays ; M. Ravel being the first of the "merry monarchs" in that dynasty of drol- lery .wherein MM. Arnal and Achard are his appointed successors. M. Ravel made his first...

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WOMBWELL'S exhibiter used to remark of the elephant's trunk that it was adapted to unroot oaks or pick up a pin. Civil engi- neering appears to embrace an equal multiplicity of...


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MEPH/STOPHELES, in Faust, forbids the Witch to call him " Satan " : the name has ceased to inspire terror—it has long been transferred to the fable-book. The name of" Jesuit"...

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TELVELs, 'Adventure In New Zealand, from 1839 to 1844 of the British Colonization of the Islands. - Esq. In two volumes Anne Hathaway; or Shaluspere in Love. By The...

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"Focus rush in where angels fear to tread." Shakspere himself avoided Cicero, even when the occasion required little save political dis- course: but a greater than Cicero is not...

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ANY one who has visited Edinburgh from ten to twenty years ago, and been conducted to the Parliament House among other lions—or recep- tacle of lions—must remember an advocate...


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From April 11th to April 17th. BOOKS. Adventure in New Zealand, from 1839 to 1844; with some Account of the Beginning of the British Colonization of the Islands. By Edward...

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SECOND PIIIIMAREONIC CONCERT--MONDAYf APRIL 14. PART I. overture, BurVanth• C. 3L Von Weber. Aria, " 0 ! wie will ich triumphiren," Herr Staudigl, (Die Entrahrung ass item...


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On the 15th February, at Bona Vista,in the Cape Verd Islands, the Ron. Mrs. H. W. Macaulay, of a son. On the 34 April, at Pau, South of France, the Lady of the Hon. B. Cary, of...


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Tuesday, April 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Wouldhave andleinden, Leeds., tailors--Matthews and Strickland, Seymour Streffe.! Portman Square, surgeons-.Stevens and Co....

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BRITISH PONDS. (Closing Prices) Bathed. Monday. neaday. Wane.. Thar.. Pride?. M : 9 9 PO 091 951 995 991 971e1 d 98 ill 991 991 981 98* 1015ex d 101 1011 1 9 0 8 1 1015...