19 FEBRUARY 1842

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THE debate on Sir ROBERT PEEL'S proposition for altering the Corn-laws, which began on Monday, reached the close of its first stage on Wednesday ; when Lord JOHN Ressenes...

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Sir ROBERT PEEL told Colonel Fox, on Tuesday, that he

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had no official information as to the movements of CABRERA ; who is un- derstood to be in Paris, under the sufferance of the French Govern- ment, concerting measures for the new...

On the second day of the session, Sir ROBERT PEEL

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stood at the receipt of a string of questions ; among which was one by Mr. Thomas DUNCOMBE, whether the Premier would introduce a measure to prevent bribery at elections ? Sir...

Dthates anti 113Tocrtbings in iliatifatunt.

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Tan Coins-Laws. After some routine business in the House of Commons on Monday, Sir ROBERT PEEL having moved that the Speaker do leave the chair, in order to a Committee of the...

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Zbe Court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert remain at Brighton. They have walked almost daily on the Chain Pier ; although at times much incommoded by the crowds that gathered round them. On...

he _Metropolis.

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The meeting of the Anti-Corn-law Conference, on Saturday, was finaL Besides a vast number of Delegates, there were on the platform Mr. O'Connell, M.P., Mr. Ewart, M.P., Mr....

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Zbe Vrobinces.

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Sir Charles Lemon was elected for East Cornwall, at Truro, on Wed- , nesday. There was no opposition, and the election passed off without, the least excitement. Sir Charles took...

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Sergeant Jackson, the Solicitor-General for Ireland, was elected Member for Dublin University on Friday. He was nominated by Dr. Hodgkinson and seconded by Sergeant Warren ;...


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The King of Prussia caught cold at Woolwich, and he was so un- well at the Hague on the 6th instant that his physicians recommended his immediate return to Berlin. He agreed ;...

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The Committee of the House of Commons on Sir Robert

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Peel's Re- solutions resumed last night. Having disposed on Wednesday of a dis- cussion as to the kind of duty to be imposed upon corn, the House now proceeded to debate whether...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Advices from Lisbon, to the 14th instant, bring the sequel of the revolutionary movement, which is fully consummated. On the 7th, a Cabinet was formed by the...

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The Anti-Corn-law party were more successful at Birmingham ; where

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the Chartists agreed to a compromise, and joined in a resolution which pronounced the refusal of any substantial amendment of the Corn-laws "an irrefragable proof of the...

There was a violent shock of an earthquake at Falmouth,

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and the neighbouring part of Cornwall, on Thursday.

Mr. George Bell, the owner of the Vixen, died on

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the 28th October last, at Acoyapa in Central America ; whether he had been carried as a captive by the natives, in retaliation for some British aggression.

Scotland has come into the field against the Peel Corn-law

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; Glasgow having had its great meeting on Wednesday night. Five thousand persons assembled in the City Hall. A contest arose between the Anti-Corn-law party and the Chartists,...

Lord John Russell's new kind of fixed duty has procured

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him the nickname of " Jumping Johnny."

Mr. Sharman Crawford has written a letter to the Times

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explaining his absence from the division on Wednesday night. The speeches of Lord John Russell and his principal supporters appeared to Mr. Craw- ford to convert the negative...

Viscount Bernard has been elected Member for Bandon Bridge, with-

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out opposition.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AP113.001I. The current varieties of English Stock were depressed at the beginning of the week, but have since recovered, and are today k per cent above...

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Arrived—At Gravesend, 12th Feb. Hesperia, Morgan, from Mauritius; 13th, Si- mon Taylor. Brown, from China ; 14th, Byker. Christie, from the Cape ; and Janet Boyd. Boyd. from...

Acland, Sir T. Dyke Bunbury, Thomas Estcourt, T. G. B.

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Hope, G. W. Acland,T. Dyke Barrel], Sir Chas.M.Faruhrun, E. Basil liernby, John Ackers, James Burroughee, H. N. Fellowes, Edward Hoskins. Kedgwiu Acton, Colonel Campbell, Sir...

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IT is possible that the squabble about Scotch judicial appointments may be drawing to a close : at least, if the parties have any notion how successful they have been in...


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THE CREOLE CASE APPLIED. "HER Majesty's Government," Lord ABERDEEN is reported to have said on Monday evening, "had satisfied themselves, that by the laws of this country there...

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SIR JAMES GRAHAM, having been "a student in the same school of Finality with the noble lord the Member for London," has be- come, "after the experience of seven years, decidedly...


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THE subject of the North-west Passage is likely to be renewed, through the exertions of Mr. RICHARD lingo, one of two officers despatched by the Government in 1833 in search of...

A PLEA FOR THE ENGLISH OPERA. '• Teque pates Pyladis.

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Calliodore parem." — MaanAL. WE expressed a hope, last week, that MACREADY would receive the thanks of every well-informed lover of music for his spirited and op- portune...


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WHEN Queen Aims asked her witty Minister, what it would cost to enclose the three Parks, he replied, " Only three crowns, Madam,"—the crowns, to wit, of the Three Kingdoms : so...

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General History of the World, from the earliest times until the year 1831. By Charles Von Rotteck, LL.D., Professor in the University of Freiburg. Antic Coml. senor, &c. &c. &c....

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THERE is no understanding a picture without seeing it : the most graphic description fails to produce a distinct impression of its clia- racteristics ; the best print only...


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Ma. Mese is a Scottish gentleman, who appears to have imbibed a taste for the classics and classical antiquities, from an education in Germany ; which he increased by...

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P'ross Fisbruaryllth to February lilt. BOOKS. System of Universal Geography, founded on the Works of Mame-Bann and BALM . ; embracing a historical sketch of the progress of...

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BIRTHS. On the 21st November, at Chittagong. the Lady of JANIE! Bscroua Octumv, Esq. Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, of a daughter. On the 16th December. id Bareilly....


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ADMIRALTY. Feb. l2.—Corpsof Royal Marines —Col. Second Commandant G. Beatty to be Col. Commandant, 'ice Adair, retired on full-pay; Lieut.-C.I. E. S. Mei cer to be Col. Second...


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DRAItINO-CLASSES AT EXETER HALL. EXETER HALL is now the scene of another Popular Education move- ment, in a new direction : Drawing has succeeded to Music. Numbers of Mr....

Our promised paper on Stage-illusion and the Scenic Art is

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in type, but postponed for want of room.

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Tuesday, Feb. 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Fagg aud Page. Newington. Kent, millers-J. and .1. G. Plomer, Helston. solicitors -A. and H. N. Brewer, Old Kent Road....


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. H'ednes. Tears. tertday. 894 89 89* 894 891 891 894 891 891 89i 891 89 1 891 894 891 894 894 90 99t 99 991 994...