19 FEBRUARY 1853

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Convocation has met, has transacted business, and has attained some

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degree of Royal recognition for its new pretensions. It is true that the proceedings, so far as they are of any practical value in both Houses, might be dismissed as being...


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THE first week of the session has shown Ministers maintaining, upon the whole with consistency and quiet vigour, the position which was anticipated for them, and was indicated...

Napoleon III. has again sounded in the ear of Europe,

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with ar- tistic flourish of the trumpet, his spirit-stirring call to arms, " L'Empire c'est la paix- H If we were to read his speech wording to the letter, the despotism which...

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thatro nttli Vrortritingo in larliamtut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK. Horst or LORDS. Monday, Feb. 14. Law Reform; Lord Cranworth's State- ment—Registration of Deeds; Bill presented—Sir Charles Wood's Halifax...

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Conant= uf tht ettrgti.

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The Convocation of the Clergy of the see of Canterbury met on Wed- nesday, at Westminster ; the Upper House in the Bounty Office, the Lower in the Jerusalem Chamber. The...


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Lord Palmerston received a deputation, on Monday, consisting of dele- gates from nearly all the Metropolitan parishes, who called his attention to the mismanagement of the...

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MB Queen, Prince Albert, and the Royal children, left Windsor by special train on Monday, for Buckingham Palace; where they arrived a little before two o'clock. Two Courts have...

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Earl St. Germans has been duly besieged by hosts of deputations ohm his arrival. Two deputations waited on him on the 1 lth ; one from the (parent) Board of Irish Manufacture,...

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There has been a general rise of wages among the miners of South Wales, and it still continues. At the end of this month there is to be an increase in several places. At...

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furrtgu nub &lomat.

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FBA/reg. — The Senate and the Legislative Body are again in session. The formal opening took place on Monday. The Senate met first at the Luxembourg, andthe Legislative Body...

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Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer had a narrow escape with his life, a few days since, while descending the Rhone from Avignon to Lyons, in one of the ordinary passage-steamers. The...


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SATURDAY. Sir JAMES GusnArir moved the Navy Estimates in the House of Commons last night, in Committee of Supply ; but before he could do so Mr. DISRAELI took the opportunity...

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An order from the Lord Chamberlain's Office notifies that Prince

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Albert, by the desire of her Majesty, will hold levees on her behalf, at St James's Palace, on March 2 and March 9. Presentations to the Prince will be considered equivalent to...

It is stated in a letter from Vienna, that the

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Austrian Government has demanded satisfaction of the Canton of Ticino for its alleged share in the Milan insurrection. There is a further report, that the same Govern- ment has...

quarts Ina Zuoir.

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The period during which the managers of the various theatres rely on the attractiveness of the Christmas entertainments having now finally terminated, we have novelties either...


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STOCK EXCHANOIL FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market this week has presented an appearance of ani- mation, and on the average a tendency to improvement, with the...

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Before now we have had occasion to observe, that the

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large and ex- pensive benefit concerts, whereby performers and teachers used to levy a heavy tax on their friends and connexions, while they endeavoured to at- tract the public...


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The great theatrical event, which had been so long anticipated at Paris, at length "came off" last week : in other words, Lady Tartufe—(people only use one " f "...


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THE WEATHER. WINTER has this year made St. Valentine's Day his high feast, and has sent his icy veto to meet Spring when first she shows her smiling face over the bleak...

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IT is possible to be in the right and yet to be all the worse off, especially for public men. There is perhaps no one more un- popular than the man who is always in the right....


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BY way of satisfying the public mind, the Times furnishes an ex- pl Leaden supplementary to Lord John Russell's in the House of Cotumons when he stated that Government did not...


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Hisroarc.kur considered, the ja.: '.ent delivered by the Master of the Rolls in Mr. Hudson's case .oes not alter the state of that case. The judgment may be considered as a...

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THE Tutors' Association at Oxford, comprising among its acting members the greater number of those engaged in the discipline and teaching of the University, is a body whose...

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MY NOVEL, BY PISISTRATIIS CAXTON; OR VARIETIES IN ENGLISH LIFE. * Mn. CANTON junior has, he informs us, written his novel with the twofold purpose of making up the deficit in...

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GISBORNE'S I5TI1111/81 OF DARIEN. * A so.rouns at Carthagena, an excursion

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into the interior, and two attempts to explore the Isthmus of Darien, form the most novel and attractive parts of Mr. Gisborne's Journal. The book, how- • The Isthmus of...

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on prisons and prisoners, (for such is really the na- ture of the work,) will be found the results of many years' official experience as an Inspector of Prisons, and of much con...


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Boons. The Recommendations of the Orford University Commissioners; with Selections from their Report, 8re. ByiJames Heywood, M.P., P.R.S., Trinity College, Cambridge. dimabel;...

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An interesting series of lectures on the history, trade, and manufacture of cotton, is now in course of delivery at the Society of Arts, by Mr. Fre- derick Warren, of...


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THE ROYAL ACADEMY. On the 10th instant, the now ancient vacancy occasioned among the Royal Academicians by Turner's death was filled up by the election of Mr. Frith ; an artist...


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On the 6th and 7th January, at Elgin, the Wife of Mr. E. C. Pratt, of the _Elgin Courant, of two sons and a daughter. On the 9th February, at the Château de Middaehten, in...

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-coach-builders-Duckworth and Heap, Oswaldiwistle, Lancashire, cottou-spinners- Bull, iron-manufacturers-Jackson and Slay maker, Southampton Street, Strand, and Co. Leadenhall...


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BRITISH I riday. 991 99/ 1001 1031 69 228 269 25 FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the 'Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian Op. Ct. — Massachusetts...


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Wan-oFFB22, Feb. 15.-11th Regt. Light Drags.-Cornet II. A. Trevelyan to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Brinkley, who retires. 1st Regt. Foot-Limit. S. G. A. Thureby to be Capt. by...