19 JANUARY 1856

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TEE Russian Government aooepts the propositions of the Allies " as the basis for negotiation." Such is the report from Vienna; and it is intimated that our own Government will...

The message of President Pierce to the Congress of the

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United States, characteristic of the present state of politics in America, is not favourable either to.its, author. or to the Model Republic.• It intends to make the most of "...

A change is evidently impending in the British Embassy at

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Constantinople. As we lately took occasion to notice, oblique charges against Lord Stratford. de Redaliffe have been rife for some time past, and especially since the fall of...

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The Indian mail brings us a checkered report of small

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gains and continued doubt. The Sontal insurrection had been par- tially suppressed. Its force, indeed, appears to have been broken ; and Qovernm,ent speculated upon compelling...

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The Metropolitan Board of Works met on Monday to elect a clerk ; but much obstruction arising, the election was adjourned until Friday. There were thirty-four applicants for the...

qt Court.

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TEE QUEEN entertained a select and distinguished company at Windsor Castle on 'Thursday, to witness the second dramatic performance this season. The play selected was " The...

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Major Sibthorp, eldest son of the late Colonel Sibthorp, was on Wed- nesday elected Member for Lincoln; without opposition. In his hustings address he said, that he was opposed...

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foreign out Colonial.

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errmaini.—Rumour has had full swing all the week in relation to the peace proposals, reaching a rather unlooked-for climax on Thursday, when intelligence was received that...

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MERIT - wnstr jerare.-The Gazette of Tuesday contained a dopy of a convention, concluded on the 14th October 1854, between Rear-Adnitted Si? James Stirling on the part of the...

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President Pierce informs Congress, that the Government of the United

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States and the Government of Great Britain " differ irreconeikably as to the construction" of the Clayton-Bulwer convention. Such being the case, one of our correspondents...

We announce with the greatest satisfaction, that Lord Panmure has

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obtained the sanction of the Crown to a measure of vital importance to the success of recruiting for the Army. A warrant will, immediately be issued, granting to soldiers the...

At a meeting of the Metropolitan Board of Works, yesterday,

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Mr. Woolrych, formerly Secretary to the old Sewers Commission, was elected Clerk to the Board. The first proceeding in the election was to strike out the names of all candidates...

Several names have been mentioned of likely candidates for the

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re- presentation of Cambridge University in the room of the late Mr. Goul- burn,—Mr. Spencer Walpole, the Marquis of Granby, Lord John Man- ners, the Honourable George Denman....

The Committee of Investigation of the Eastern Counties Railway have

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issued their statement with regard to Mr. Waddington's answer to their ori- ginal report. After reviewing each of Mr. Waddington's pleas, the Com- mittee reassert the validity...


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SATURDAY. The spirit in which Austria undertook her pacific enterprise at the Court of St. Petersburg may be seen from the following despatch from Count Buol to Count Valcntme...


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On the 11th September, at St. Paul's Parsonage, the Red River, the Wife of the Rev. John Chapman, Chaplain to II.H.B. Company, of a son. On the 23d, on the way from York Factory...

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The inquest on the body of Mr. Waugh, who was

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shot on Wednesday in Bedford Row, was opened yesterday ; when the usual scene between Mr. Coroner Wakley and the Police ensued. Westron is deformed : Mr. Wakley put the...

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The revival of Rob Roy at Covent Garden has created some interest, from the novelty of a professor of legerdemain appearing in a part which eminent tragedians have not despised....


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A piece in three acts, by MM. Leon Battu and Jaime file, has been produced at the Vaudeville with the title Lucie Didier. The plot is of the unpleasantest kind. A wife, whose...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The speculators in the Funds who have lately been sanguine towards a favourable termination of the peace negotiations, and others who are be-...

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THE treaty of Adrianople was signed on the 28th August 1829. Thenceforward the relations between Turkey and Russia. were vitally changed. Two months after the signature of the...


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RUSSIA'S VhS INERTL2E. IT is of importance that the English nation should appreciate with the utmost attainable precision the resources of the enemy, should the war, in spite...

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TILE manner of elevating Sir James Parke to the Peerage as Baron Wensleydale may be discussed equally as rather a strong interference with the institution, or as a minimum of...

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IT is hardly expected that the ticket-of-leave system, suspended by the present Government, will be renewed ; and we have some doubt whether those who advocate the principles of...


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THE appeal of our respected correspondent Dr. John Davy, for a better recognition of services performed by Medical Officers of the Army, is so reasonable that it can scarcely...

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IN the recent poisoning eases, the medical men appear to be at fault. It is scarcely speaking too strongly to say that they are at fault, not through the imperfectness of the...


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Manchester, 15th January 1856. Saa—lf Mr. Cobden had taken the trouble of perusing the pamphlets of "A Manchester Manufacturer," which he wrote twenty years ago, before he sent...

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THE ARMY AND THE "T. G.8." Thirsk, 18th January 1856. Brit—It is somewhat hard upon the Army in the Crimea, that they should be subjected to the reports circulated by any " T....

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Set—The championship of peace in your columns has of late been trans- ferred from my:hands to those of Sir Arthur Elton ; who, I am also well pleased to fi nd, is continuing his...

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FROM THE LONDON asza - rrE, JANUARY 15. Wan DEPA.RTRENT, Jan. 15.—Cavalry.-6th Dragoons—Cornet W. Morale to be Adjt. vice Weir, who resigns the Adjutancy only. 9th Light...

[For Booxs, FINE ARTS, Mum, and LETTERS, see the accompanying

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JANUARY 18. Anxreatx•r, Jan. 17.-Vice-Admiral of'the Blue M. H. Dixon has been appointed to receive a pension of 1501. a year, as provided for in her...


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Partnerships Dissolved. - Mills and Owen, Birmingham, silversmiths-Heap Noble, Halifax, silk-drefisers--Garfid .and Barber, Halifax, ocrew-bolt-man rers--Tenwick and Wearne,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices ) Raised. Monday. Tuesday. Wednes. 861 861 861 861 861 861 871 871 891 901 901 861 Sit 901 901 31 161 18 161 2071 208 220...

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Londoa: Printed by Joan's CLAYTON, of 320, Strand, in the

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County of Kiddlcses,Trinter, at the once of Joann+ eras- vox, No. 10, Crane Court; in the Parish of St. Dunstsn'i la the West, in the City of London i and Published by the...

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THE ENGLISHWOMAN IN AMERICA. * Tun account of a tour in America during a part of 1854 differs in point of route from other travels chiefly by journeys through our smaller...

,perfafor vipplemeitt,

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JANUARY 19, 1856.

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modes of treating history ; one where the object is merely to convey information ' the other where the writer aims at producing a work of nit. In the latter case, he more or...

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NEW POEMS. * ALTHOUGH the complaint is general that the world

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disregards poetry, there is no lack of volumes of verse. The " innatus amor seribendi" defies criticism,• or what is worse, neglect; while the wealth of the community, and the...

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BOOKS. The publishing activity of the last month has diminished both in esse and posse ; there is little to record either of what is or what is to be. Lieutenant Burton...

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The Stereoscopic establishment, which has been for some time in opera- tion in Oxford Street, has this week opened a City gallery, at 1\o. 54 Cheapside ; and a private view was...

/int ado.

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PAED'S ILLUSTRATED TAM O'SHANTER.* The name of John Faed has, we believe, enjoyed a considerably longer term of fame across the Border than that of Thomas Feed ' • although the...


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Romance, at Etude Bnilante, pour le Piano. Composies par S. TV. TVaky. Mr. Waley is an amateur, possessed of genius and learning as a com- poser, and of power as a performer on...

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British Huecum, let January 1856. Stn—In a former letter, I gave a short account of the introduction of the present system of coinage and accounts into France : I shall now...

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TICE NEGLECTED SURGEONS AT SEBASTOPOL. Leeketk How, Ambleeide, 14th January 1858. Sta—You have generously allowed letters in favour of the Medical Officers serving in the East...