19 JANUARY 1861

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THE meeting of Parliament, although so• near at hand, excites Very little interest ; and we never remember the opening of session heralded by a silence so general. It is not...

At last the French fleet has quitted Gaeta. The Emperor,

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in the Moniteur, has explained - that he sent the fleet there to give , "a mark of sympathy" for the King, and to preserve for him a line of .retreat. But his friendly purpose...

London is shocked by the discoveries of those who have

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pene- trated into the recesses of poverty. The police magistrates, the police themselves, the clergy, the societies,—everybody but the Poor-law author4ies,—have been actively...

The fuller details from New Zealand are not wholly sa , ti

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tory. The troops have gained a victory, but the victory htas gained over new enemies. Part 'of the powerful tribe Waikatos came down upon the Taranaki country, it is pre to join...

The course of events in the United States has taken

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an unex- pected turn. Mr. Buchanan has determined to fulfil the little- regarded promise he made in his Message, and to defend the forts and property of the Union. When the news...

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The prerogative of the Queen, always ready to be exercised

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in favour of the liberty of the subject, has this week received a judicial enlargement. The demanded extradition of John An- derson from Canada, is to be inquired into by the...

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Twa QUEEN returned to Windsor Castle, from the Isle of Wight, on Saturday ; and the same day, accompanied by the Prince Consort, the Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred, and the...

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Sir Edmund Head, Governor-General of Canada, was entertained by the Lord Mayor at the Mansion-house on Saturday. The Lord Mayor proposed Sir Edmund's health ; he referred to the...

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The Pembrokeshire Election took place on Thursday, and was a most exciting affair. The Tory landlords, with one accord, and the great majority of the clergymen, used every...

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A correspondence, originated by the Lord Mayor of Dublin with the Earl of Carlisle, on the threatened abolition of the Lord-Lieutenancy of Ireland, has been published. The Lord...


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The contest for the representation of the county of Aberdeen may be said to be, for the present, at an end—the Liberal candidate, Sir Alex- ander Bannerman, of Crimonmogate,...

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fraurp. — The Senate is convoked, for a short session on the 22d instant, and the Chamber of Deputies for the 4th of February. It is anticipated that M. Jules Fevre will lead...

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The Earl Granville, the Lord President of the Council, as Minis- terial leader of the Government in the House of Lords, will give the customary Parliamentary dinner on the 4th...

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A fire broke out in Temple, yesterday, at No. 13,

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King's Bench Walk, in the house facing the river, in which Sir George Bowyer, Sir David Duudas, and Mr. Ingham, have their chambers. It was discovered about half-past two...


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FALSE POLICY OF THE FINANCIAL REFORMERS. CERTAIN members of the Liberal party have framed, and some among them are busy in collecting signatures to, a sort of me- morial or...

Advices from the United States to the 5th of January

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arrived yester- day— • " The Charleston Convention has passed a treason ordinance, making the levying of war against the State of South Carolina punishable by death. The same...


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SATT./RDAT MOR/ONG. Austria gives signs of resistance. The Wiener Zeitung of yesterday says, that "the violent proceedings of the Comitat of Neutra towards the Court of Justice...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. There has been and still is an active demand for Money in the discount market and in the Stock Exchange. The drain to America continues as...

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Is there sufficient statesmanship within the remains of the Ameri- can Federation—not to preserve the Union—but to prevent it from being torn to pieces by armed men. This is the...

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Pr is a boastful cry in the Slave States of America that "Cotton is King." if the test of regality be money value, Hay, not Cotton, is King. But on our side of the water it is...


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T ICE story of the Bonapartes of America and the Bonapartes of Europe might be a model for a novelist There is in it sorrow and pain, caused not by any clumsy impersonation of...

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WHILE all England is lending a serious ear to the tale of distress unfolded by Home Missionaries,—distress, caused by the severe weather and consequent want of work—we cannot...


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Sin —At an early date the attention of the Government in India was di- rected to the constitution of an efficient police force, which led to a change in the old system already...

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VOLUNTEER RIFLE UNIFORMS. London, 2d January, 1861. SIR—Will you kindly allow me a few lines, to mention again a matter of considerable importance ? In all the discussions...

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THE DIARY APT CORRESPONDENCE OF LORD COLCHESTER.. Tins is one of the works that Charles Idamb would have included in his list of books that are not books. Yet "no gentleman's...

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(sEcosu voixma.] THE editor of Dr. Wolff's very striking and interesting book gives it as his own opinion, and that of another person "most capable of judg ing," that "it will...

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THE LIFE OF DR. SCORESBY. * THIS Life very nearly approaches

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the nature of an autobiography, for its materials have been gathered chiefly from the voluminous writings of its subject, and the language is as much as possible his own. Dr....

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NW worms.*

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Change has many good points. It is a good story, in which the denouement is not after the manner of novels. Basil Rutherford, the hero, has been jilted by a beautiful woman, now...

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A Glossary of twientiflc Terms for General Use. By Alexander Henry, M.D.—This book :professes to give "the etymologies and sig- nifications of such words as are peculiar to the...

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The performances at Covent Garden of Belle's new opera, Bianca, the Bravo's Bride, interrupted by the production of the pantomime, have been resumed. On Thursday evening, this...

Sin arts.

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TBEE PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION. The Photographers are still a very long way behind the genuine artists, and though they make very strenuous efforts to be artistic ' and to earn...

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Tire SEARCH FOlt ExrLovmnrrr.-Well I remember the uncertainty with which

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I set out, and the adventures of that day. One of the most dis- agreeable things a working man has sometimes to do is that of searching for employment. Many an industrious man...


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Bankruptcy Annutted.-Herbert Redgate, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers. Bankrupts.-Jamee Crook, Winekworth Place, City Road, indiarubber-web- manufacturer-Victor Faelli, Crutched...


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On the 18th November, at Mooltan, the Wife of Captain C. O'B. Palmer, 11.31.'s lit European Bengal Fusiliers, of a daughter. On the 4th ultimo, at Ahmednugger, Bombay, the Wife...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 8agurd, - 3/endow. Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Triday. 6 per Cent Consol s 711 911 911 91f 911 911 Ditto for Account 92 93 91} 911 911 911 3...