19 JULY 1845

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Mr. Hawes's Select Committee on the petition of the South-

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eastern Railway Company has effected as deplorable an official exposure as ever was. Mr. Hignett, Solicitor to the Board of Ordnance, stands confessed as having used his...


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As the prorogation approaches, the industry of Parliament grows more and more unsteady and fitful—now scrambling through vast bops of dry work, now stopping to listen to a few...

Mr. Fitzroy Kelly has been reelected for Cambridge—and that is

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all ; for he had a most narrow escape : an attractive dinner- party, a game at cricket, might have spoiled his majority ; and just before the close of the poll, he would have...

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Blood again in Ireland—not the recurrence of individual crime, but

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still the repetition of the national sport with fife. The Party Processions Act having expired this year, the Orangemen were free to celebrate their popular anniversaries, the...

The sound of arms and the cries of death are

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reechoed in various quarters of the globe. Spain has had an insurrection—the Catalans revolting against a military conscription introduced among them by modern "Liberal"...

Our own distant colony of New Zealand presents the reverse

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of this scene—savages triumphant over Europeans ; for the story of which we had an imperfect hint last week has been fully con- firmed. The chief who twice cut down the British...

Debates anb ilroceetangs In ftadiament.

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L .. . ADDI/SSION or Sr.twisn COLONIAL SUGARS. :1/41 00thelartukft) commons, on Tuesday, Viscount PALMERSTON moved lion— dress be presented to her Majesty, stating that this...

A French gentleman has murdered six or eight hundred persons

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: such is the charge brought against Colonel Peliasier, an officer serving in Algiers; who, according to the tale, surprised a tribe of Arabs, men, women, and children,...

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The report of the Select Committee on the petition of the South-eastern Rail- way Company issued on Saturday. It begins by reciting the petition; from which we gather these...

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Zbe (Court.

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THE great naval display at Portsmouth drew the Court to the seaside this week. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, with the King and Queen of the Belgians, and their several...

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the Itletropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the purpose of con- ferring the freedom of the city of London on Sir Henry Pottinger. Before the set business of the meeting...

'tbe Vrobhicrs.

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The election of a Member for Cambridge, occasioned by Mr. Fitzroy Kelly's intment to be Solicitor-General, began in that borough on Monday. Mr. 7 was proposed for reelection by...


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The proceedings at the usual meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday,. were of no great interest. Mr. O'Connell alluded to the fatal not at Armagh on the 12th July, and to...

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fforeign an Tolortfal.

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Sraiar.—Catalonia has been agitated by a rather serious insurrectionary move- ment, in consequence of the quints, or levy of one man out of five for the military service....

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The Times, whose report has a somewhat ex parte aspect, says that the ex- posure in the Ordnance department will be followed up by another case of the kind, implicating the...

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A meeting of planters, merchants, and others interested in Jamaica,

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was held at Willis's Rooms yesterday, to make a declaration of opinion respecting the necessity for extended immigration of labour into that colony. The Earl of Hare- wood...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The not unexpected death of Earl Grey took place on Thursday even- ing, at Howick House, his seat in Northumberland. It is well known that the Earl's health had...

Parliament got through a great variety of business last night;

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but as none of it was of very great mark, it will suffice to glance at each of the principal subjects in the order of discussion. In the House of Lords, the Marquis of...

The Queen and Prince Albert, with a limited suite, left

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town today, for Os- borne House, in the Isle of Wight; where, it is understood, her Majesty and the Prince will remain until the prorogation of Parliament. The Queen has been...

BIRTHS. On the 9th July, at Edinburgh, the wife of

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the Rev. Dr. Cunningham, of a son. On the 9th, at the Parsonage, Stonnall, Staffordshire, the Lady of the Rev. James Downes, of a eon. On the 12th, at the Manse of Kingussie,...

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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY ArTESNOON. The settlement of the Consol Account, which took place today, has given a little more animation to business in the English Funds. The...


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THE season closes upon two series of performances as delightful as any the season has afforded—French Plays and French Operas. Both have been popular; not for fashion's sake...

A budget of official correspondence from New Zealand has been

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issued by the Colonial Office ; the dates extending from the 15th January to the 26th March 1845. They do not throw much additional light on the subject to which they re- late,...

We see by the Paris papers of Thursday, that, on

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Wednesday, Marshal Soult, rebuked by M. De Boissy for severity to the army in Algiers, took occasion to palliate the abominable massacre at Dahra : it would, he said, have been...

We learn from Rome, that the Papal Government, with a

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view to the more effectual prevention of contraband trade, has reduced considerably the duties of export and import on many articles of merchandise, and intends to apply the...


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Aaatvro—At Gravesend, 13th July, John King, 131100Yre, from Mauritius ; 14th, Talent, M'Kean, from the Cape ; 15th, Mary Catherine, Taylor, from Calcutta ; and 16th, British...

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PEEL'S "DIFFICULTY" WITH NEW ZEALAND. ONE fact in connexion with the alarming intelligence from New Zealand ought to be well noted. The war of races has commen- ced, with no...


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THE report of the Committee on the South-eastern Railway transactions, and still more the manner in which that report, has been received and discussed, indicate an unsuspected...

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THE real Conservatives are not those who affect the name. Lord John Manners is as great an innovator as Mr. Roebuck, only he would innovate backwards. In truth, few who can read...


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notoriously the natural domicile Of "the man of letters " ; at present, we find an " University " inhabiting a "second floor back." The curious inquire; who seeks to discover...


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EVERY story may be told two ways. Our readers do not need to be reminded that Russia has long fixed a covetous eye on Con- stantinople; and that a Greek traditional prophecy...


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OUR neighbours seem more than half-ashamed of the last exploit of their African heroes. If the story. ef the Kabyles of Debra, smoked in their caves like bees in a hive, open...

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WitATZLs, Narrative of a Mhelon to Bokhara, in the years 1843-1845, to ascertain the Fate of Colonel Stoddart and Captain Conolly. By the Rev. Joseph Wolff; D.D., LL.D. In two...

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THIS work is curious, various, and interesting : curious for its record of mind and character ; various from the different circumstances and adven- tures; and interesting from...

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From July 11th to July 17th. BOOKS. Memoirs and Correspondence of George Lord Lyttelton, from 1734 to 1773. Compiled and edited by Robert Philhmore, late Student of...

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DECORATIONS OP THE ROYAL SUMMERHOUSE. THE Spectator has been favoured with a peep at the Summerhouse in Buckingham Palace Gardens; the Queen having graciously permitted Mr...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closin g Prices.) &turd. Monday. Fuesduy. Vanes. ]'hues. Friday% tit% Ce nt for Account i . per Cents Reduced 3t per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per...


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Tuesday, July 15. PAITNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Taylor and HeBiwa, Klrkburton, brewers-Chepstow Wine and Spirit Company, Chepstow ; as far as regards J. Gardiner, J. Baker, and J....