19 JULY 1873

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A desultory debate which took place in the House of

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Lords on Monday on the subject of Confession led to nothing parti- cular, except a very sensible speech of Lord Salisbury's, in which he said that the real guarantee against...

On Monday, July 13, there was a scene in the

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French Assembly. M. Ernoul brought in a Bill to confer on the Per- manent Committee, which site during the Recess, the right of prosecuting persons who insult the Assembly,...

At length Mr. Gladstone stated officially that the Cabinet would

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take Mr. Bouverie's suggestion into consideration, and state the result on Tuesday,—that result being the withdrawal of the amendment, which Lord Cairns considered a breach of...

The Colonial Office has appointed Mr. G. Berkeley, of Lagos,

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Governor-in-Chief of Western Africa during the crisis, and of course he is nearest to the spot. We should, however, have much preferred an Indian, or the officer favoured by the...


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IT is semi-officially announced that the Duke of Edinburgh was on Friday last betrothed to the Grand Duchess Marie Alex- androwna, only daughter of the reigaing Emperor of...

The news from the West Coast of Africa is still

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very serious, though Colonel Festing, of the Royal Marine Artillery, and Captain Fremantle, of the Barracouta, have given the Ashantees sear Elmina the severe check described...

The great debate on Privilege,—the question between the Lords and

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Commons as to the right of the Commons to propose the abolition of Appeals to the House of Lords in Scotch and Irish causes,—came off on Monday, when Mr. Bouverie and Sir George...

ot s * The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript in any

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The feature of the week in Spanish affairs is the

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improvement in the position of the Carlists. They have received their breech- loaders and cartridges, principally from America, have concen- trated nearly 10,000 troops, and...

On Friday week last Mr. Mitchell Henry "saw strangers," and

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turned the Reporters out. When they wane readmitted, they found that Mr. Mitchell Henry and Mr. Whalley had complained that they were not fully reported, the latter adding that...

We have always endeavoured to show that the rapidity of

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-the reforms in Japan was due to the extreme sanctity attached to. decrees issued by the Mikado, who, as descendant of the gods, can do no wrong. Baron Hiibner, long the...

Mr. Forster moved the second reading of his Education Act

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Amendment Bill on Thursday night, in a speech in which he withdrew the most disputed provision, the handing-over of the power to pay the fees of poor children to the Boards of...

The Intransigentes at Aleoy are stated on all hands to

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have committed endless atrocities, the best proven of which is the murder, under revolting circumstances, of the Mayor, an ardent. Republican. General Velarde is said to have...

The Committee on Public Accounts have issued another Report in

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reference to what is called the Post-Office Scandal, but the evidence taken has not yet been distributed. As far as we can gather from the Report, every department affected has...

Mr. M'Cullagh Torrens tried to defeat the Bill by moving

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the previous question, and supporting it in a speech which was both obsolete, —being directed against the provision which Mr. Forster had withdrawn,—and intrinsically feeble....

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The Fleckmondwike School Board have carried an extra- constitutional measure

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of an ingenious kind to assist them in their financial calculations. It was suggested that a committee of ladies would be desirable to share their financial labours, where- upon...

The Select Committee asked for by the Earl of Roseberry

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to inquire about the supply of horses in the United Kingdom has presented its Report. The Committee refuse to go into the racing question; they do not desire to propose any...

Sir John Lubbock's Bill for limiting women's and also "young

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persons" hours of labour in shops to twelve, is amongst the innocents which have perished at this period of the Session ; but, as a letter from Sir John to Monday's Times...

Lord Carnarvon, on Monday, made a speech on the treat-

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ment of Baron Reuter and his Persian concession by the British Government, which he accused of throwing over enterprises highly conducive to our influence in Persia, and was...

The Queen has answered the address which Mr. Richard /carried

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last week in the House of Commons, praying her to in- struct Lord Granville to take steps for the establishment of a general and permanent system of International Arbitration,...

Consols were on Friday 92 to M.

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England has lost the authoress of a very striking fiction,

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as well as of some poems of considerable, though perhaps some- what conventional, pathos, by the death of Mrs. Archer Clive, who died on Sunday last, from the results of an...

On Wednesday the Liberal Club of Nottingham gave a great

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entertainment, at which Lord Hartington made a somewhat im- portant speech. We have analysed its maia argument elsewhere, but may add here his remark that Mr. Lowe, who had been...

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TOPICS OF THE DAY SHALL GOVERNMENT DISSOLVE? W E do not see how Lord Hartington's speech at Notting- ham, good speech though it be, in the least degree meets our argument in...


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T HE accounts from the Gold Coast are in one way cheering. It is quite evident that the superiority of the civilised over the uncivilised warrior still exists, and that we have...

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considerations to oppose the policy of the Birmingham League at

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the present moment. We regret profoundly, with Mr. Fawcett, that Mr. Forster has been over-ruled by his colleagues in relation to the extension of compulsion. We regret, not...

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T HE change which took place so quietly yesterday fortnight in the proposal in relation to the highest Court of Ecclesi- astical Appeal,—namely, the substitution of the purely...

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'VI R. WARD HUNT has pledged himself to attempt a reformation of the Game Lads. It is an arduous undertaking, to venture upon which argues considerable temerity. Success, in the...


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T HE author of a striking paper in the new Quarterly on the lessons of the French Revolution, a paper deformed only by its excessive and therefore unscientific dislike of modern...

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T HE marriage of an English Priuce who is really within the succession—for we have a heap of Princes and Princeives who for practical purposes are not within it at all—is always...

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M ONSIGNOR CAPEL seems to have been discoursing on Sunday at St. George's Cathedral, Southwark, on the Materialism of the age, but he does not seem to have taken much pains to...

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A YEAR ago, when people, just as at present, were on the eve of running out of town to cover every corner of the earth as the waters cover the sea, the Times gave many of them...

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[TO THE EDITOIL OF THE "SPECTATOR.") Sm., —Although it seems undesirable to prolong the discussion of details which must be more or less unintelligible to the majority of your...


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THE SULTAN OF TURKEY AND THE SULTAN OF ACHEEN. (TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPROTATOR.1 Sin,—I see yours is the only paper which has noticed with sym- pathy the efforts of the Dutch...

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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,--In your very interesting notice of "Bishop Ewing's Latest Teachings," you say, "At what precise period of his life Dr._ Ewing first...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE"SPECTATOR. " ] Sis,—A short period ago, a letter from Mr. Dudley Baxter on "The State Purchase of Railways" appeared in the Times, and the leading journal...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR:] SIR, —Although many members of the band of 483 pro-Con- fessionaliste, feeling themselves perhaps, like Erasmus, physically unfit to play...

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(TO Tail EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR."] Stn,—In your paper of the 14th ult., you say, concerning the Tichborne case, "We do not see how the short summaries of the general effect...


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[To THB EDITOR OF THE SP5OTATOB.1 lioxsizun I.E REDACTEUR,—Votre article culinaire et la -critique de votre correspondent allemand sont vrainient incroyables leur oatrecuidance...


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THE PAPAL EMBASSY OF MONSIGNOR RINUCCINI TO THE IRLSEI CONFEDERATES.* Ix the year 1747 appeared a volume by one of the best historical critics of that day, Dr. Thomas Birch,...

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THIS is a story of considerable originality and much power, even though we are disposed to question the naturalness of the central figure of the piece ;—we say 'question,'...

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A HEAVY charge has been brought against a few among our female novelists, viz., that whereas we might have expected from their writings at least an unblemished moral tone and...

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Tars is the most deterrent book of travel which has ever convinced us, after an amused perusal, that the region of which it treats is a capital place to remain away from. Don't...

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MR. HAMILTON AIDE' has here given us another of his carefully- written and interesting stories. Without anything remarkable in power or new in incident, Mr. Aide always succeeds...

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THIS is a pleasant book by a cultivated man, and a substantial addition to the library of the traveller in Italy, whom it will lead to spots of rare beauty and interest undreamt...

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Adams (W. H. DJ, Warrior, Priest. and Statesman, or 8vo (Nimmo) 5/0 Alcott, Fireside and Camp Stories, 12mo (War(l & Lock) 1/0' Alford (Dean), Life, Journals, and Letters, 8vo...


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The British Quarterly Review. July. (Hodder and Stoughton.)— There is a very able and seasonable article in this number on Public Health and Sanitary Reform," which takes for...


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tl PRIOTT—Hos6v6S—On Thursday, the 17th inst., at St. Barnabas' Church, Pimlico, by the Rev. J. Leigh Hoskyns, Rector of 'Aston Tyrrold, Barks (Uncle of the Bride), assisted by...