19 JUNE 1852

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THE Foreign Office is indisputably the worst filled of all our great offices of state. Eqindly unfettered with his colleagues by the high Principles and generous sentiments...

The leading Liberals of Edinburgh propose that the approaching vacancy

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in the representation of that city shall be filled up by the return of Mr. Macaulay. In the peculiar relation established between Mr. Macaulay and the Edinburgh constituency by...

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The French President is worried by his own creatures, as

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Actaeon was by his dogs, though as yet with no appearance of conse- quences quite so fatal. One week he is teazed by his journalists ; the next by the insubordination of his...

The concessions of the EditIttienal Committee of the Privy Council

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to the National Society have probably caused more ex- citement from the apparently surreptitious way in which they were made, than from their own importance. The Minute of Coun-...

Ethatto BITS torttirings in farligintut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hot= OF Loans. Monday, June 14. Minute of Council on Education; Conver- sation—Surrender of Criminals (Convention with France) Bill,...

The Burmese show no signs of submission. They make no

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overtures ; they have attempted to recapture Martaban, and their assault on that outpost was pertinaciously maintained. The fu- ture movements of the British force are...

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thr Alttrupulis.

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The Court of Common Council, at its meeting on Thursday, resolved to petition Parliament to put a stop, by legislation, to the continuance of the evils arising from the...

Cbt Court.

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THE Queen and the Royal Family returned to London from Windsor on Saturday afternoon. They travelled by the South-western Railway ; descending from Windsor Castle through the...

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It is rumoured that Sir John Yarde Buller, M.P. for the Southern division of Devon, and "the pattern country gentleman" of the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer, is to be raised to...


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Mr. Macaulay was formally put forward as a candidate for Edinburgh, by Mr. Adam Black, at a meeting of the "original Liberal Committee, held held on Monday. Mr. Black pledged...


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ENGLSND. Bartnunx. Mr. Alderman Sidney, according to the Globe, is a candidate for Banbury, in opposition to Mr. Tancred. DEvorfroitT. A fourth candidate, in the person of Sir...


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The Lord-Lieutenant continued at Cork on Friday and during most part of Saturday, to complete his part in the ceremonies and festivities on the inauguration of the National...

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furtigu sub Cranial.

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Frtexca.—In the Legislative Corps, on Saturday, M. Billault pre- sented, from the Minister of State, projects of law for raising the fees on the registry of land, for raising...


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We understand that 'the French frigate taking out the French Envoy deputed to arrange with our own Envoy the affairs of La Plata has been detained at Madeira by casualties. Sir...

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Orficr. or OniorANcE, June 14.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—Sec. Capt. F. A. Camp- bell to be Capt. vice Doraville, retired upon half-pay ; First Lieut. M. B. Forde to be Sec. Capt....

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Be sparing of your pens—and our space ! More epistolary favours remain on hand than we are likely to find room for in the next four or five weeks.

Mr. Disraeli thinks it undutiful and improper in the Legislative

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Coun- cil of New South Wales to call the Queen the trustee of the public lands of Australia—" her own dominions." Truly they are so : so are the Woods and Forests of Great...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons last night, Mr. FIORSMAN abandoned his Se- lect Committee on the Vicar of Frome case. Since the decision of the House was given against the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTLENGON. A slight check was experienced in the English Stock Market after Lord Malmesbury's withdrawal of the Extradition of Offenders Bill : but the...

A letter received by the uncle of Mr. Murray, the

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prisoner at Ancona, from Mr. Moore our Consul, expresses the opinion that Mr. Murray's life is now perfectly safe. The Semaphore of Marseilles states that a letter from Rome...

The Waterloo banquet at Apaley House went off last night

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with fine spirit. There were eighty-four of the Duke's companions in fight ; and among them Sir Harry Smith, whose health was proposed by the Duke, and drunk by the warrior...

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The seventh Philharmonic concert, on Monday last, notwithstanding the total

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absence of novelty in the programme, has been unanimously pronounced the best and most successful of the season. Mozart and Beethoven furnished the symphonies ; Weber and...

Very Suspicious is the title of a slight piece produced

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at the Lyceum ; in which a prying lady discovers that two persons are secretly married, having first based her suspicions on their indifference towards each other. There is...


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The Geographical Society has had its share in those graceful attentions which Prince Albert so willingly pays to all institutions for promoting art, literature, and science. His...

The proverb says that when two persons ride on the

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same horse, one of them is compelled to sit behind. While absorbed in the contemplation of the German Plays at the St. James's, we find we have overlooked the vivacious M....

Orittrro nub 31Inoir.

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The custom of producing new pieces on the occasion of benefits, which was once deemed heterodox, seems daily gaining ground. " Cessante cessat effectus," is an axiom which...

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HOW TO BEGIN. " LEAST said soonest mended." is often a good rule, but not always : " Leave alone " is also a good rule, but it may be carried to excess; as it isjust now by the...


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Tun foolish Mather affair involves a very grave question, which is only rendered more difficult, though perhaps more urgent of settlement, by the very mystification with which...

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THE Militia Bill, translated from the adverse fitful tide of the Commons to the smooth waters of the - Upper House, has been tranquilly passing that higher stage of its...

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to defeat one of the continual improvements taking place in the administration of the Post-office. The object is, to accelerate the delivery of the letters around the Metropolis...


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AFTER visiting the exhibition of the Royal Academy this year, few persons can have failed to be struck by a picture which seizes the mind under a resistless spell, and yet...

Ittten to the elan.

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THE OXFORD COMMISSION REPORT: THE SMUTTING OF THE GREAT COUNCIL Burnham, Somerset, 15th June 1852. Sat—I do not pretend to have as yet perused every word of the vast folio...


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MB O'Comion has been handed over to appropriate medical cus- tody, on an understanding that he shall not be released without the consent of the House of Commons. Mr. Secretary...

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Oxford, 15th Tune 1852.

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Sin—Permit me briefly to meet the objections of "Z." to the Report of the Oxford Commission. I will take them seriatim. 1. "Its statistics are extremely imperfect, if not...

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TOREENS ON TILE TAXATION OF LAND AND TRADE.. THE evident intention of the Derby Ministry to use " compensa- tion" or "revision" as a means of getting quietly rid of Protec-...

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OLIPHA.NT'S JOURNEY TO NEPA.UL. * Mx. Ourialres journey to Katmandu, the

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capital of Nepaul, was made with a more definite object than Captain Egerton's ram- bles, which we noticed last week. At Ceylon Mr. Oliphant met Jung Bahadoor, the Nepaulese...

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BRACE'S HUNGARY IN 1851.* Mn. BRACE is the American traveller

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about whom some stir was made last year, when he was imprisoned in Hungary by the Aus- trians, and in a measure rescued by an Englishman, who as soon as he heard of the arrest...

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JAMES KELLY O'DWYER. * Ix plan, this novel has some resemblance

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to Gil Bias, with a differ- ence as regards times, country, and capability. James Kelly O'Dwyer is the son of a peasant, and in consequence of family troubles he leaves home to...


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Books. Lectures on Ancient History, from the Earliest Times to the Taking of Alexandria by Octavianus. Comprising the History of the Asiatic Nations, the Egyptians, Greeks,...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. Portraits. On the whole, Mr. Boxall is entitled to the palm in portraiture in virtue of the head of " J. D. Coleridge, Esq.," which, with much...

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On the 11th June, at Poringland Rectory, Norfolk, the Wife of the Rev. Leonard C. Wallich, of a daughter. On the 13th, at Grace Dieu Manor, the Lady of Ambrose Lisle Phillippa,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices. Satord. Monday. Tuesday. Weeks. Thurs. FrOloy. Shut 991 ex d. 100i 103 — 223i Shut 436 pm. 89 pm. 9 0 1 0 1 1 102 — — — 70 — — 991 1001 103...


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Tuesday, June 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - Gardiner and Pugh, Demeter Court, Mincing Lane, commission-merchants - J. and A. Casper, Manchester, tailors-Brown and Law- rence,...


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AnismisLre June 7.-The following promotions tookplace on the 4th inst. conse- quent on the decease, on the 3d inst. of Vice-Admiral of the Red R. Jackson-Vice- Admiral of the...