19 MARCH 1859

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Through all the diversions which party uncertainties introduce for the

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time, we appear to discern one tendency in the House of Commons, and in the public, whickis by no means unsatisfactory —it is the disposition to adopt those conclusions which...

Although the week was expected to bring forward some great

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event which would supersede the contest set down for Monday next, it is passing away without any such crisis, and as it has advanced the prospect has changed almost every...


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THE latest report is that Lord Cowley has succeeded, and that his success consists in having induced Austria to make the con- cessions required of her on the Italian question....

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As we anticipated last week, Poerio and the Neapolitan exiles

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have been received in a manner which cannot be mistaken. They find a welcome from all Englishmen, without distinction of party. The first public step was taken by Lord...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hones or Loans, Monday, March 14. New Chancery Courts ; Lord Chancel- lor's Bill read a first time. Tuesday, March 15. Stade Dues ; Lord...

The debate on Sir John Trelawny's motion for a committee

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to inquire into the Privileges of the Guards was not worthy of the subject. Sir John set forth very good reasons why a committee should be appointed ; but in a House where the...

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Public meetings continue to be held on the question of Reform. In the metropolis, there was another gathering in Hyde Park on Sunday. It bad no character of importance. The same...

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" Nothing has occurred within the last week that throws any certain light upon the situation of Europe. The same uncertainty prevails with a rather augmented force since the...

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THE QUEEN, the Prince Consort and their family left Buckingham Palace on Tuesday morning, and arrived in the Isle of Wight shortly after noon. The Prince of Leiningen is on a...

Election rumours are plentiful. Mr. Wigram is to retire from

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the re- presentation of the University of Cambridge; Mr. Beresford Hope and Mr. Selwyn, Q.C., are in the field, candidates for the seat. Sir Edward Lytton is not to start again...

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A committee of merchants and bankers has for some time been sitting in London upon the subject of bankruptcy and insolvency. On Tuesday they held a public meeting to present a...

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The trials of the alleged conspirators arrested in Kerry have ended in a failure. They were held at Tralee, and lasted several days. At length the Jury retired. It was soon...

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I TEIIIIt.—The Emperor will review the Imperial Guard tomorrow. It has been remarked that this is the anniversary of the return of Napoleon I. from Elba to France in 1815. The...


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The election of a Member for the county of Stirling took place on Moday. Mr. Blackburn, who has represented tho county for four years, having accepted a Lordship of the...

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In the Times of Saturday Lord Shaftesbury suggested that some na- tional expression is due to those honest and heroic men, Poerio and his friends; first because they have...

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Lord Haddo has placed on the paper the following strange

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notice. " Fe- male Models—Address for return of the number of times female models have sat during the year ending the 31st December 1858, in the Royal Academy, London ; the...

In the House of Peers, the Marquis of LONDONDERRY called

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attention to the contemplated revision of the Irish Magistracy. The Loan CHAN- CELLOR of Ireland has written to the Lieutenants of Counties inquiring what magistrates are dead,...


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SATURDAY MORNING. In the House of Commons last night the system of speaking about all sorts of things on the motion for an adjournment until Monday was ex- tensively resorted...


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On the 10th of March, at G6, Finchley New Road, the Wife of the Hon. John Baker, M.L.C., of South Australia, of a son. On the 10th, at St. Andrew's, the Wife of Sir Charles M....

Further accounts from Corfu show that the Legislative Assembly ha&

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met with more than its match in Sir Henry Storks. They passed a re- solution declaring that the Queen's representative is not entitled to take a part in the proceedings of the...

The frightful tragedy in which Mr. Sickles has become involved

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has recalled attention to calumnies which were circulated against him some time back ; and which were utterly false ; but we learn by a New York letter that there is one of...

We hear it said that the tacticians who support Mr.

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Bright in the- North intend to give a side-wind assistance to Lord Derby, by declaring that his continuance in office is necessary to the preservation of peace ; and that with...

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(From our own Correspondent.) A considerable modification has taken place in the shape of ladies skirts. They are worn as ample as ever at the bottom, but extremely contra- d...

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STOCK FaCKANOK, Fainar Arreasoos. The market for English Securities has been dull and drooping all the week. The flatness which was apparent on Saturday continued up to this...

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TO CORB.ESPONDENTS AND ENQUIRERS. The applications which we receive from readers for information where they can ob- tain articles mentioned in this department are increasing in...


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The Maharajah of Burdwan has ordered of Mr. Alderman, of Soho Square, (a very benefactor to nick folk from his numerous contrivanct a for their ease,) two of his patent invalid...

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The part of the boulevard extending from the Rue Chaussee d'Antin to the Church of the Madeleine was laid out and planted with trees about the year 1668, on the site of the...

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ENGLISH CONVICT-PRESERVES AND IRISH REFORMATORIES. Tin question which has so long perplexed our Government and our Legislature, and which in England still waits for solution,...


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A NEW charge has been discovered against Mr. Buchanan : the President of the United States has been peculating in coals, he has been guilty of corruption in timber, and the...

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A REFORM of our Grand Jury system is desired by too many lawyers of standing and influence to be resisted, or altogether postponed ; yet it is one of those Law Reforms, like the...

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CONSIDERABLE difficulties have arisen to bar the emigration of one class that most needs it. Various agencies have grown up to promote other emigration. In Ireland, numbers of...


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Tun art of war, it is now admitted, is under an impending revo- lution, from clearly decided advances of mechanical art and sci- ence. We shall endeavour to state how those...

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Oun smart and all-knowing contemporary, the Saturday Review, has recently been the victim of a ridiculous hoax, which rather shakes its pre- tensions to sagacity. There is in...

No. VII. Pesaro AND HIS COMPANIONS. Delicacies to be observed

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in the subscrip- tion for thorn—Different climates and comforts of Naples and England—Pro- bable enjoyments of the exiles in England—Their steerings during imprison- ment. From...

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A WORD ON THE REFORM CRISIS. Buckingham, 16th March. Sim,--About this Reform Bill ; you see I plunge at once into the subject. A modsrate Reformer and an opponent of Reform...


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Digging in that arid region the Army Estimates, we alighted upon an indication of the existence of a really funny military curiosity. It is this, that her Majesty's Brigade of...

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The vindication of the theatrical profession from the aspersions too commonly cast upon it, has lately been undertaken by several dramatists on both sides the channel, but...

Mr. E. T. Smith, the Lessee of Drury Lane, has

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put forth his an- nouncement of the approaching Italian Opera season at that theatre. From it we learn, that he has postponed the opening of the theatre from the 2d of April to...

The Committee of the Sacred Harmonic Society, who have the

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direc- tion of the approaching Handel Commemoration Festival at the Crystal Palace, have published a detailed programme of their arrangements. The Festival is to be held on the...

A number of gentlemen, friends and admirers of Mr. Benjamin

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Web- ster, have organized a dinner at the Freemasons' Tavern, for Wednesday next, for the purpose of congratulating him upon the completion of the new Adelphi Theatre. The...


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M. M. P. Meurico, whose Fanfan la Tulips kept the Parisian public in a state of continual excitement for many weeks, has followed up his good fortune with another successful...

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Mademoiselle Piccolomini preserves the favour of the Americans. She is

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followed by multitudes, and lauded a l'outrance by the journals. At New York the other day, two performances of Den Pasquale, in which she was indifferently supported, drew 6500...

The first of the New Philharmonic Concerts, for this season,

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was given at St. James's Hall on Monday evening. These were formerly the Con- certs of the New Philharmonic Society; but that Society no longer. exists, and they are now carried...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 15. Bankrupta.-DArco Gammas, Ampton Place, Gray's Inn Road, merchant-Joint CRACENELL, Enfield, victualler-ALFRED MARCHANT, Maidstone,...

Monday. Tuesday. Wadnes Thur.. Friday.

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96 95/ 9 51 962 95 951 95 1 951 951 95 222 222 220 34 37 34 36 1001 IS 19 18 15 , FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday...


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This instrument is daily getting into greater and greater repute, as its qualities are heightened and its capacities developed by M. Alexandre of Paris; who, by a long series of...

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GUIZOT'S MEMOIRS.* THE first volume of M. Guizot's Memoirs of his own times ex- tended chronologically over some quarter of a century, beginning with his introduction to...

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MARCH 19, 1859.

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Member for Dartmouth, the pros- pects of the British farmer are but so so. Land, as we all know, cannot increase ; but the demand for it does, as well as population. The tenant...

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DEATH, especially if accompanied with a touch of mystery, is often an advantage for historical preeminence, as is particularly shown in the ease of the Knights Templars. During...

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Ma. ThomorE's new fiction of The Bertrams is more remarkable for the literary and satirical powers of the author, and his pass- ing sketches of the weaknesses of social life,...

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In the earlier part of the week it appeared as if the probable struggle in Parliament on the Reform Bill, and the unsettled state of the Conti- nent, had thrown a heavy dulness...

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On reviewing the literary history of the last seven years or more, it will be found marked by constantly recurring signs of public pressure on the chief publishing.houses,...

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lint Arts.

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Mr. Bell thus minutely describes the Guard's Memorial to be erected after his design in Waterloo Place. The front of the pedestal some eleven feet from the ground "will be...