19 MAY 1832

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This has been a busy week throughout England—the busiest th:t. has ever occurred in our memory and experience—perhaps the busiest that has occurred since the...

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There is one man who has acted so conspicuous a

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part in the business of the week, that its history would be incomplete did we not particularly advert to him. We mean the Duke of WEL- LINGTON. There can no longer be a doubt of...

According to letters from Alexandria, dated April 12th, the Pacha

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of Egypt had recently gained an important victory der the Paella of Aleppo, from whom lie took 1,400 prisoners. The action took place near Acre ; to whose surrender it was...

CASIMIR PERIER died on Wednesday morning. We may apply to

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him the sentiment of Macbeth- " He should have died hereafter." Our own critical situation causes the intelligence of our neigh- bours' misfortunes to fall idly on our ears....

The Countess WRISBERG, the lady who has thrown the poor

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Brunswickers into such a quandary, has been caught, after once escaping from her keepers, and carried safely to the capital of the Duchy. The Globe says, it would not wonder if...

The news of the dissolution of Lord GREY'S Cabinet reached

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Amsterdam on Saturday morning. It caused great joy to the Dutch authorities, as it is supposed that the change would be highly favourable to their views. The Prince of ORANGE...

The people of Brussels are exceedingly dissatisfied at the qua-

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lified recognition of Russia; and M. VAN DER WEYER has only been able to pacify them by the insinuation, that being aware of the plots that were hatching for the removal of Lord...

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Mrbatr intV protraingl ill VarTiannitt.

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I. MINISTERIAL. ARRANGEMENTS. In The House of Commons, on Monday. Mr. Alderman Wool) presented the petition of i he largest corporation in England, the Livery of London. He...

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In LONDON, the Common Council met on Monday. This corpora-

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tion, it will be remembered, have the high privilege of presenting their addresses to the King on the Throne. On Monday also, the 'Wards of CriI egate Without and of Walbrook,...

Ebt public i1clatin0.

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IT is an instructive and interesting task to trace the workings of that spirit of Reform which pervades all ranks and denominations of men. We confidently believe, that never...

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Amongst all the meetings that have taken place from first

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to last, those of Birmingham stand out in proud and unrivalled eminence. The last which we have to record, was that which took place on Wednesday, and which was called together...

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All IRELAND is by this time in motion. There was

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a meeting at Dublin on Monday, amidst the pelting of a most pitiless shower. Hamilton Rowan, who is now eighty-three years of age, insisted on addressing the meeting uncovered....

.' I to not wish to revive the remembrance of

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the old calamities and distresses of my country, and I would never have alluded t o them it it were not as a caution to ell—to al!, even the most imprudent aud most unwary....

ebe Court.

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The King and Queen arrived at St. James's Palace on Saturday last, about one o'clock. The Duke of Wellington was in waiting at the Palace to receive them. The Duke had an...

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Arrived—At Gravesend, May 15th, Hopeful, Mailers, from the Cape ; off Dover, ditto. the II. C. ship Bombay, Kellaway, from China. At Liverpool, on the 16th, Annandale,...

The Bishop of Lichfield' and Coventry preached a charity sermon,

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at St. Bride's, on Sunday ; at which the Lord- Mayor was preient, in state. Placards had been posted up, advising the parishioners.to send , the Bishop, where he had endeavoured...

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In the Queen's Theatre on Monday, there was a loud

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and clamorous demand that the name should be changed. It has been stated, that Dowton expressed his assent to the proposition : this is not correct. The Tories have a minority...

Mr. CHARLES TENNYSON, a gentleman when tongue does not always

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keep time with his better judgment, made a foolish speech in the House of Commons this week, touching the creation of Peers. He is, we suppose, not included in the batch. The...

The Duke of Reiebstadt, whose death was reported in the

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French papers, was, when the last accounts left Vienna, still living, but in a precarious state of health. His constitution, never very strong, is said .to have been enfeebled...

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THE MONEY MARKET. STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EvENING. Consols closed on Saturday at fi3i, and Exchequer Bills at 78. to fas. prem., .being a fall of II per cent. in the former, and...

The Duke of WELLINGTON and the leading Tories were in

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high force tit the King's ball last night. His Grace was honoured with especial notice by the King. Only four of the Ministers were present. It is reported that the Duke of...


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LINDSAY :Ma CO. Lonbn-13iterrzs: and JACK:as. High tliaboru,linenalianers — ALSOFE and Sox, Liverpool, cotton-brokers—HART:1ml SToorn, Leeds, linen-drapers n — Moa's and...


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King LEOPOLD, according to the accounts from Paris of yesterday's date, had applied to France for troops, in the event of the Dutch at- tacking him ; and would, it was supposed,...


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WAR - OFFICE. May 16.-24 Beet: of Dragoons: Lieut. St. Vincent W. Ricketts to he Adam. vice Somerville. who resigns the Adjul antcy only-9th Regt, Light Dragoons: Lieut. B....

THE tiNivkitgitiEg.

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• • • OXFORD. MAT 17. — This day the following degrees were conferred: Jrastert Ayt,—Iter. T. Page, Magdalen Hall; S. Gagelee and J. Hussey, Baird; G. Eaton,...

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On the 11th inst. at Brampton Brian. the Lady of the Rev. D. R. Mvartav, of a son. On the 15th inst. at Soluerhill, the Lady of the Right lion. Sir STuarFoun CA:c- lan°, of a...


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THAT the King can do no wrong, everybody admits. Out of this axiom of our Constitution, arises another—the King cannot act save on the counsel of some one of his subjects;...


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CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE TORIES. Goon Christians preach to the Heathen. They do not, in these days, hate those who do not believe, nor revile them, nor per- secute them. They...

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IT is quite right that the King should have one wife at least The Shah of Persia thinks that the British Monarch is poorly off because he has not, as he has, three hundred and...


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THE expediency of raising a Reform Rent was suggested by the Globe in the course of the week, and we have heard no more of it. Let. us endeavour to put the suggestion of our...

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MR. MASON'S spirited and judicious plan of introducing the Ger- man opera, in its native form and purity, into his magnificent theatre, has been most successful. The third...


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ON this question there exists a more serious and conscientious difference of opinion than its own merits would seem to warrant. The Government Plan is opposed by all the...

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THE movements of this vessel seem as uncertain as the wind : it is, evidently, under the control of no plan, but is " tossed to and fro" by mere accident or caprice. Those who...


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THE Annual Catch Club prize was adjudged on Tuesday to T. COOKE. The competitors were Messrs. Goss, WALMISLEY, EL- LIOT, HAWES, and W. LINLEY, in addition to the successful...

DR. STARE'S EXTERI3IENTS oti loon.—On the 12th of June 1769,

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Dr. Stark began his experiments on food, by living on bread and water only. His daily allowance of bread was from 20 to 33 ounces troy weight ; of water, from 2 to 4 pints. He...

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THIS is as pleasant a book as has lately fallen under notice. It is a book of travels, possessing nearly all the charms of that fascinat- ing description of work. We have wild...


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Is one of those books which we value very little as a whole, and very much in parts. In some instances, the story and the inci- dents form the sole attraction of a book of...


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Maavms, Pen and Pencil Sketches; being the Journal of a Tour in India. By Captain Mundy, late Aide-de-camp to Lord Combermere. 2 vols. Murray. Premix, Arlington. By the Author...

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Is a rhapsody in four volumes. The hero is a genius—a corn.; pound of passion and imagination, who lives in two worlds at the same time,—his own, or a private world; and the...

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Our table is well covered with candidates for notice; and

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the political calm which begins to set in just as the week is closing, promises a season of more congenial occupation for book - readers and critics, and better times for...

We are glad to learn that the correspondence of GOETHE

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and. SCHILLER is in the hands of the translator of the German Prince. The six original volumes in German are to be reduced to two or three. The taste and the translating power...


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IN all respects, this is a contemptible book,—contemptible in its object, contemptible in its ignorance, contemptible in its imbe- cility. The author, finding that in writing...


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EXHIBITION OF THE SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER COLOURS. THE limited space which politics leave us this week for other mat- ters, obliges us to be very concise in our remarks...

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Stern's Maria; a Song. By VINCENT NOVELLO.

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The plaintive melody of an old English air has been judiciously arranged by Mr. NOVELLO, adapted to appropriate words, and intro- duced by a Recitative; altogether forming a...

" Sicut locutus est ;" a Trio, for Soprano, Countertenor,

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and Bass. Composed by FENOGLIO. What an evidence is this composition of the former glory of the Italian school of vocal writing! Here is a writer, unknown to our musical...

The Bridal ; a Song. Composed by C. E. HORN.

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We fear this song is the last of CHARLES HoRN's that we shall be called on to review for sonic time, as we learn that he is departed for his second trip to the 'United States....


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Sacred Melodies, chiefly selected from Eminent Composers, and arranged for One or Two Voices; with an Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte, and adapted to appropriate...

; a Set of Quadrilles. By FRANCIS HODGES. Pretty and

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" 0 Domiue Deus." Composed by M. MARIELLI.

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This piece of Latin doggrel is said, on the title-page of the present composition, to have been the prayer of MARY of Scotland, immedi- ately previous to her execution : it may...


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H. B. fails as a political caricaturist, 'in affecting the juste A caricaturist should seize upon the " points of humour" to furnish mirth and a moral to all parties. Like the...

" Come again, come again." By J. BLEWITT.

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" Softly o'er the mountain's brow." By J. F. POULTER. " When the bright moon." By P. KLITZ. " The faithless knight." By J. T. CRAVEN. • We place these songs•in the order...

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FOUND HERE AND THERE. BHURTPORE NOTIONS OF BRITISH GENEROSITY.— The young Rajah gave a dinner in the evening to the Commander-in-Chief, and entertained us with nantcbes and...

The Venetian Boatman's Evening Hymn. The Music by SEBASTIAN BACH

The Spectator

; the English words by E. TAYLOR. It is needless to waste our own time and that of our readersby praising SEBASTIAN BACH ; but those who have been accustomed only to the...