19 MAY 1855

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The Earl of Ellenborough has moved his resolutions condemning the

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conduct of the " just and necessary war," and offering to the Crown the support of the House for a more vigorous Cabinet ; but his impeachment of Ministers disappointed...


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CHANGES have taken place on both sides of the War question—in the command before Sebastopol, and in the government at St. Pe- tersburg—which appear to have an important...

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The Sebastopol Committee has closed its labours of examination; and,

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pending the appearance of the final report, everybody is dis- covering that the Committee has failed to satisfy the expectations which it created. In this respect the Committee...

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PRINCIPAL nU8IN2813 OP THE WEER. HOME OF L011126. Monday, may 14. Newspaper-Stamps Bill read a first time— Conduct of the War; Lord Ellenborough's Resolutions negatived by 181...

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Lord Mayor Moon feasted her Majesty's Ministers, in the gyt&an

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Hall, on Wednesday evening. The whole of the Cabinet except Lord Cranworth, Foreign Ministers, including those of France, Austria, and Prussia, several independent Peers, a...

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Tam prominent action of the Court this week—the presentation of medals by the Queen in person to the officers and soldiers entitled to them for theirservices in the Crimea—was...

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There is a movement in Dublin to abolish Donnybrook Fair. On Monday the Lord Mayor presided over a meeting for that purpose. It seems that the fair may now be bought up from the...

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Oxford University continues to be busily engaged in legislation in- tended to carry out the act of last year. The Private Hall statute, which was promulgated in Congregation on...

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FRANC'S. —The opening of the "Palais de l'Industrie" at Paris, on Tuesday, was not quite so magnificent an event as had been anticipated some months ago. The interior of the...


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As had been anticipated, the election of a successor to Colonel Ifure for Renfrewshire gave rise to no contest. Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, of Ardgowan, was the only candidate :...

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The ceremony of the Queen's presenting the Crimean medal to a large body of officers and men in this country entitled to that honourable de- coration, forms one of the most...

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The Gazette of last night contains a despatch from Lord

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Raglan to the Minister of War, dated May 5. The only fact of interest, not anti- cipated by other statements, is that the RW3SiallS Still appeared to be col- lecting troops on...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Lords last night, Lord Pisa:tuns stated, with more completeness and mastery, the plan of military reorganization previously sketched by Lord...

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From the Baltic we hear that "eight Russian merchantmen have

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been captured off Dunamunde ; and that the Imperieuse and Tartar have been damaged by collision, and sent home for repairs."

There was yesterday a meeting at Liverpool to get up

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a requisition to the Mayor for a meeting to back Mr. Layard's motion for Administrative Reform. Somewhere about two dozen attended ; Mr. W. Rathbone pre- sided "with...

According to a message from Vienna, dated last night, Austria

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has sent new propositions to London and Paris. Should the Western Powers accept, and Russia reject them, Austria will give material aid to the former.

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A Frenchman, illustrating by comparison the difference between the rheumatism and the gout as manifested to the senses, said that if a man put his finger into a vice and screwed...

In Mr. Tom Taylor's new comedy, produced last Monday at

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the Olympic, with the title Still Waters run .Deep, it is easy to trace the stu- dent of the Parisian drama, and the author of the thoroughly English Nice Firm. Not only is the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The tone of the English Stock Market this week has decidedly improved, and the public have been steady purchasers ; the more so as the time...

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Mario is fulfilling a brief engagement at the Covent Garden

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Operabouse. His reception on Thursday, when he performed his favourite character in the Puritani, was a scene of excitement like the debilt of some "illustrious stranger." Mario...

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The Philharmonic concert of Monday last was of a very attractive cha- racter, and filled the room to overflowing. It included two of the finest orchestral pieces in the...


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M. Halevy has ventured as far East as the Theiltre Lyrique, and has taken with him MM. Saint Georges and Leuven. In other words, he is the composer and they are the anthers of a...


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MR- GLADSTONE. A REPORT has reached us that Mr. Gladstone intends to give his support to Mr. Mihier Gibson's resolutions in the House of Com- mons on Monday. The resolutions...

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'Tnis is more than "a cry"; it is a real want, proclaimed by the result of administrative action, and loudly demanded by the people, tentatively discussed in Parliament,...


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THE controversy between Lord Palmerston and the dissatisfied public is an example of a not uncommon ease, where both sides think alike yet each requires the other to establish a...

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MEASURE FOR REFORMING THAT UNIVERSITY. WE asserted in two papers on the Cambridge Reform Bill now be- fore the Lords, that the resident members of the University enter- tained...

Irtttrs tu tbr (nitur. PEACE OR WAR. 7th May 1855.

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Six—I should not have written anything in answer to the letter of "G." —so little is either of us likely to convince the other—had he not (unin- tentionally, I doubt not, from...

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Edinburgh, 37 Montague Street, 17th May 1855. Sin—In the Times of the 15th there is an article, said to be copied from the Spectator, on the death of my eldest son, Dr. Hector...


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1 Adam Street, Adelphi, 14111 May 1855. Snt—At the commencement of the present war I speculated in your pages on the advisability of taking and keeping the Crimea, and selling...

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THE GRENVILLE AND BUCKINGHAM CORRESPONDENCE. * THESE selections from the family correspondence in possession of the Duke of Buckingham commence in 1782, when Lord North was...

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MR. Pr.orcnt, who has long familiarized the public with the charming creations of the Countess d'Aulnoy, by clothing them with dramatic forms and placing them on the stage as...


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passed the autumnal vacation of last year in a twelve- weeks tour in America ; during which time he "voyaged and tra- velled 10,700 miles," at a cost which he does not state. He...

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Booxs. The week's publications are very numerous, but are generally new editions in some form, or of a publishing business character. Mr. Weld's "Tour in America" has most of...

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fiut Iris.

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FRENCH AND GERMAN ART-EXHIBITIONS. Last year we hailed the first experiment at the exhibition in London of a collection of French pictures. The public and the patrons did the...

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Wast-onnes, May 15.-1st Regiment of Life Guards.-Lieut. R. Bateson to be Capt. by purchase, vice Walsh, who retires; Cornet and Sub-Lieut. W. G. Craven to be Lieut. by purchase,...


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Tuesday, May 16. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - Raggatt and Lindsey, Leominster, curriers-Dyson and Co. Huddersfield, linen-drapers-Forty and Collins, Salford, engineers-Le Gas-...


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On the 8th May. in Pelham Crescent, Brompton, the Wife of General H. Charles Van Cortlandt, of the 11.E.I.Co.'s Service, of a daughter. On the 11th, in Upper Harley Street, the...


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ADMIRALTY, May 8.-Corps of 'Royal Marines-To-be Second Lieuts.-Messieurs W. C. Hesketh, J. C. Here, A. Bill, W. N. G. Johnson, J. AL Moody, S. R. Buckle, E. C. Sparshott C. L....

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BRITISH FUNDS. Spec Cent Mosta Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents. Long Annuities. — --- Sara. (Closing Monday Prices Tuesday 89 84 as 881 — )...