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Free trade and its merits appear to occupy the attention

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of the French in a degree second only to the affair of the Montpensier marriage; which the economical question is likely to supersede in interest. nterest. Three Parisian...


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THE arrangements for the double marriage at Madrid go forward, in spite of the anticipated obstructions. The dreaded Cortes has met, and is even reported to seem pleased with...

The actual state of Ireland exhibits a conflict of influences,

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old and new, happy and unhappy ; but it is consolatory to obser‘e, that the novelties'are, upon 'tie whole, on the favourable side. it is no novelty to see the several sections...

In the remoter parts of the globe, in the Colonial

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order of states, there are some interesting movements. According to the latest tales from Algeria, Abd-el-Keder is growing more formidable than ever. By his pertinacious war...

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday,being the first after the holy- days. The chief business was the reception of the Lord Mayor's report on his visit to Oxford as...

gbt eourt.

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Tnx Queen and Prince Albert have remained at the Isle of Wight during the week. With the exception of the visit to Southampton, on Monday, the excursions have not been extended...

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gbe Vrobintes.

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The proceedings of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, on Saturday, consisted of an excursion round the Isle of Wight in the Lady de Saumarez steamer. Under...

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Congratulatory addresses continue to be presented to the Lord-Lieu- tenant. One received by him within these few days, from Newry, indi- cates an unprecedented spirit of union:...

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The ceremony of laying the foundation-stone of the Episcopal College, near Perth, took place on Thursday the 10th instant, amidst a very full assemblage, consisting of the...

Sortmn anb Irolonfal.

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SPAIN.—A telegraphic despatch from Madrid dated the 14th instant, is to tfie following effect- " The Cortes were assembled this morning. The Ministers notified to them the...

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Intelligence has arrived in London of the sudden death of

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Lord Yar- borough. He had been found dead in the cabin on board his yacht the Kestrel. The Earl was born on the 8th August 1781; and was married, On the 11th August 1806, to the...

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Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed the

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End of Elgin and Kincardine "to be Captain-General and Governor-in-chief of her Majesty's provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, and NOVA Scotia, and of the Island of Prince...

It is stated in accounts received today from Brussels, that

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a free-trade society is about to be established there, and that it will have a journal specially to represent its views. So far the ball which has been set in motion from the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A new complication has been given to the state of Spanish affairs by the report of the escape of Don Carlos from France. The report was com- municated to the...

We have received a letter from Leeds on the subject

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of the Education eotsbv- rersy, in which the writer only does justice to our intentions. We still watch the discussion, and shall recur to it.

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The foreign visitors to the British Association were conducted to

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Ports- mouth on Thursday, by several of their English brethren, to see the naval works. They were conveyed in the Admiral's barge to the Excellent and to the Victory, and to the...


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Whatever merit a piece may possess in point of brilliancy or sentiment, the absence of a plot regularly constructed will always be felt as a serious deficiency. The essence of...

The increased pressure of distress in Ireland is marked by

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a correspond- ing growth of disturbance. The provincial papers record many acts of turbulence. In Limerick, four hundred labourers paraded the streets with spades, shovels, and...

Miss Laura Addison goes on triumphantly at Sadler's Wells. The

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folks of that peculiar neighbourhood look upon her as a "star," and the house is nightly crowded to witness her performance. The Patrician's Daughter made a good showy...

A new piece, called Eugenia Claircille, in which Madame Celeste

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has a "strong part," is by no means a good specimen of the Adelphi school of drama. In that school we are willing to overlook all sorts of improbablli- ties—nay,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The transactions in the English Funds have been unimportant, and so have the fluctuations. During the week, the quotations have been at an...

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THE FATE OF MEXICO. ?Tunis did a mail bring intelligence more ominous for Mexico than that which has arrived this week. Not that Paredes has proved a leader equal to the...


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THB feasibility of cutting through the neck of land that unites the two continents of America, has been affirmed, well nigh, till all men doubt it. A project so long talked of,...


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LirrLE by little the principle of international copyright is obtain- ing recognition among the states of Europe, and a relic of ancient barbarism is passing away into the limbo...

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CLASHING OF THE RUDE AND THE A_RTIFICIAL. THE poor are not simply poor—they are poor in presence of the rich, rude in presence of the educated. Laws to control them are made by...


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WITH social arrangements so thoroughly artificial as ours, with the waking time of every day so fully occupied that indeed it is Stretched out to its utmost limits, the...


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"La veritable Arnphytrion," says Sosia, "eat l'Amphytrion oil l'on dine "; evidently pointing at Louis Philippe. "On dine" in that quarter on all occasions. Anybody who has...

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NATHRAL PHILOSOPHY, Cosmos: Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe. By Vexander Von Humboldt. Translated utder the superintendence of Lieutenant-Colonel Edward...

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IT is now some years since Mr. Reade recorded his more striking ha. pressions of Italian scenery and art, with the associations they suggest, in his poem of Italy. The volumes...


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Fos four centuries the oppressed and despised Christians of the early Church of Rome possessed bentath the soil of the Eternal City another city exclusively their own. Here they...

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IN this his newest production the unceasing Mr. James is descried pur- suing the even tenour of his way, between pure nature and mere art, with curious fidelity, and with more...

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THE RIVAL ITALIAN OPERA. THE Operahouse squabbles of the past season, arising out of Mr. Lumley's breach with his musical director, Signor Costa, have grown at length into a...


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Tim Hereford Musical Festival rook place last week. Some time ago we noticed the preliminary arrangements for this meeting; which were very judicious, and have produced a...


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Apatven—At Gravesend, 16th Sept.. Europa, M'Gregor, from Ceylon ; 17th, Prince Regent, Mason, from Calcutta ; and Arable, Johnson, from Ceylon. In the Downs, 17th, Fanny...


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On the 6th September, at Latchingdou Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. C. G. Gretton Townsend, of a son. On the 9th, at 11111 House, Garngad Hill, Glasgow, the Wife of Charles...


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WAR - OFFICE, SEPT. 18.-9th Light Drags.—R. Hoghton, Gent. to be Cornet, without purchase, vice French, promoted. Coldstream Guards -Ensign E. H. Bering, front the 68th Foot,...

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Tuesday, Sept. 15. PARTNEASIIIPS DISSOLVED. Langworthy and Co. Manchester, commission-agents-Lucas and Son, Woodford, farmers-Herbert and Smith, Worcester. surveyors-Upperton...


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BRITISH F D 5 . tffieslagPrices-1 &turd. 110 96/. abut shut shut shut - 14 Pm Monday 71waday. W. Niro. N 90 - - - - - 8 - 951 'N 291 11 23 pin. 360 12 --- 13 93*. 96 13...

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LONDON, WESTMINSTER, AND MIDDLESEX. (FIRST PUBLICATION.) IAA of Persons who have taken out General Game Certificates at 41. Os. 10d. each, including the Additional Duty of 10...