1 APRIL 1843

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This week has brought forth a new subject of discussion

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and controversy. At the beginning of the session, Mr. CHARLES BULLER gave notice of a motion in the House of Commons, now definitively fixed for next Thursday, proposing...


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TUESDAY was one of Mr. THOMAS DUNCOMBE'S nights : he brought forward a motion for inquiry into the allegations of certain petitions against the conduct of the Magistrates in...

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The "French possessions in Polynesia" grow rapidly in impor- tance;

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so much so, that the Ministerial papers of this country seem to feel bound to make light of the acquisition, lest the people should take alarm at the inactivity of our...

Debatts anb 113roterbings in Varliamtnt.

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CONDUCT OF THE MAGISTRACY DURING THE INSURRECTION. In the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Mr. THOMAS DUNCOMBE moved, "That a Select Committee be appointed to inquire into the...

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Elie (num

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THE Queen continues in excellent health ; and although her Majesty's confinement is expected to take place about a week hence, she is daily seen walking in the garden of...

int Illttropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of business. On the motion of Mr. L. Jones, the City Lands Committee were appointed to confer with the Court of...

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Zbe Vrobtnres.

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Several candidates seem likely to appear at the Nottingham election. Mr. Gisborne has issued an address, announcing that he will stand, if a majority of the electors desire it,...

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The Nonintrasionists go forward with their preparatives for a new secession. The Special Commission met on Tuesday last week ; when the Deputation to London presented their...


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The Crown Prince of Wurtemberg arrived at St. Katherine's Dock on Thursday morning, from Rotterdam, after a visit of some days to the Prince and Princess of Orange at the Court...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Intelligence has been received from New York to the 4th of March. The right of visit bad been the subject of some documents laid before the House of...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, March 24.—Corps of Royal Engineers—First Lieut. T. R. Mould to be Sec. Capt. vice Wentworth, seconded; See. Lieut. C. J. Gibb to be First Lieut.. vice Mould,...

Although in a less distinct manner, the Peers may be

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considered last night to have expressed their concurrence in the recent decision of the Commons on the Scottish Church question. Lord CAMPBELL moved the series of resolutions...

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At Stafford Assizes, on Thursday, Thomas Cooper, Joseph Cappur, and

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John Richards, were convicted of conspiracy and sedition ; Cappur being recommended to mercy. Cooper addressed inflamatory language to a meeting at Hanley on the 15th of August...

Last night's Gazette states that the Queen has appointed Mr.

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Ludovick Colquhoun, W.S., to be Secretary to the General Board of Directors of Prisons in Scotland, in the room of Mr. Andrew .nurray, who has re signed.

The Sun publishes a fourth edition, with the following announce-

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ment of an attempt to assassinate a clergyman at St. Paul's- The Sun publishes a fourth edition, with the following announce- ment of an attempt to assassinate a clergyman at...


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STOCK EXCEIANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The operations of this week have been nearly a counterpart of the last. Some extensive purchases of Consols have occurred for Money ; but as...

Lord Dungannon is the Conservative candidate for Durham city, in

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the room of Captain Fitzroy. Opposition by the Liberal party is threatened, but no candidate is named. The nomination is to take place on Monday next. Sir George Larpent has...

The City memorial to Sir Robert:Peel on Systematic Colonization was

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to be presented this afternoon to the Premier, by a deputation, consisting of Lord John Russell, Mr. Lyall, Sir Matthew Wood, Mr. Masterman, Mr. Thomas Baring, Mr. Abel Smith,...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 31st December 1842 to the 25th of March 1843— Circulation 1'20,093,000 LIABILITIES. Deposits ASSETS. I Securities £23,830,000 12,003,000 Bullion...

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ARRIVED—Off Margate. 31st March, Essex, Brewer, from Madras. Off Penzance. 29th Ditto, Bolivar, Duff, from Singapore. At Liverpool, Ditto, Broom, Gray, from Bombay. At Cape of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR—In reference to the Committee appointed on the motion of Lord CAMPBELL for the consideration of the Law of Libel, it is essential that the...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 28th Third Month, 1843. RESPECTED FRIEND—In reading the remarks of the Spectator on the subject of " Preventives of Excessive Labour," I...

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OFFICIAL OPPOSITION TO ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM: THE POST-OFFICE. IT is within the knowledge of every one who sends or receives aletter, that he is indebted for his cheapest...

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Timm is a miserable half-heartedness in the intermittent patron- age which the British Government extends to science and litera- ture. Standing between perhaps extravagant...


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THE Provincial Diets of Prussia are at present in session. In all of them numerous petitions have been presented from the towns. The majority ask for greater publicity in the...

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Tan Chevalier DE GAUSSENS, the oldest French diplomatist, died the other day at Paris, at the age of ninety-six ; having overlived by full half a century the sera when the...


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LONDON has this week been taking an imaginative airing ; not through the Parks, but above them. The grand invention which has struggled for preeminence with the philosopher's...


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THE Belisario of DONIZETTI, produced at the Italian Operahouse last Saturday, is rather to be called a new birth than a revival. We had some remembrance of the name ef such a...

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TRAVELS, Tile Life of a Travelling Physician, from his first Introduction to Practice: in- cluding Twenty Years' Wanderings through the greater part of Europe. In three...

The Adelphi season closes next week. Robert Macaire has been

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revived for a few nights ; 0. Salmi playing the gay, swaggering, bold- faced scoundrel, and WRIGHT the sneaking, cowardly rascal his corn- rogue. Their performance was clew and...

At the French Play, Mademoiselle PLESSY made her farewell curtsey

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to her admirers last night ; who crowded to her benefit on Wednesday, and warmly cheered their favourite on her retirement. Though by no means insensible either to the influence...

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THESE poems consist of three classes,—legends, lyrics, and mis- cellaneous; though the legends are frequently inventions, not traditions, and the lyrics have seldom much...

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From March 29th to March 30th. BOOKS. Elegiac Poems. The Man of the People ; a NoveL By the Author of " The Prince, Duke, and Page." In three volumes. A Treatise on Mental...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 39, Paternoster Row, London, 1st April 1843. SIR — A more striking instance of the injury done to our literature by the absence of an...


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EXHIBITION OF THE SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. THE present exhibition, though an improvement upon that of last year, is on the whole unsatisfactory. It is deficient not only in...

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Tuesday, March 28. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Roberts and Crosby, New Bond Street, milliners-Shilcock and Hipworth, Derby, drapers-Freeman and Vassar, Norwich, grocers -Lassen...


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BIRTHS. On the 3d March, at Paris. the Baroness de PFEIL, Of a son. On the flth, at Florence, the Dutchess Dr CALanarrro, of a son. On the Md, at Rock. Northumberland, the...

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BRITISH Saturday FUNDS. Monday. (Closiug Tuesday. Prices.) Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols 968 968 961 96/ 961 961 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced 31 per...