1 APRIL 1972

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An Easter Sermon, 1972

The Spectator

Easter is a time of both sacrifice and renewal. It is the most fundamental of all Christian festivals. In the death of Christ, and his rising again, it encapsulates the most...

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The Spectator

Few politicians have had such a unanimously good press as Mr Willie Whitelaw over the last few days. But then few have deserved it. Everyone has his own story of his essential...

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The Spectator

For the last twelve months or so, it has been as certain as anything in politics that, once the Cabinet took the steps which have led this week to Parliament destroying...

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The Spectator

Britain's greatest initiative Ronan Fanning When the history of Anglo-Irish relations in the twentieth century is finally written, the imposition of direct rule upon Northern...

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Times of strife

The Spectator

Norman Stone Revolution in Central Europe 1918-19 F. L. Carsten (Temple Smith £4.25) The White Generals Richard Luckett (Longrnans £3.75) Germans were well-known for respecting...

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Cecil King on Lord Robens

The Spectator

Ten Year Stint Lord Robens (Cassell £3.55) I will begin by declaring my interest, as politicians say. I have known Lord Robens well for over twenty years and for three years was...

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Seeing is believing

The Spectator

Nicholas Nathan Probability and Evidence A. J. Ayer (Macmillan £3.50) There is a famous argument of Hume's, according to which there can be no justification whatsoever for any...

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Guiding spirit Harold Matthews The roisterin g republican spirit of the late Brendan Behan presided over the Dublin Festival where, amon g all the world premieres, the prime...

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Keeping up appearances David Alexander As the doors of Britain's stately homes open to let in the Easter crowds one cannot help thinking of the chan g e in their fortunes over...

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Gambling on account by John Bull

The Spectator

There are two diametrically opposed views about buying shares. Either the investor puts his money into a company with the expectation Of long-term growth with no day-to-day...

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Disabled help Jef Smith The disabled, a cynic remarked recently, are this year's good cause, and it is clear that the success of Alf Morris's Act will de pend on services for...