1 AUGUST 1846

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The dissension among the Repealers in Ireland has grown to

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an open rupture: Mr. Smith O'Brien has actually seceded from the Association, with the members of the Young Ireland party, after a two-days wrangle with Mr. John O'Connell. The...


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THE new Government proposal for the settlement of the Sugar- duties has been carried, in its first stage, that of the preliminary resolutions, by a majority of 265 to 135—almost...

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Pope Pius the Ninth proceeds excellently with his intelligent Career

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: the political amnesty is published, and it is right hearty in its terms. The exceptions are not extensive, nor absolute, nor altogether improper. It has created quite a...

The United States are obstinate in the war against Mexico,

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though not very rapid in advance. The attack by sea is to be pushed more vigorously ; and San Juan d'Ulloa is to be assailed. It is melancholy to see even so debased a nation as...

Dann% an Vrotetbings in parliament.

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THE SUGAR-DITTIES. In the House of Commons, on Monday, the debate on the new Sugar- duties commenced; Lord Joni RUSSELL moving the order of the day for the House to resolve...

Affairs look ill at the Cape of Good Hope. The

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Kara have not been effectually repulsed ; but on the contrary, they are in -possession of a large tract of the country, which is given up to all the horrors of war. The military...

Another attempt-.-tha seventh—has been made on the lea of King

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Louis Philippe, during the great national festival, " the days of July." The crime, however, is apparently divested of ordinary political motives, and is an act of insanity—the...

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Zbe Gourt.

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THE christening of the infant Princess, on Saturday, was accompanied with all the state ceremonial usual on such occasions. The Chapel at Buckingham Palace was brilliantly...

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Zbe grIttropolts.

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The Court of Aldermen entered upon two exciting topics of discussion on Saturday: the resolution of the Court of Common Council forbidding the City Chamberlain to pay the...

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Mr. Smith O'Brien's presence at the weekly Repeal meeting on Monday brought on a " crisis " at Conciliation Hall. The Lord Mayor of Dublin presided; and the hall was thronged...

Zig girobinces.

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Goodwood races commenced on Tuesday. The attendance was less numerous than on previous occasions; a circumstance attributed to th overpowering heat of the weather. There was...

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,Foreign ant: (Colonial.

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Fa iarcz.—Louis Philippe has again escaped from the shot of an assassin. According to custom, the anniversary of the third day of the Revolution of 1830 was celebrated, on...

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The Gazette of Tuesday announces the appointment of Earl Grenville to be Master of the Queen's Buckhounds. Some singular disclosures have been made before the Parliamentary...

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Prince Albert has paid his promised visit to LiverpooL For

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two months the municipal authorities, eagerly seconded by the inhabitants, have been actively engaged in preparing for his reception. 'the Town-hail was trans- formed into a...

A new attempt to raise a fund of 70001. in

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order to purchase an annuity of 8001. a year for the Reverend Theobald Mathew, is advertised in our columns; and we are asked to support the effort. Donatives are suspi- cious...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, the Sugar resolutions were con- sidered seriatim, and agreed to without a division. Several amendments were moved: namely,...


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This delightful summer lounge has just increased its varied attractions, natural and artificial, by one of the rarest productions of nature--an aloe in full bloom: it is a...

The Paris papers and letters of Thursda supply little further

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information about the attempt to assassinate King Louis Philippe. It was the King himself that first pointed out the man who had fired the pistoL For the moment, Louis Philippe...

The Standard of this evening insists that there is no

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Asiatic cholera in London at present; deprecates alarm, as tending to produce the very evil dreaded in sharp disorders; and to allay what apprehension may exist, quotes a long...

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A GREAT question of time is involved in the project of the Anti- Slavery philanthropists, which they seem entirely to overlook. They induced England abolish first the...

A very melancholy accident happened on Wednesday night, between eight

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and nine o'clock, on Holkham Sands. The Earl of Leicester, accompanied by F. Ast- ley, Esq., were amusing themselves at Draughtsea, when the tide, which was flow- ing fast,...


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THE NEXT SLICE FROM THE OLD HIGH TARIFF: THE TOBACCO-DUTIES. " I WOULD cut up smuggling root and branch," said Sir Robert Peel, " and substitute a legal for an illegal traffic...

The mail-stemer Britannia, which arrived at Liverpool yesterday afternoon, brings

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accounts from New York to the 15th July; but they are destitute of in- terest. In Congress, the Tariff Bill was making slow progress. Mr. Webster has delivered a speech; in...


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The Swithamley, Jennings, from Calcutta to Liverpool, was on shore In the Hoogly the 3d June, and bilged. ARRIVED—At Portsmouth. 28th July, H.M.S. Mutine, from the Cape. Off...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds improved 1 per cent when the division in the House of Commons on the Sugar-duties became known. Some sales have since...

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THE new Ministry has taken the Art-Union Bill under it patron- age ; and the bill makes progress in the Commons, despite the resistance of the late Ministers. They are accused,...


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THE inhabitants of this free country have no notion of the for- midable olig archy that reigns within the walls of London City. There is the popular belief, indeed, that the...

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WE cannot help thinking that M. Latour, the author of Virginie, pro- duced last Friday at the St.. James's, will have reason to feel dissatisfied when he reads some of the...


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ALTHOUGH the promoters of the Wilderspin Testimonial are naturally unsatisfied until they succeed in raising their antici- pated amount of 2,0001., it cannot be said that their...

To revert some twenty or five-and-twenty years in the career

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of a living composer for the sake of the novelty of the hour, is a somewhat rare event in the history of the modern musical drama: such, however, was the case with Donizetti's...

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The Belgian Company at Drury Lane have added two pieces,

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within the last week, to their list of performances; the first exceedingly successful, the other much the reverse. On Saturday and Monday, Rossini's last and in some respects...


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istoesernr, The United Irishmen ; their Lives and Times. By R. B. Madden, M.D., M.E.T.A.. With numerous Original Portraits. Third Series. In three volumes. Deu, DuhI i....

The reopening of Sadler's Wells will be considered as an

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important event by all who value the Shaksperian drama, and know that it cannot be seen in its old domain, the city of Westminster. Mr. Phelps continues in the management, and ....

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Tim present facilities in the way of travelling, which remove all obstacles to the locomotion of the " most delicate female or the most tender in- fant," coupled with a very...

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UNLESS the observer has been very lucky, he must have seen in the portfolios of amateurs, heads, landscapes, and even " compositions," which are the dim and dissolving ghosts of...

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BOOKS. The United Irishmen, their Lives and Times. By R. R. Madden, M.D., M.R.LA. With numerous Original Portraits. Third Series. In three volumes. Life in the Wilderness; or...

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Number of deaths. Summer average. Annual average. Zymotic (orEpidenaic, Endemic, and Contagious) Diseases 308 ... 201 ... 188 115 ... 99 ... 104 Dropsy, Cancer ' and other...

MILITARY GAZETTE, Was-orems, July 31.-nth Foot-Sec. Lieut. A. W. Palmer,

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to be First Lind. by pur. vice Sleigh, who retires ; G. J. Stewart, Gent. to be Second Lieut. by par. vice Palmer. 6th Foot-To be Capts. without purohase-Llent. J. C. Mansergh ;...


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Tuesday, July 28. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Girault and Richardson, Steward Street, Spitalilelds, silk-manufacturers-W. and C. E. Newton, Vernon Street, Bagnigge Wells Road,...


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On the 19th July, at the Vicarage, Great Stukeley, Htuitingelonshire, the Wife of the Rev. Henry Sweeting, of a son. °nue 234, at Stendish Rouse, Gloucestershire. the Lady of...

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BRITISH FUND 8. (Closing Prices.) &lard. Monday. Muddy. *Wass. Thum. 955 955 9S 96 96 96 968 968 56* 96/ 96 96 961 965 971 971 1 97 5 98 961 981 1 5 105 101 101 101 209 209...