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THE question whether the Citadel of Antwerp is to be quietly re- signed,—or whether " the Giant of. the Scheldt," as General CHASSE is now designated, is to blow up himself, his...

The proposed address of the French Deputies_ has been subinitte4 1.

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to the Chninbet, but not 'yet - diicitised; It is a merp#1100-7 , ,,, ‘ - \ • speech, except that part in which the Deputies deprecate the at- tempted assassination of the...

M. THORN has been released. He has been exchanged for

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M. PESCATORE. Such are the virtues of straightforward dealing., The Conference had been bargaining for Ins release for some' twelve months, to no purpose; a plain sturdy...

Kino . WILLIAM has issued a proclamation, in which he says

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that the measures of aggression against the Dutch navigation, and the entrance of the French army into the Netherlands " to support by violence the iniquitous demands" to...

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Cbe Court.

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- THE records of the Court week present one entire blank, except the list of dinners given by their Majesties to their private friends. The guests are all from the...

Don PEDRO'S situation becomes daily more and more embar- rassed.

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He has been shut up, on the land side, ever since he reached Portugal; he is now enclosed by sea also. The blockade which was announced some time ago is strictly enforced ; and...

The Emperor NICHOLAS has issued orders for the transplanta- tion

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of five thousand families of Polish gentlemen from the pro- vince of Podolia to the Steppes on the line of the Caucasus. The order is dated November 21st. The men are to be sent...

Cbe etropoTIO.

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ASSESSED TAXES. — A general meeting of the County and Metro- politan members and their constituents, for the purpose of deliberating on the propriety of petitioning Parliament,...

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There was a ball on Wednesday at Guildhall, under the

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auspices of the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, for the support of the City of London Corporation School; the object of which useful institution is the maintaining, educating, and...

In the case Mellish (not Melhuish, as stated in the

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Daily Journals) v. Rawdon, which was heard in the Common Pleas, on Monday, on a motion for a new trial, a point of commercial law, of considerable im- portance,. was settled....

A meeting consisting of deputations from the different parishes of

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Westminster took place on Tuesday evening, at the Quadrant Hotel. Mr. Adcock was in the chair ; and the meeting was addressed by Mr. A'Becket, of Golden Square, and several...

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• ins frountrp.

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The Directors of the London and Birmingham Railway have come to an arrangement with the two noblemen whose opposition led to the failure of the bill last session in the Lords,...

• A gentleman who bears the honours, not blushing, of

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a baronet, was charged at Marlborough Street Office, on Tuesday, with an assault. It appeared that the baronet, in passing down Bond Street, dropped a prescription on the...

At an early hour on Tuesday morning, a manufactory belonging

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to Mr. Turrill, coachmaker in Long Acre, took lire ; from what cause does not appear. The manufactory abutted on that Street; and in half an hour after it had caught fire, the...

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A great meeting took place in Edieburgli on Thursday last week, on the subject of the expedition to Hollund. The Tories 'mastered very strong; - the Edinburgh Journal says there...


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O'Connell's plans are said to be thus arranged. He will have a dozen Repealers, according to his opponents' accounts ; from twenty to thirty, according to his own. Each of these...


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Biammiraer.—Mr. Horsley Palmer has resigned ! The Tories from the first, it appears, despaired of carrying two of their friends, but they hoped to be able to carry one, and the...

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EDINBURGH.—Mr.Robert Adam Dundas has resigned Edinburgh ! Shade of "

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Old Harry!" and is it come to this at last? Was the final passing away of that influence which has held Scotland in awe for so many years accompanied by no sympathizing...

LOUTIL—Colonel Carnet:, one of the oldest and stanchest Reformers in

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Louth, has been invited to offer himself for the representaticn of his • - native county. The Colonel is an advocate for Triennial Parliaments. abolition of Tithes, against the...


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TO THE EDITOR. OF THE SPECTATOR. November 26, In'. ` Stu—I have read with great interest your " Rationale of Government Es - `t, pentliture" of November 3. A curious...

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OUR readers will remember, that in reporting on Captain FORMAN'S pamphlet, we begged that some of the scientific authorities of the day would put him out of his misery, by...

SAUL. AMONG THE PROPHETS. — Sir T. B. Lethbridge, in a letter

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to the nobility, gentry, clergy, and other inhabitants of our county, ex- presses his opinion of the necessity of an extensive and deep-searching corrective of the abuses in the...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. EDITOR—I see in your Number of Saturday the 17th, under article "The Court," you say " One thing only has distinguished the Court week, viz....


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PRE TER mENTs.—The Rev. J. G. Breay to be Minister of Christ Church, Brinningham. The Rev. S. Norgate, B.A. to the impropriate curacy of Birmingham, Norfolk. The Rev. W. Warren...


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OXFORD. The following degrees were conferred on Thursday. Masters of Arts — J. Spink Wadham, Grand Compounder; Rev. J. J. Vaughan, A. Mangles, Merton. Bachelors of Arts — C....

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Up to two o'clock this afternoon, no further accounts had been re- ceived either at the French or Belgian Embassy from Antwerp. The non-arrival of news has excited much surprise.

The Obserrer is quite indignant at the vulgar prejudice, th

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the same punishment for the same offence should be inflicted c the poor and the rich ; and blames Miss FINDLAY, Mr. DowNE , and Mrs. JonNsoN, for not perceiving the propriety of...

A royal message of the 23d submits to the Dutch

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Second Chamber a projel dc lui for calling out the Landsturm. It is, we believe, understood that the dissolution of Parliament will be gazetted on Monday, on which day the writs...

The Belgic! Ministry remains dissolved in effect, though the resig-

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nations arc understood not to be yet accepted. The King is said to find great difficulty in his attempts to form a new Cabinet ; several members of the Chamber have been applied...

Cobbett's Register of this morning presents the following contrasts :

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SIR FRAN,IS BURDETT IN 1532. " It is to me a source of deep regret that friends should now be dividing and separa ing, as I can understand, on no public principle, on no ground...

The calculations of the Radical party, when they join with

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t' Tories, are not so devoid of reason as the gentlemen who exela. against the unnatural conjunction, as they call it, would insilne , It seems plain, that if the Tories ever...


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FRENCH TROOPS, Exclusive of Oencral and Stirff Officers, Gendarmerie, National Guards, and Inralic [From Dr. BOWRING'S Third Report on the Public Accounts.] Sub-Officers,...


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Arrived-At Deal, Nov. 29th, Stakeshy, Johnson, from floral:ay. Off Liverpool, ditto, Huron, Hardy, from ditto. At St. Helena, Arab, Scott, from Pengal; Enchantress, Canny, from...

The latest accounts from Brussels ( Thursday afternoon), for which

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we are indebted to the activity of the Times, state, that up to that hour no assault nor any demand of surrender had been made. The French are said to have traced two batteries...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. Consols have this week maintained the steadiness which has so long been a remarkable feature in the Money Market, and up to yesterday morning...

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The following statement of the strength and disposition of the

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French army of the North appears in the papers of the week. The following statement of the strength and disposition of the French army of the North appears in the papers of the...


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ANTWERP was a marquisate under the Dukes of Brabant, and in- cluded Ghent, Termonde, 'roomy, Valenciennes, and all the castles on the Scheldt. The city itself is situated on...

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OUR SUPPLEMENTS-1.-TITE - "PUBLIC-AD-rpHE PRE4S,330ILI IN TOWN ,AND CQU • , NTRY. IT is not improbable that some of our best rea are lookhvg,* out for our gratuitous volume...


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BEFORE our next paper is issued, the writs for the return of mem- bers to serve in the Reformed Parliament will in all probability be in the hands of the Sheriffs ; and...

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LORD HENLEY, after expressing his horror of pledges, gives two very distinct pledges,—promising, 1st, to vote for the prompt abolition of Slavery ; 2d, to vote against...

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MR; HUME'S return for Middlesex being secured, it becomes the duty of the electors to look out for a suitable colleague to him. We believe the determination of the Whigs to be...

Sir JOHN HonisousE has declared, that if any circumstance shall

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arise to induce him to change those principles on which he has hitherto acted, he will resign his seat, as Sir ROBERT PEEL did his seat for Oxford, on changing his opinion on...

Colonel EVANS says, in his letter to Sir FRANCIS BURDETT,

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that as far as lie can learn, Westminster has not been " in a satisfactory state either to itself or the country for some time past." On this the Committee of Sir JOHN Honsiouse...

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THIS is n work which compensates us for the perusal of a great deal of trash. Here are truth, spirit, humour, and information, combined on a subject of great and perpetual...

At the great meeting of Wednesday, we find a Mr.MUnPHY,

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one of the candidates for Marylebone, amidst the plaudits of a large portion of the meeting, declaring that he could put his finger on parts of " the Pensions and the allowance...

Mr. WILLIAM BROUGHAM, speaking of Pledges, says " they are

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debasing to the constituent, because, on receiving or requiring a pledge, he undertakes to support a candidate whose honesty he suspects." He asks, " Is it possible for the...

Mr. Jo x mroNE of Stmiton,the member for the Stirling

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Boroughs, has issued a proclamation, or as he calls it, a protest, against the Dutch expedition. It is amusing as a specimen of the intellect and English of the things that men...


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HISTORY, The Year of Liberation. A Journal of the Defence of Hamburg Army under Marshal Davoust, in 1813; with Sketches of the Bautzen, &c. &e. 2 Vols. against the French....

Mr. BABB.tGE ought, in addressing common men, to use com-

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mon language and common argument. GOLDSMITH observes, that the joke trhich provokes admiration in the drawing-rooms of the West end of the town would drop still-born if...

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THIS is an avowed piece of bookmaking, by a professor of the art. But a made book by a good hand is often better than the spinning of some very original brains. Mr. MACFARLANE...

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WE have now piled before us the whole crop of Annuals. The array is certainly dazzling : all that silk and satin, vellum, morocco, paper, type, and print can do for books, has...

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" Bow down thine ear ,•" Solo Anthem. By THOMAS .ATTWOOD. Te Deum and Jubilate. By CHARLES HART. Cathedral music is an article so little in demand now, that to receive two...

• WHO IS H. B.? •

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THE most interesting of the "fashionable arrivals" has, we suspect, been omitted by the Morning Post. H. B. is in town : but where, and when, and libellee has he arrived? Has he...