1 JANUARY 1972

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The Independent Television Authority banned Granada Television's World in Action report on Ireland South of the Border ' in November. It was then said that the BBC would not...

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It has sunk deep into our consciousness that, as a nation, we have been and remain exhausted by two great wars. We look back to a time before 1914 when we were truly great,...

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The politics of sexual discrimination Hugh Macpherson Traditionally the Tory party has been attacked for parading the wives of parliamentary candidates before selection...

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Angola's two little wars Michael Calvert The British, French and American armies over the past twenty-five years have been divided into the 'easterners' and the westerners.'...

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Free Bengal Kuldip Nayar New Delhi: December, 1971 Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy, is said to have warned Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, that his "...

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Forthcoming news of 1972 Bernard Dixon Readers of this column may care to hear about the major events of 1972 in advance. For them and for newspapers like the Guardian, which...

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At January's Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference, Kaunda, Nyrere and Obote failed to tie Mr Heath's hands on South African arms sales, while Obote found himself ousted from...

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Raymond Carr on

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What's wrong with Latin America? What is wrong with Latin America? The answer rings out loud and clear in the new Penguin Latin American Library. The monopoly capitalism of the...

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Tale out of school

The Spectator

Auberon Waugh The Climbing Frame Mary Hocking (Chatto and Windus £1.75) With this issue of The Spectator we close our retrospective review of novels which came out in the...

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Demotic capitalism

The Spectator

I Enoch Powell Revolutions of Our Time: Social Democracy and Capitalism, both by John Vaizey (Weidenfeld and Nicolson £2.50 each) Professor Vaizey has contributed these...

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Eliot and Pound

The Spectator

Gabriel Pearson The Waste Land: A Facsimile and Transcript T. S. Eliot edited by Valerie Eliot (Faber £5.00) What then was the original draft of The Waste Land like, before...

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Leaders of the Church

The Spectator

Edward Norman Cantuar: The Archbishops and their Office Edward Carpenter (Cassell £4.201 Leaders of the Church of England Edwards (OUP £3.90) David There are those who...

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Christmas is a time for the thriller fan: read seventeen over the holiday period. But, searching frantically in the bookshops on Christmas Eve, I found depressingly little of...

Will Waspe's Whispers

The Spectator

It will take a lot to keep MPs, especially the touchier ones, away from their TV sets on the next six Monday nights. Yorkshire TV are putting on a new drama series called The...

The Spectator's Arts Round-up;

The Spectator

Theatre Despite the theatre's current infestation by children's shows, there are still plenty of things that grown-ups will find rewarding on the London stage. For skilful,...

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Remembrance day Kenneth Hurren " He would come out of his study at the end of a day gaunt and sometimes weeping. His eyes would be all red and he looked ten years Older than...

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Unholy family Tony Palmer Family Life is not released in London for another two weeks when, it is to be hoped, it will appear untampered with at the Academy. The temptations...


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Period piece Robin Young Everyone who takes the slightest interest has strong ideas about what the Royal Ballet should , or should not, be doing. I, for one, am glad that they...

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Two revivals Hugh Macpherson nfl The Covent Garden re vival of Tosca is of vival of Tosca is of special interest because of the debut of the Spanish tenor, Placido Domingo, as...


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ELP Duncan Fallowell Keith Emerson is a very clever man. Some would say too clever. He is partnered by two more very clever men: Greg Lake on guitar and Carl Palmer on drums....

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MONEY Second thoughts on the settlement

The Spectator

Nicholas Davenport It would be a lovely New Year's treat if this boring currency crisis were to be removed from the financial writer's column for twelve months. But I doubt...

Juliette's Weekly Frolic

The Spectator

I hope all those who have ever cursed despairingly at the evil and pernicious influence of the Box on racecourse ' gates' enjoyed themselves in the swarming human mass at...

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ki If you are small, red headed and eager it may be a mask for a calm and acutely perceptive intellect. It may conceal a dull ji mind that, try as it can, finds the ci...

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Most of the old vernacular names for common birds have passed out of use nowadays. They survive chiefly in literature or in the lists of so-called popular names which still...

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THE GOOD LIFE Pamela Vandyke Price

The Spectator

Unstinted praise for two essentials on the shelves of every intelligent lover of wine and food. First, The Wines of Central and South-eastern Europe by E. E. H. Gunyon...


The Spectator

Clive Gammon This is the Sportsman of the Year season, and before going any further I want to make it clear that I am interpreting that word quite literally. There will be no...

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Final Irish solution

The Spectator

Sir: You wrote: "The State of Ireland is still the great anxiety of the Government, and is, we fear, an increasing rather than a diminishing anxiety. The area of disturbance...

From Professor R. Dudley Edwards, Sir: Any proposal for a

The Spectator

final solution of the Irish conflict is unlikely to be realistic if it fails to take account of the failed final solutions of the past. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and...

N.; From Professor John Vaizey Ii Sir: Tim Pat Coogan

The Spectator

(December di is entitled to his views and Pi obviously cares deeply. But I dic1 4 !tf advocate torture . What I 'n 1 was that the only answer w gunmen is torture. This is hisItt...

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Pamela Gilbert I} 63 Old Road, Headington, Oxford Waugh bashers

The Spectator

arSir: Your Mr Bookbuyer must have ;bgot well and truly sloshed at the idchristmas party of the Publishers' itPublicity Circle. He states "Mr. Auberon Waugh, our novel re...

Duffifo Frewin

The Spectator

epp. Leopold R osencrantz (Chair e man) Francis Guildenstern (Viceechairman), ; 7181) Mile End Road, London E3 Sir: My very dear friend Desmond Elliott is entitled to hope...

Sir: I trust Mr Christopher Leach will forgive me for

The Spectator

finding qualities artistic rather than commercial in his letter (December 4), since The Spectator, unlike children's magazines, does not issue its correspondents with portions...

Sir: The news, in that stupid letter (December 11), that

The Spectator

The Spectator is to lose the services of Mr Auberon Waugh, if correct, is grave. Grave for The Spectator and its readers, and grave for such literary standards as still exist in...

' Hair ' at St Paul ' s

The Spectator

Sir: The recent incongruous proceeding of introducing excerpts from musical comedy into a communion service, as was done in St Paul's Cathedral, prompts consideration of the...

124 Lexham Gardens, London W8 Hain again Sir: In a

The Spectator

letter which more than compensates in emotional intensity what it lacks in factual accuracy Miss J. H. Stocks (December 18) takes issue with Mr D. S. FraserHarris for exposing...

68 Cedar Road, London NW2 MPs and royal cash Sir:

The Spectator

The Government could hardly have chosen a less propitious time than the present for anouncing the recommended pay increases for themselves. Following so closely upon the news...

PM ' s German cash

The Spectator

Sir: Before Mr Heath decides that to do with the FVS Foundation award, it would be well for him to consider these facts. (1) Although the Times of December 11 carried the...

Sir: Though significant, it is not surprising that Mr Heath

The Spectator

has been awarded the Europe Prize for Statesmanship from the West German FVS Foundation. The modern concept of a united Europe evolved in Germany towards the end of the last...

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Sir: In these days of debased cur rency values, it

The Spectator

isn't easy to convert to its exact decimal equivalent those "thirty pieces of silver" paid to Judas as his reward for selling out his greatest friend. However, Mr Heath's reward...

For and against the settlement

The Spectator

Sir: As a regular reader of your journal, please allow me to comment on your leader article in the Spectator issue of December 4 last, entitled—' In Defence of the...