1 JUNE 1861

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P ARLIAMENT has been active during the week, despite the dedication of Wednesday to the " Isthmian games." The public interest, of course, was chiefly centred in the debate on...

The prospects of peace have decidedly increased, two at least

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of Lord Palmerston's "half-dozen very respectable wars " having been taken out of the list. The French troops, for example, are really recalled from Syria, in spite of a protest...

Spain has officially acknowledged the annexation of San Domingo.

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The American quarrel advances slowly, both parties drawing in strength

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towards Virginia as their first battle-field. Perhaps the most noteworthy fact of the week is the distinct evidence of Mr. Russell on the unanimity and desperation of the South....

iseriss.-Our isttelligence. from the States extends to the 18th instant,

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but adds little to previously received reports. The President is still only preparing for the conflict, but the obstacles witich im- pede the collision are being rapidly...

Just at this moment the European nations have but two

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wars on hand, one a war of defence waged by the British in New Zea- land, and the other a war of conquest commenced by the French in Cochin China. Of the former we have nothing...

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sip,-"The Times publishes a comparative statement of the French and

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British armies, which is at the present moment of some value. The comparative numbers are : . France and England and Algeria. Colonies. England, Colo- nies, and India,...

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ffstrlav—It is decided that the Lebanon shall be governed by

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a single and Christian liaimakan, the only question being whether he shall be a Maronite or not. England advocates the selection of a foreigner, and France that of a native. The...

italii.—The disorders in the South of Italy still continue. In

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Palermo murders and robberies are of almost daily occurrence, and two regiments of carabineers have been raised specially for service in Sicily. Count Ponza di Martino, however,...

aigaiu—The Madrid Gazelle, of the 21st inst., publishes a decree

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"reincorporating" San Domingo with Spain. The Ministry, in an address to the Crown, declare that slavery, the " inevitable evil" of the other colonies of Spain, will never be...

&LIMIT — The position of the Austrian Government does not im- prove.

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The Reichsrath has as yet done nothing, while the decrees in favour of religious liberty have excited discontent in the Tyrol and the Vorarlberg. In both provinces the people...

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The National Association for the Promotion of Social Science in-

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vited its members to a conversazione at the South Kensington Mu- seum on Saturday. The galleries of this admirably managed public establishment are peculiarly suited for such...

The Flint election began on Saturday. The rival candidates, Lord

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Richard Grosvenor and Mr. Hughes, were stoutly upheld by their partisans, the former winning the show of hands, the latter demand- ing a poll. The struggle turned on the...

Sabin.—The mail of the 24th of April, from Calcutta, brings

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us the final orders for amalgamation of the Imperial and Indian armies. They may be briefly analyzed thus : 1. European soldiers may volunteer for general service, with bounty...

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A large and destructive fire occurred in Dock-street, East Smith-

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field, on Sunday ; the rice mills of Messrs. Yearsley were consumed. Although a great number of engines, some worked by hand and some by steam, were energetically handled...

It may be remembered that the jury who tried the

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Hatch case gave the plaintiff very small damages—forty shillings—not sufficient to carry costs. This has led to the revival of the whole story. Mr. Chambers, on the part of...

The Duke of Cambridge, in presiding over the monthly general

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meeting of the National Rifle Association, on Monday, made some general remarks upon the object of the association, with special re- ference to the approaching meeting at...

The question of the Galway contract has been fiercely agitated

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in the chief towns of Ireland. One and all demand a restoration of the subsidy and a renewal of the contract. One of the speakers at Clonmel said that "the sooner they got rid...

Another Bishop has "taken proceedings" against an Essayist and Reviewer.

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The Bishop of Chester has prohibited the Reverend Henry Wilson from preaching at St. Chrysostom's Church, Everton, Liverpool. The incumbent, Mr. Macnanght, informed the immense...

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FOR once the horse-racing fraternity have had uninterrupted fine weather for the great annual festival at Epsom. The consequence has been that on the great day, Wednesday, when...

CO tout.

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Tire Queen is still at Osborne. Her Majesty has driven out every day. The Prince Consort, the King of the Belgians, the Prince of Wales, and the Count of Flanders have visited...

;Auto - nu/I Srnmybiuga in 3arUnurcni.

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Howe OF LOUD& Friday, May 27.--Ran Domingo ; Lord Brougham's statement -Offences in Territories near Sierra Leone reported. Tuesday, May 28.-New Zealand Provinces Bill read a...

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A statement upon authority has been published to the effect that it is expected that at Her Majesty's drawing-room, to be held on the 19th of June, all ladies will appear in...

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Barn Houses of Parliament sat last night. la the House of Lords the Marquis of To MALE called attention to the question of the cultivation of cotton tie India, and presented a...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MAY 28. Brintruplqr Annulled.--William Francis and

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James Hooper, New Leather - market, Bermondsey, leather factors. Bankrupts..—George Westbury Hall, Lime-street, merchant—James Lemere, Vic- toria-row, Old Ford North, Bow,...

The Moniteur of yesterday published a decree according to which

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all the French sea-ports and the custom-houses at Lille, Valenciennes, Turcoing, and Roubaix are open for the importation o f cotton yarn of certain numbers. Another decree...


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STOCK EECHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Tan continued fine weather, and the approach of the dividends, have contributed to support the English market in the absence of specula- tion,...

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circulating through France marks a new stage in the contest between the Revolution and the Pope. There can be little doubt that it is circulated with the consent of the Emperor,...


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THE PARLIAMENTARY STRUGGLE. T HE battle of the budget which has raged in the House of Commons ever kince Easter, ended on Thursday night in a victory for the Whigs. The fight...

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ritHE time has arrived when the national will on the Ame- rican quarrel ought to be expressed. A party, numerous in Parliament and powerful in the press, is beginning to...

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E NGLISHMEN are said to be the most illogical of man- kind, but we question if the credit is deserved. Our countrymen generally draw the one deduction they want accurately...

THE VACANT SEATS. T HE country is looking with that apathy

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which hangs just now over all our home and a large portion of our foreign politics, to the apportionment of the vacant seats. The result of the Reform discussions of last year...

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O F all countries in Europe, Germany is the one to which Englishmen attend least. Her language is widely known, her cities as familiar as Paris, her people more closely linked,...

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of whatmay he called mechanical aids to litera- ture, none are so unsatisfactory as maps. It is very difficult in the first place to get modem maps at all. The great majority of...

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G ENIUS and eccentricity are curiously alike in many of their effects/ though opposite in their causes. Both genius and eccentricity have the courage to differ from the mass of...

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S ELDO S ELDOM is it our lot to read arguments at once so able and so M as those advanced against State support to Ragged Schools. They read like demonstrations, and are only...

titter to dire (abr.

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PORSON'S LIFE. May 28, 1861. Sia, — In your reviewer's criticism on " Porson's Life," it is asked, "What does Mr. Watson mean by his allusion to the cups which, unlike Bishop...

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The Lyceum opens this day week for Italian opera. The

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company will be very strong, embracing Titiens, Ginglini, .Alboni, Gassier (husband and wife), and nearly all the performers at Her Majesty's Theatre last season. The extreprise...

Some disturbance, at a concert at Liverpool a few evenings

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ago, was caused by the refusal of Mr. Sims Reeves to comply with a demand for an encore." "The song," says the Liverpool Mercury, " was redemanded, and the cheering signifying...

The Paris Italian Opera closed on the 1st of May.

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A theatrical journal gives the following statistics of the season, which began, as usual, on the 1st of October last. The total number of performances was 121, the highest...

Miss Anna Whitty, daughter of the proprietor of the Liverpool

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Daily Post, who has been pursuing a successful musical career in Italy during several years, and has often been mentioned in terms of great eulogy by the Italian journals, has...

A great musical festival has taken place at Aix-la-Chapelle, of

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which interesting.aceounta are given by some of the German and French journals—interesting, as showing the general resemblance of these German festivals to our own, as well as...


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ROYAL ACADEMY. THE lady painters occupy a very different rank in British Art now to that which they enjoyed in the days of Angelica Kauffman. For- saking simpering mediocrity,...


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ADELINA. Parr' has gained a fresh triumph by appearing in Lucia di Lammermoor. She has performed the character of Lucia twice—each time to an overflowing house, and to an...

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TRACTS FOR PRIESTS AN]) PEOPLE.* " ESSAYS and Reviews" seem destined to overcome a great deal of the characteristic reserve which seals up at once the faith and the unbelief of...

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To translate Catullus really well is about as difficult a task as for a bashful man to return thanks for the bridesmaids at a wedding break. fast. Mr. Martin had done Horace so...

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THERE is something manly and nervous in all Archbishop Whately's writings, which renders it impossible for us to meet any of them without a hearty welcome. The Whatelian canons...

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Oren great test of a book of travels is its ability to amuse readers who have never visited the scenes described in it. Every description of a place with which we are familiar...

THE BROKEN TROTH.* EvEnrimer who reads this story will long

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to know more of the author than the translator has been pleased to communicate. Who is he ? Has he written anything else ? Is the original of this tale still in manuscript, or...

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Hints on Horsemanship to a Nephew and Niece ; or Common Sense and Common Errors in Common Riding. By Colonel George Green- wood, late Lieutenant-Colonel commanding 2nd Life...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 8 per Cents Reduced New 8 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 (Last Official Quotation Austrian. 5 p....


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On the 23rd ult., at 4, Queen's-gate-gardens, South Kensington, the wife of M. E. Grant Duff, Esq., M.P., of a son. On the 25th tilt, at Clifton, the wife of Captain Alan...

A Week at the Land's End. By J. T. Blight

The Spectator

(Longman and Co ) The Past and Present Life of the Globe: being a Sketch in Outline of the World's Life-system. By David Page, F.G.S. (William Blackwood and Sons.) Prison...