1 MAY 1841

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A very unexpected event has taken place, in the death

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of the President of the United States, General HaitalsoN, within a few weeks of his entering upon office. The bustle of the election, and the Atlantean burden of responsibility...

The vote of the " working majority," which was last

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week in jeopardy, has been cut off and added to the Opposition : Notting- ham has elected Mr. WALTER in the room of Sir RONALD FEE- Guson. Within the half year, the very small...


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THE increasingly critical position of the Government, and the mul- tiplication of schemes for settling the Irish franchise, all pressed forward together, have given an unusual...

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;Debates anb 1Drotetbings Varliantent.

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PABLT MENTARY VOTERS IN IRELAND. On Monday, the House of Commons went into Committee on the Irish Parliamentary Voters Bill. The fi rst clause declared that upon the expiration...

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Want of room prevents the insertion of the complete division-lists;

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but the following tables exhibit all the exceptions from the uniform array of parties in the great divisions of Monday and Thursday. On the First Clause—Lord Howick's...

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Zbe Court.

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Tux Court has been occupied with the usual ceremonies of the season; while the frequent record of Cabinet Councils and audiences indicates that the Queen has had a greater share...

gbe 43robinces.

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Mr. Walter has been chosen for Nottingham, after an election which threatened at one time to be of rather a stormy character. The nomi- nation took place at ten o'clock on...


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It is reported that Commodore Napier will become a candidate for the borough of Marylebone at the next election. A meeting was called on Tuesday, at Willis's Rooms, by the...

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The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland arrived at Kingtown, on his return from England, on the 22d, and immediately proceeded to the Vice- regal Lodge, in the Phcenix Park. The Evening...

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The Windsor correspondent of the Morning Herald says that Prince Albert enjoys so much better health at Windsor than in town, that the -Queen will take the earliest opportunity...

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SATURDAY NIGHT THE BUDGET. The Howse of Commons assembled last night, full of expectation to learn the nature of the Budget ; not only on account of the known diffi- culties of...

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We hear with much satisfaction, says the Standard, that there

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is some probability that, in the event of a general election, Alderman Pine will allow his name to be offered to the electors of the city of London. The Newry Examiner repeats...

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The Globe and Standard of this evening announce that Dr.

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Pepys, the Bishop of Sodor and Man, and the brother of the Lord Chancellor, will be translated to the see of Worcester, vacant by the death of Dr. Carr ; and the Standard adds...

The Queen has been pleased to appoint Major-General Sir John

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Harvey, K.C.B., to be Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Island of Newfoundland and its dependencies.—London Gazette, April 30. The Queen was this day [April 28] pleased...

"What do you think of the Budget ?"—that is the

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question bandied everywhere today from mouth to mouth. One respondent pronounces it " humbug " ; saying," Everybody knows that the new project of re- pealing the Corn-law might...

The Standard mentions, to contradict, a rumour current in the

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City this morning, that the President steam-ship had been wrecked off New foundland, and that a notice to that effect had been posted at Lloyd's.


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STOCK HIM:LANG', FRIDAY APTZI2C0011. The depression in the rates of the Foreign Exchanges, to which we alluded last week as a cause of alarm to the capitalists, still...

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Tun large picture of the banquet annually given by the Duke of WELLINGTON at Apsley House to his companions in arms on the said- versary of the Battle of Waterloo, painted by...


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THE Germans have resolved to give MOZART another chance, and, despite the failure of Titus, to see if he has still power to draw a few audiences from crowded London. Titus is...


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Arrived — At Gravesend. April 24th, North Briton, Goodwin. from Bengal; 25th, Louisa Baill ie. &satin, from China; Childe Harold, Willis, from Bombay t 27th. Strings- patam...

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THE BUDGET. REFERRING to our notice of proceedings in the House of Commons last night for the particulars of the Budget, we may observe here that the Chancellor of the...


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SIR ROBERT PEEL being as far committed to the support of the New Poor-law as Lord MELBOURNE, the return of Mr. WALTER for Nottingham has little relation to the prospects of...

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Tina operation of a free trade in machinery upon our own manu- factures has formed, very properly, a chief feature of the Parlia- mentary inquiry to which we have already...

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AT a trial of some Irish labourers for murder, which took place in Glasgow last week, the most important witnesses were countrymen of the accused. In the report of the trial...


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PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CONEMPOTIM/HICE, Selectious from the Despatches and General Orders of Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington. By Lieutenant-Colonel thirwood, Empire to his...

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WAR-OFFICE April 20.-2s1 Life Guards—Lieut. T. Naylor to be Capt. by porchase, vice Gardnor, who retires; Lieut. C. H. Drummond to be Lieut. by purenase. vice Naylor ; W. H....


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Tuesday, April 27. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Elliot and Welford, Bishop Wearmouth, surgeons—C. J. and R. Holmes, Gray's Inn, atturnies—Reynolds and Rogers. Old Street,...


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BIRTHS. On the 29th ult., at Newbottle Abbey, Dalkeith, the Marchioness of Lornrax, of G. SOU. 'On the 22d ult., at the Rectory. Ewell. Surrey. the Lady of the Rev. Sir Gsoeox...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. :redact. Thurs. Friday. SHAR (Last Official Quotation during the Mines- Bolanos Brazilian Imperial Ditto (St. John...