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The speech of the King of Sweden on °pelting the

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.session, of the Diet conspicuously marks out his policy,—much closer union of Sweden and Norway, close alliance with France and England, cultivation of internal resources, and...

The most salient event amid the autumnal dulness at home,

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is a speech by Sir Robert Peel at a Militia dinner in Stafford- shire. It is a quasi-official disclosure. The Lord of the Admi- ralty has been in Russia, and he tells us some of...


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THE Danubian question is reopened in a manner which brings us back to the very beginning, almost to the prai-Menschikoff period. The occasion for the disclosure, which is new in...

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tht elite.

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THE quietude of the season has been seen nowhere more than in the life of the Court at Windsor. On Monday, the Queen came to town with her two elder daughters, and visited the...

The tranquillity of our South African colony is again threat-

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ened. A " prophet " has appeared—a savage imitation of the Chinese prophet—who announces to the Caffres that a day is coming for the destruction of the English ; and on the...

Herat ceases to occupy a foremost place in the Indian

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news ; it sinks, indeed, to a small demonstration in defence of a small place ; but the really important intelligence is economical. Cholera, floods, and other crosses, have cut...

By the news from the United States this week, the

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prospects of Colonel Fremont are entirely reversed, and Mr. Buchanan's friends now calculate that his election to the Presidency is cer- tain. The sign which is supposed to...

The state of certain joint-stock undertakings has created some stir

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on the Stock Exchange, in a manner likely to be not entirely without useful consequences. The Stock Exchange Committee had provisionally adopted a resolution excluding from its...

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A Common Hall was held in the City on Tuesday, to receive the re- port of the Committee appointed in April last to conduct the opposition to the Government bill for the reform...

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A public banquet was given last week at Stafford to

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the Colonels and "Officers of the three regiments of Staffordshire Militia. The Earl of Harrowby presided. In proposing the principal toast of the evening, he observed that the...


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The Right Honourable Francis Blackburne, Lord Chancellor under the Government of Lord Derby, has been appointed Lord Justice of the new Court of Appeal under the act of last...


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A curious exercise of something like despotic power over the press lately took place at Dunbarton. The Superintendent of Police brought an action in the Small Debt Court against...

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lartign nuirInitial.

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Irantr.—There is very little activity of a public , nature, except in newspaper controversy and placarding. The Paris journals are pertina- cious in asserting, and " proving,"...

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During the last two days of the residence of the Court at Balmoral, her Majesty and the Prince were engaged in giving orders for improve- ments at the Castle, to be carried out...

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A letter in the Times, signed " H. J. Turner,"

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and dated from Rich- mond in Yorkshire, October 30, gives a report on the harvest- " After one of the most lingering and difficult seasons we have experienced for many years, we...


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SATURDAY. The Morning Post gives a prominent place to this explanatory an- nouncement— " It has been stated in various quarters, that the Sublime Porte has ad- dressed to our...

TRADE ACCOUNTS : EXPORTS AND IELPORTS.—The accounts for the month

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and nine months ending the 30th September state the declared value of the exports at 10216,671/. and 84,906,6051. for the respective periods. As com- pared with 1855, the...

The Valley of La, near Avers, in the Grisons, not

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far from the fron- tier of Valteline, which is in dispute between Austria and Switzerland. has become the scene of fresh difficulties created by Austria, who has carried away a...

The banquet to the Crimean soldiers in Edinburgh took place

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yester- day, in the Corn Exchange there. The event passed off with the most brilliant success. The hall was magnificently decorated, and the enter- tainment was of a most...

The United States mail steam-ship Arago brings advices from New

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York to the 18th October. Much interest attached to the election-reports from Indiana, a doubt- ful State. The reports are at present imperfect, and in some degree con-...

Later advices from Havannah have been received. They report that

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a formidable Spanish fleet was fitting out to enforce the claims of that country against Mexico ; the previous report of the adjustment of this difficulty being erroneous. Spain...

A very bad accident happened on Thursday evening on the

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Greenwich branch of the North Kent Railway. For certain facilities in working, the trains to Greenwich run alternately into the up and the downplatform. On Thursday night, a...

The Times emphatically contradicts a telegraphic despatch in the Post

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yesterday, to the effect that "the English expedition against Persia will probably not proceed to the Persian Gulf, the Shah having, it is said, yielded to the demands of Great...

Advices have been received from Melbourne to the 8th August

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: the whole of the intelligence may be told in a few lines picked out of the Melbourne Age summary for home readers- " We are now on the eve of the general election, the first...

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64t t4ratrts.

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We do not remember a time—nor was there probably ever a time— when the London public have enjoyed such musical entertainments as have been provided for them during this last...


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STOCK EXCIIANOE, FRIDAY APTIKNOON• There have been no further exportations of gold to the Continent this week; and the private advises from Paris report a steady increase in...

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Madame Medori, who made a successful debiit in the Flpres Siei- liennes, has produced a sensation by her performance of Valentine in Les Huguenots. M. Mathieu, a new tenor, has...

When we regret the lack of a first-rate light comedian,

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who might re- call from the shelves some of the good old plays that used to delight our forefathers, we do not always reflect what might be the consequence of a perfect...


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London, 30th October 1856. Sin—If anything more about "Old Spain" is worth the space it will occupy in your journal, you may not object to my saying a word for her Poets and...

tritru tn t4t ettitur.

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FALSE MILITARY NOTIONS. 29th October 1856. Sra—The Times has favoured the public (25th instant) with another mili- tary article, passing laudatory observations on the new...


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Munich, 23d October 1856. A correspondent of the Allgemeine Zeitung some days back, dating from London, indulged in a violent tirade against the Library and Reading-room of the...

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THE FRENCH MONITEUR AND THE ENGLISH PRESS. Tns " warning " given to the English nation in the Moniteur of F r iday,. October 24, is generally , regarded as . a blunder and an...

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A DrREcT and powerful appeal on behalf of the uneducated chil- dren of this country has been made to those who have it in their power, if they will act, to amend the condition...


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Balm effort with little hope marks the commencement of the poli7 tidal season. We have assurances that the Government is apply- ing itself with diligence to the prevention of...

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Ax excellent clergyman of the Winchester diocese has set going a syfitem to compete with those book-hawkers who distribute the literature for the lowest order of intellect. This...

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TH:E number of outrages upon property attended with violence to the person, coupled with the difficulty of finding a policeman on the instant in particular cases, has given...


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TILE - wrangle between the Duke of Marlborough and those who claimed admission to his house and grounds on cheap terms, is, like all wrangles before the public, humiliating to...


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Wu° shall say, in the present state of commerce, that he can pay his way ? It would need an isolation almost incompatible with general activity. Messrs' Fox, Henderson, and Co....

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DE LODEDIE'S BDAIIMA.RCHAIS. * DIE celebrated Beaumarchais was not so very important a person as his present biographer and those who speak after him repre- sent : still the...

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THIS volume of poetry will not advance,' indeed it will hardly sustain, Gerald Massey's reputation. To take the most obvious point first, his diction is defective, sometimes in...

PAYNE COLLIER, COLERIDGE, SHAKSPERE. * As Mr. Payne Collier °Couples too

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respectable a place among men of letters to need any petty . devices for gaining reputation, we se e no sufficient reason why he has bound in the same cover the matter of three...

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ANDREWS'S EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. * THESE illustrations of the life, manners, &c.,

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of England in the eighteenth century, are curious though not recondite, and read- able though frequently weak in the statement or the comment. It is a very difficult thing to...

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lint irts.

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THE TURNER BEQUEST. LAST week the papers were announcing that, consequent upon a final arrangement made between the representatives of the public and the heirs-at-law, the...


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Boors. THE slackness among the publishers still continues ; a fortnight hav- ing produced fewer books than is often the growth of a week in a less dull time. Neither are the...

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" A number of noblemen and gentlemen," it is stated, " representing almost all the great interests of art and manufacture in the Metropolis and the Provinces, have just imported...


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On the 25th Septergber, at Villa Nova, Barbados, the Wife of the Rev. Henry H. Parry, Tutor of Codrington College, in that island, and son of the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, of...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, OCTOBER 31. WAR DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, Oct. 31.-Inja . ntry-18thRegt. of Foot-Lieut. W. R. Bell has been permitted to resign his commission. 44th...

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, OCTOBER 28. Partnerships Dissolved.-Gadlys Iron Company, Aberdare, Glamorganshire- Fothergill and Co. ; as far as regards R. Fothergill-Moorhouse and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. &lined. (Closing Monday. Prices Tuesday. ) Wanes. it per Cent Consols 928 924 921 Ditto for Account 921 921 928 92 92 3 per Cents Reduced 91 4 911 91...

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London : Printed by Jansen Cxerron, of 320, Strand, he

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the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Joann; Cf.ev- eon, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dwataa's is the West, in the City of London ; and Published by...

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TnE Parliament of 1852 will probably not survive the session of 1857, and we may look for a general election before 1858. Many Members of the present House of Commons will seek...


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NOVEMBER 1, 1856.