1 OCTOBER 1853

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The tour of the Emperor Napoleon in the North of

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France is understood to have had two cognate objects—to increase his popu- larity where already he was popular, and to feel the pulse of the people where his popularity was...

The force of the cholera seems to be abating in

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the place of its first outbreak, although it is extending the ground which it occu- pies. In Newcastle the daily average of deaths has declined to 20. It has "died out "—that is...

Lord John Russell has been followed by others of his

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colleagues, with that interchange of courtesies and speeches that has become habitual to most English statesmen and their neighbours at the holyday season. If any persons,...


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TICE advance of certain war-ships into the Dardanelles, as it is now explained, constitutes an act less decisive and menacing than it appeared to be from the first reports upon...

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.64t Court.

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THE only records of the doings of the Queen that reach us, this week, relate entirely to the drives of her Majesty to Shiel Alt-na-Giuthsach, and to Balloch Bhuie. Prince Albert...

at Yartropulis.

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At a Common Hall held on Thursday, the Liverymen unanimously elected Mr. Alderman Sidney to be Lord Mayor for the ensuing year. Thanks were voted to the present Lord Mayor,...

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'li Vrnituuts.

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There was a meeting at Stafford on Monday, convened by the Mayor, to pass resolutions on the Eastern question. The gist of the resolves was a strong condemnation of the present...

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SCOTLAND. SCOTLAND. Lord Palmerston is now a freeman of Perth

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and a burgess of the Guild. The ceremonies and speech-makings were celebrated on Monday. The dashing Secretary arrived inthe Faireitroirthat day from Roasie Priory, the seat of...


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The Lord-Lieutenant and the Countess St. Germans, accompanied by the Lord Chancellor and Sir John and Lady Young, visited Limerick on Monday. It is stated that the Viceregal...

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i furrtgu unit Culunial. FAANCE.—The progress of the Emperor and Empress has been distin- guished by the usual incidents ; adulation on one side, and condescending courtesy on...

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Vuklit tra1t4.

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General attention is now directed to stop the progress of cholera in those towns and places where it has appeared, and to take precautionary and preventive measures in...

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Sir James A. Gordon, recently Lieutenant-Governor of Greenwich Hos- pital, has been promoted to the post of Governor, vacant by the death of Sir Charles Adam. Sir James took a...

Contrary to expectation, prices at Mark Lane made but a

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slight advance yesterday. An impression seemed to prevail among purchasers that the de- ficiency in our harvest has been exaggerated, and that there will be no great difficulty...

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It is stated that Sir James Graham would not remain

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in Ireland, as was reported yesterday, but hasten on to London ; in consequence of - the critical state of our foreign relations. The fleet had not sailed from Queenstown on...

▪ .Lwa9Lflic_ " Palmam qui meruit ferat." Mr. Gustavus Broake;

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warr au 9.* . feats of of detail, has succeeded by his strong delineationkdirring .: flu& crowds to Drury Lane that his engagement is to be extended ter a week or two more. Last...

The Paris correspondent of the Times, writing on Thursday, states

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that accounts have arrived at the Russian Embassy that the English and French fleets had entered the Dardanelles and arrived at Constantinople. But we do not find the statement...

The usual ceremony of presenting the Sheriffs Elect of the

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City of Lon- don to the Cursitor Baron, Mr. George Bankea, -for the approval of her Majesty was performed yesterday, at Westminster. In sketching the lives of the Sherifis, the...


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SATURDAY. A scene which may figure in history was witnessed at Balmoral on Thursday. Much progress has been made in the structure of the now royal palace, but the great tower...


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. STOOL EXpaUjatill:42.1:DAT ATTra.NOON. The various Stock Markets early in the week e x hibited symptoms of a renewal of the panic which prevailed on Pefuieltif last, when it...

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1 Adam Street, Adelphi, 28th September 1853. yeare ago I "assisted "—in French phrase—at an earthquake. ft:wrie not a Scotch nor yet an English earthquake, but a bona fide...

In tht hitnr. Is so:wh i m / a .1 , . [ Ai d, ,;,„,_,Ty.atANNY

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TN TUSCANY. :11110E113 _Florence, 22d September 1853. naMitteiCimynghani has not yet been liberated, although it is IdneitPtlideaitir - Charge d'Affaires has petitioned the...


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27th September 1853. Slat—Permit me to point out an error of rather a vexatious nature to the party affected by it, which appears in your condensed account of the Ilerts...

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THE case of Miss Cunyngham has naturally given rise to much discussion, which is in some instances prosecuted so as to make a good effect out of a telling subject, rather than...


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UTITRE COURSE OF ENGLAND IN THE EAST. HATING ascertained the truth without further disguise to our- selves, that Europe is no longer at peace, but at war, the imme- diate...

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IT is a long way from a suggestion to execution ; and at the pre- sent time, which is peculiarly fertile in suggestions, we have pecu- liarly to deplore the lagging of...


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THERE is a "young Ireland" growing up, "not of the Nation school," whose members, "taught by the misfortunes of their pre- decessors, are attending to their business and duties...

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A CORRESPONDENT calls our attention to a local point, which has, however, a general interest. It is proposed, within the'juitisdiCtion of the Bristol Turnpike Trust, to erect a...


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IT has been proved before the Coroner's inquest, certainly not without sufficient examination, that the fall of the house in the Strand was occasioned by the carelessness of the...

EXPLORATION OF Noirriienx AIISTRALIA.—On the recommendation of the Duke of

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Newcastle, the Treasury has granted the necessary funds- 2500L—for the expedition proposed by M. Ernest Haug to explore the North of Australia. In deference to the opinion of...

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- .1LACILWAIN'S LIFE OF ABERNETHY. * Piregaia - -surgery is more indebted to John Abernethy for being raised Jinni the position of a rather mechanical art, to the rank -of a...

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who was detained in Hungary by the Austrian authorities, and who subsequently published a nartatiVe of his Hungarian travels, in which the particulars connected with his...

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OAKFIELD. * THE two great questions of Indian abuses, and the

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hypocritical nature of society at large, would seem to have excited general at- tention, when an apparently young man, and one obviously fami- liar with military life in India,...

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-. The...Tots:wale and Correspondence of General Sir Harry Calvert, Bart., Adjutant-General of the Forces under H.R.H. the Duke of York. Comprising the Campaigns in Flanders and...

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eltaniugo from Cut 93unk5 atth 1rflhr eirrutors.

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THE LONDON COAL-DUTIES. The Select Committee of the House of Commons appointed last session to inquire into the operation of the laws under which the London Coal- duties are...

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On the 20th September, at Burton Joyce. Nottinghamshire, the Lady of C. C. Rol- leeton, Esq., Eighty-fourth Regiment, of a daughter. On the 20th, at Ryde, Charlotte, Wife of...


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WAR-0171 - CE, Sept. 20.-2d Regt. of Drags.—r. G. Powell, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Stapylton, promoted; G. H. Allfrey-, Clent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice...

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BRITISH 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 9 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer Pills, Id. per diem India...


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Tuesday, September 27. Pant:censures DISSOLVED.-Stead and Son, Cleckheaton, card-setting-makers- Dunn and Dutton, Stone, Staffordshire, victuallers-Trapnell and Son, Bristol,...