20 APRIL 1861

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F URTHER and more recent accounts from Poland tend to deepen the regret expressed by all true friends of liberty at the colli- sion between the people and the troops. The...

No movements of importance are reported from the German provinces

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of Poland. The Gallician Diet met on the 16th of April, and demanded, it is said, the autonomy of the pro- , vince, but the intelligence requires confirmation. It is pro: bably...

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The intelligence of the week from France contains only one

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im- portant item. The Senate have determined to discuss the question of the propriety of retiring from Syria. If they decide in the negative, the position will become...

The Italian Minister of Finance has put forward a financial

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state- ment, anticipating the regular budget. The figures given, which do not include the Roman States, are far from satisfactory. The expenses for the old Sardieian State,...

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The Marylebone election terminated ou Thursday. There were five candidates

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for the vacant seat, and three went to the poll. At an early stage Major Lyon appeared, but speedily found that he had no chance. About the same time Mr. Harvey Lewis was put...

The Government of Spain is about, it is understood, to

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annex San Do- mingo. A number of. Spaniards have, for some time past, been crossing from Cuba, with secretinstructions to raise the Spanish Ilea and declare for a Spanish...

It is by no means certain that the United States

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intend to endure - this arrangement. The Secretary of State for Washington, it is known, had protested, and by the latest accounts the frigate Pow- liatan and two merchant...

The Lord Mayor gave a banquet on Wednesday to her

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Majesty's Ministers. A distinguished company assembled at the Mansion- house, including a goodly number of Members of Parliament. Neither the French, the Austrian, the Russian,...

The London Rifle Brigade have commenced the goodly and ancient

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custom of dining. On Saturday, a considerable party assembled in St. James's Hall, under the presidency of their Colonel, the Duke of Cambridge. There was a full gathering of...

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The Court of Divorce made a decision of some importance

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on Wednesday. It arose out of the case of Mary Louisa Gray, who prayed for a dissolution of her marriage with Richard Thomas Clement Gray, on the ground of adultery, coupled...

A vindication of Mr. Adair, the spirited Donegal landlord, has

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now been published. It appears that when he made known his determi- nation to eject the whole of the Derryveagh tenantry for assumed complicity in Riband outrages, the rector of...

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g4r Cnutt.

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Hilt MAJESTY and the Royal Family still remain at Osborne "in strict seclusion,"

The Street Tramway is at present a success. Hitherto it

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has been only applied on roads, not in the streets proper. A new line, extending from the west front of Westminster Abbey to about a mile down the new Victoria-street, was...

binds air Vrartrhinge in Valiant.

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Norm OF LORDS. Monday, April 15.—Lunacy Regulation BM committed—Meet- ing Bill committed. Tuesday, April 16.—Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bill read a second time—Mutiny Bill read...

The detective police have been engaged in endeavouring to put

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a stop to the numerous robberies which have lately occurred on the banks of London. Expert thieves, carrying bill-cases, haunt the counters, and appear to be intent on business...

Dublin has been the scene of another terrible accident—a fire.

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It broke out in Patrick-street, in the second story of a house occupied by seven families, comprising thirty-two persons. The police saved of these twenty-two, but ten were...

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IT is authoritatively announced that the Prince Consort will hold levees on the part of Her Majestyat St. James's Palace on Satur- day, the 4th of May next, and on Wednesday,...

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The Bombay mail arrived yesterday with advices to the 27th

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of March. It is stated that " the whole of the Madras Presidency is bordering upon famine, the failure of the crops being more or less general through- out its extent." Bombay...

In the Chamber of Magnates of Pesth, on the 14th,

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the committee charged to examine the rights of members to sit, reported that a great many persons possessed of such rights had not been convoked, and among them the Ban of...


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IN the House of Lords, last night, the Earl of Fri.varnonotrarr asked the Under Secretary . of State for Foreign Affairs whether the Govern- ment were engaged in a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AP'TERNOON. THE market for English Securities has undergone considerable fluctu- ations this week, the final quotations showing about I per cent. im-...

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On the 14th inst., in The Castle-yard, Dublin, the wife of Colonel H. Atwell Lake C.B., of a daughter. On the 15th inst, at Finborough Hall, Stowmarket, the Lady Frances...


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Bankrupts.—William Alfred Putnam, New Oxford-street, glass dealer—Isaac Levitt and Morris Tobias Levitt, Minories, chronometer manufacturers—Edward Thomas Nash Jenkins, Victoria...


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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation Austrian 5 p. Ct. Belgian - Ditto). 21 - Brazilian 5 - Buenos Ayres 6 Chilian 6 - Danish 5 Ditto 3 - Dutch (Ex. 12 Guilders) - 21 -...

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THE BUDGET. M R. Gladstone is the very Wizard of Finance. His budget, presented on Monday night, begins with a de- liciency of two millions, and ends with a surplus of nearly...

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as there are some sufferings whose grandeur raises them above the rules by which human actions are ordinarily judged. We have censured, with others, the recklessness of the...


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TIME was when the publication of a book by a Peer was I an event, when great men, if they wrote at all, circulated their works by private favour, and were more ashamed of a good...

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THE SYRIAN CRISIS. T UE despatches of Lord John Russell on

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Syrian affairs, just presented to Parliament, are remarkable for their frankness, and a tone of hauteur which indicates a fixed and unhesitating resolve. It is as impossible to...

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T HE Brighton and Wimbledon reviews have done this much service—they have drawn forth speeches from the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army ,and the Inspector- General of...

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Revenue. Expenditure. Northern Italy . . . £14,400,000 £25,000,000 Southern Italy . . . . 5,240,000 5,000,000 T HE Italian people have still to face the most irksome of...


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of people in the world whose friends never hear of them except when in a scrape. They are not exactly mauvais 84ete, never come before Sir Cresswell Cresswell, are not often...

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MU FORCADE, in a restrained but severe attack upon the Imperial policy, complains that France under her present regime, never knows what her foreign policy really is. There is...


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T HE G-overnment has only done what was required by the exigencies of the case in despatching an additional regiment, the 70th, to New Zealand. When that regiment arrived there...

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TF any one wishes to gauge the chasm which separates English from 1 French thought, let him read the last story which has supplied gossip to the Parisians. Corporal Rouard had...

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Tiberni, the new tenor who (as we mentioned last week)

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has made his debut at the Royal Italian Opera, though not a performer de kr premiere force, is an actor and singer of considerable merit, and pro- mises to be a useful addition...

There was a performance of Molique's new oratorio, Abraham, at

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Exeter Hall on Wednesday even in„ in aid of the funds of the Middle- sex Hospital. This work, it will be remembered, was originally produced at the Norwich Festival in September...

TAW to tot Mar.

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sia,—Your number of the 6th of April contains a very brief notice of a pamphlet entitled "Essays and Reviews" anticipated : Extracts from a work published in the year 1825, and...

fin Att.

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THE water-coloar drawings by Mrs. Bodichon, added recently to the French Exhibition, in Pall-mall, show ability of a high order. Consisting chiefly of studies, made in the...

lx now seems almost certain that we shall have but

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one Italian Opera- house this season ; for the schemes which have been in agitation, for opening Her Majesty's Theatre are likely, it would seem, to come to nothing. The Royal...

An opera by Gounod, called The Queen of Sheba (La

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Reine de Saba), is about to be produced at the Grand Opera. An opera by Gounod, called The Queen of Sheba (La Reine de Saba), is about to be produced at the Grand Opera. The...

The Philharmonic Society's third Concert of the season on, Monday

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evening last, presented no very remarkable feature. Herr Otto Goldzehmidt (the husband of Jenny Lind) performed a pianoforte concerto of Beethoven. He was an eminent pianist in...

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DE QUINCEY ON SELF-EDUCATION, STYLE, AND RHETORIC.* THIS book was advertized as intended for the use of candidates preparing for the civil service examinations, and unless it...

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THE TURKISH BATH.* Ir there be any one human contrivance

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of which it can with truth be said that it is absolutely perfect, that one is the bath of all baths, the Turkish, "the bath"—we quote Mr. Wilson—"that cleanses the inward as...

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Timm could not well be a much greater difference than that which exists between the circumstances under which the two novels which form the subject of our remarks on the present...

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TEN WEEKS IN JAPAN.* Tan Bishop of Victoria has shown

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that to travel from London to Yeddo and back again, spend ten weeks in Japan, and write upon it and publish an acceptable book of four hundred and fifty pages, with an excellent...

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OF all theor stories relating to Iceland, that of Burnt Njal, its translator ttl s o us, bears away the palm for truthfulness and beauty. It is possible, and perhaps even...