20 JANUARY 1866

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The Queen has presented a silver idol'of the late Prince

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Con- sort, clad in armour like Christian in the Pilgrim's Progress, to Prince William, the eldest son of the Princess Royal, as well as to Prince Albert Victor, the eldest son...

Lord Russell received a deputation from the Reform League and

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the working men of the metropolis on the subject of the Reform Bill on Tuesday. Several working men spoke at length. He dismissed them with characteristic curtness—" I shall not...


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5 /R. GOSCHEN has not been gazetted yet, but there appears to 1. be no doubt of his appointment to the Duchy of Lancaster, or of the extreme irritation the selection has caused...

Mr. Edward Jaines, Q.C., and Mr. Fitzjames Stephen, have given

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a very lucid opinion as to the validity of the declaration of martial law' in Jamaica, and the legal power it gave. Courts- martial, they say, are not courts of justice at all,...

Mr. H. Fenwick, member for Sunderland, has accepted the office

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of Civil Lord of the Admiralty. We dare say he will make a decent one, and it was scarcely necessary to add that Lord Palmerston intended to appoint him. Suppose he did. He ap-...

The Prussian Parliament was opened on the 18th inst., in

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a speech read by Count von Bismark. In it the King is made to say that as the three Orders had not agreed upon the Budget, he had carried on affairs without one ; that the...

It seems that some of the extraordinary reports of courts-

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martial and their results published in the Colonial Standard of Jamaica were actually written, as was suspected in England at the time, by correspondents shocked beyond measure...

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A sad but ennobling incident has marked the gale. The

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London, a magnificent screw steamer belonging to Messrs. Wigram and Bons, and used as an Australian packet boat, was struck on the 9th inst. in the Bay of Biscay by the gale,...

General. Prim has been marching, about all the week, nobody

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knows where, brit nothing else seems, to have happened in Spain. When last heard of he was at Berlanga, from which place he could either cross into Portugal or strike for...

The gale of Thursday and Friday last wrought fearful mischief

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along the coast. From every southern port we have tidings of loss, and at Brixham a disaster occurred almost unprecedented in the annals of the coast. Brixham Roads were crowded...

It appears that in Bethnal Green, where people die of

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starva- tion at the rate of about two a week, the " guardians of the poor" meet in d board-room lined with flock paper and adorned with gilded cornices, where they sit by...

A very important meeting of the Social Science Association (Department

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of Economy) will be held at its rooms on Monday next, at eight o'clock. It is intended to discuss a plan for creat- ing a Commission under an Adt of Parliament, specially...

The journals of Paris and Madrid seem to believe the

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story that Admiral Pareja has committed suicide. The etatement is that he thought his honour compromised by the capture of the Cavadonga, a small armed , vessel recently...

The City has a municipality, and consequently contractors can- not

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dictate to it quite as well as they can to the parishes. The The City has a municipality, and consequently contractors can- not dictate to it quite as well as they can to the...

The Czar has finally ended the independence of the Catholic

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Church in Poland. By a resent decree he has seized the whole of the property, real and personal, of the monasteries and regular clergy, and forbidden the legal collection of...

Every telegram from America is now full of Mexican stories,

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the latest being that Juarez is levying a corps in Texas with the consent of the Americans. We do not believe it, Congress not having yet decided whether it desires war or not....

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Consols closed yesterday at the prices of Saturday last, viz.,

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87 to 871 for money, and 87} 1 for account. In the early part of the present week, however, the market was very heavy, and the quo- tations fell f per cent, the price for money...

Yesterday week Mr. Hughes, M.P., took the chair at a

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Reform .meeting at Lambeth, and while declaring for universal suffrage, had the courage to tell his constituents that he thought such liberty of personal choice as is given, for...

The Star has got hold of a noble writer. The

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death in the London steamship of Mr. G. V. Brooke, a third or fourth-clam actor, who used to be accused of murdering Othello as well as Desdemona, is chronicled by it in some of...

The new Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster made a

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neat speech in the City on Monday, at a dinner given to him, some of the Judges, and other guests, by the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor congratulated Mr. Goschen on his marvellous...

The cattle plague return is more favourable, the weekly seizures

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having only risen from 9,120 to 9,243, while the per-centage of cures is at last rising over 10 per cent. The latter fact is due, let us hope, to the practice of vaccination,...

Caledonian .. ••• •• .• Great Eastern .. Great Northern

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Great Western... Do. West Midlaad, Oxford Lancashire and Yorkshire London and Brighton.. .. London and North-Mestere London and South-Western London, Chatham, and Dower...

A court-martial was held on board the Royal Adelaide at

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Devon- port on Monday, on the captain, officers, and crew of H.M.S. Bulldog, to inquire into the cause of the loss of that ship on the 23rd of October, while attacking Cape...

M. du Chaillu should add a photographic lens and some . pre-

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pared paper to his travelling apparatus. People did not believe him readily about the gorillas, and now they will be very sceptical about the Obongo. He says he met in the...

Mr. Emery, of the Lyceum, likes criticism when it takes

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the form of praise, but when it contains blame he does not like it. The Glowworm, a little evening sheet, recently remarked that his part was on one particular evening " most...

The leading Foreign Securities left off at the following prices

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yesterday and on Friday week:— Friday, Jim 12. Friday, Jag. 19. Greek •• • d ••. Do. Coupons .. • • Mexican .. • • .• Spanish Passive .• Do. Certificates Turkish 6 per...

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THE DANGERS OF A " SAFE " REFORM BILL. L ORD RUSSELL has declared officially that the Ministry intend to stand or fall by their Reform Bill. This is well, not only because it is...

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T HE Legislative Assembly of Jamaica deserves some credit for its final act. If it has lived badly it has at least committed suicide at the right time and in the right way. It...

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rE continued success of Count von Bismark will, we fear, prove more dangerous to Continental freedom than even that of Napoleon. The systems established by the two men, though...

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T HIS question of Irish Education ought to be argued out, dull as the discussion may often appear, or there may yet be a very serious split in the Liberal party. The Govern-...

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T HE world even yet scarcely realizes the danger it has escaped in the defeat of the South. Had the great oligarchy which ruled at Richmond, with its military organi- zation,...

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A LL London has been this week admiring the heroism of the gentleman who last week passed a night in a casual ward for the benefit of the Pall Mall Gazette, and we remember few...

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S TEPHEN FORWOOD, or, to give him the name by which as an actor he elected to be set down on the play-bill of the world, Ernest Southey, seems to have kept up for himself the...

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New York, January 5, 1866. HAD the Spectator of December

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16 arrived in New York a few hours sooner, my letter of last week would have been devoted to the subject of this one. For since I wrote upon Culture in America " apropos of...

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[Co THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR "3 SIR, — The frightful revelation of the morality of the Casual' Wards of our workhouses made by the correspondent of the Pall Mall Gazette,...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—In the capital article in last week's Spectator upon the Master of the Rolls and his detractors you, unwittingly no doubt, drew an...

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CHARLES LAMB.* Ma. J?ITZGERALD thinks it necessary, because he writes about Lamb, to affect to be Lambish, just as persons writing about Carlyle are often absurd enough to be...

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IT is not difficult to understand why ridicule has been so per- sistently poured upon the great work of Lavater. The worthy Swiss mystic thought he had discovered a secret of...

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world his ideas on various ecclesiastical matters in a book which he was pleased to entitle Notes on the Construction of Sheepfold:. Some farmers, it is said, bought it,...

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[SECOND Norms.] A WELL known critic has praised Dr. Stanley's writings on the ground that they tend to " edification," and there is no doubt that most of the public re-echo Mr....

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Elijah the Prophet. An Epic Poem. By G. Washington Moon. (Hatchard.) Elijah in the Desert. A Poem. By J. Antrobus. (Long- mans.)—We cannot discover the least excuse that...

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Adrienne Hope. By Matilda M. Hays. 2 vole. (Newby.)—A. better

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novel than this would have been spoilt by the singularly infelicitous arrangement of the plot. We have an account in the first fifty pages of the marriage and honeymoon of Lord...

The Theological Review. No. XII. January, 1866. (Williams and Worgate.)—The

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Theologie.al Review appears to have taken with this num- ber a new start. While its gond:Lamm still prof ess to be Unitarian and to advocate the Unitarian theology, they propose...

Euthanasia. A Poem in Four Cantos. By Erasmus H. Brodie,

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one of H.M.'s Inspectors of Schools. Canto L (Longman.)—Ur. Brodie gives us here the commencement of an epic poem, in the Sponserian metre, on the discovery of the North-West...

The Gentle Life. Second Series. (Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.)

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—// n'y a men qui reusstt comme le succes. What does Mr. Tupper or the author before us care about the critics? The latter may talk about platitudes and truisms ; the writers...

The British Quarterly Review. No. 85. January, 1866. (Jackson, Watford,

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and Hodder.)—Dr. Vaughan, after twenty-one years of editorial labour, has relinquished the management of this review to younger men. The present number is the that specimen of...

soul in the future state. Like many other men of

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unimpeachable orthodoxy at the present day; Mr. Litton has found the weight of the doctrine of eternal punishment too heavy to bear, and an has devoted much time and ability to...