20 JULY 1861

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The Irish Catholica are content, and for an Irish reason.

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They have lost the rubber, but won the immediate game. The returns show that the population of Ireland has dwindled by emigration front 6,551,970 to 5,764,542, a decrease of...

After all that has been said, the Times was right

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about Mr. Roun- dell - Palmer. The post of Attorney-General was offered to the learned gentleman in the most handsome manner, and as handsomely declined by him on the ground...

The New Zealanders are in arms once more, and for

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a cause less doubtful than the right of a tribe to forbid land sales. The Waikatos, the strongest of the Maori tribes, have thrown off their allegiance, .declared for a native...

• Parliament ,'has done nothing during the week except reject

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the Lords' Amendments to the Bankruptcy Bill, which they did by a majority, of forty-four. They insist on the creditors' as- signee. A report by a Select Committee has been...


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T HE President's Message, the event of the week, resembles no- thing so much as a claim for dilapidations. He states the damage Incurred very lengthily, argues his legal right...

We have discussed the elevation of Lord John Russell to

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the peerage, and its results, in another column, but we may here correct some minor but interesting misapprehensions. The facts are as follows : The late Earl Ludlow, who owned...

There is a general lull on the Continent, which has

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none of the effect of - peace. The Emperor is sunning himself at Vichy, but his new - Director of the Press wants to compel foreign correspondents to sign - their names to their...

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IlLeil.—Prince Adam Czartorisky, formerly Prince Palatine of Poland, and for

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years past the acknowledged head of the Polish exiles, died in Paris on Thursday.

:It/No.—Heavy rain has fallen in the Upper Provinces, and the

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dread of a continuance of the famine is over. Colonel Baird Smith sent to examine into the famine, reports that at 100 sepa- rate centres not fewer than 80,000 helpless poor...

ipain.—The Spanish Government has replied to M. Thouvenel's despatch on

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the Roman question, by another, of which the following is the important paragraph : "The Queen's Government well knows that ideas have been modi- fied by time, and that new...

TarkT11.—The girding on of the sword, which is the Turkish

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sub- stitute for coronation, came off on July 4th, at the Mosque of Eyoub: The Sultan swept in his caique to the landing-place between two long lines of men-of-wars' boats, and...

,frann.—France has been absolutely quiescent, the only rumours. in 'circulation

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referring to the Emperor's health. His Majesty is staying at Vichy, and it was asserted that Dr. Rayere had been sent for in all haste. The Moniteur denied the statement with a...

ifenagml.—An attempt to assassinate the King of Prussia has ex-

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cited great indignation in Germany. His Majesty had been staying in Baden as a sort of holiday trip, and on the 14th of July was walking with Count Flemming, the Prussian...

tali.—The Italian Parliament was prorogued on the 14th instant, and

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will not sit again till November. It has passed a law mak; g the naval conscription more strict, and a great number of railway bills. The most important are those for the...

The Indian famineis at ear end, rind the subscription list

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has closed.

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kris Sesisuit. — The Argus reports that the Waikatos are again in

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arms, this time for a native king, and are supposed to be marching on Auckland. The Governor has returned thither in haste, but the town is garrisoned by 2000 troops.


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Eimer gentlemen, most of them barristers, have addressed a letter to the daily papers, stating the case of the men as against the masters in the building strike. They state, on...

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A FTLL report of President Lincoln's Message to Congress has been brought by the Bremen, just arrived at Southampton. The first portion of the Message, which is of considerable...

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Osborne, July 13. Tun Queen and Crown Princess of Prussia

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walked in the grounds patexilay : The Prince Consort and the Crown Prince returned from the Wel- lingten College about sixio'elock. 14 14. The Queen tire:V.0 -PO yesterday...

Itliatto To* üiztg iuptrtiost. OP ff.ORDSI MANktY„jaY;15 , - , ALIU , Zial Administration (India) ;

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Lard Ellen- Speech,,Tre,aeore Trove ; Lord T a lbot,de Malahide'ommtionAdridnisire- tion of Justice in Ireland: toes Clanricarde' s motion—Eastern African Slave Trade ; ,Lord...

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Para, July 19.

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The Moniteur of to-day contains a report, addressed by the Minister of Marine to the Emperor, which - is followed by an Imperial decree, approving the conclusions of the report,...


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Subscriptions to the "OvEaLAND FRIEND or INDIA," will be received by Mr. A. E. Galloway, at 1, Wellington-street, Strand. Taring: For Annum, payable in advance £2. Posta.ge free.


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BRITI Sti FUNDS; (Closing Prices.) Friday. S per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New s per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 891 891 891 891 Bank Stock,...


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STOOK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Tun applications for the New Indian Loan of 4,000,000/. were all-- daily published on Monday last. It appears that the total tendered for was...


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Bars Houses of Parliament sat last night. In the House of Lords, after a number of petitions praying for the restoration of Polish independence and for the suspension of...


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Banb'apicies Annulled-John Crossley; nut, Manchester, and Heliden-bridget; cotton-spinner-Joseph Parkes, Birmingham, coal mei - Ohara.. Bankrupts.-Samnel Carter, Fen Stanton,...

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THE PRESIDENT'S, MESSAGE. T HE view we have taken from the first of the character and. policy of the American President is strongly sup- ported by his last Message. Mr. Lincoln...

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gre at political event of the week to English Liberals is one that will be generally regarded with very hesi- tating feelings. The effect of raising Lord John Russell to the...

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THE immortal triumphs of Free-trade have been once _I. more celebrated in a banquet at the Mansion House, and Mr. Cobden has again dined happily in honour of him- self. When the...

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I T is difficult to imagine an act more stupidly criminal than the recent attempt to assassinate the King of Prussia. The silly student, whose hot brain devised the idea of...

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KURDFX. T HE murder epidemic has broken out again with more

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than its accustomed virulence. No less than eleven distinct cases of murder, or attempts to murder, have been before the public within this single week. Two of them, from the...

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11. pursuits soon as an Englishman can afford to laugh about the pursuits in which he is most interested, we may be sure that he is beginning to get a firm foothold, and will be...

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form at Southampton. That ex- cellent, shrill little spiritual cricket, Dr. Watts, has chirruped his native town into such an admiration of his hymns and songs, that more than a...

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THE musical season is nearly over, and, when the Royal Italian Opera closes this day fortnight, will be entirely at an end. Our fashionable people are fast disappearing from...

The report to which we alluded a few weeks ago,

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that an" Eng- lish Opera" was about to be established in London, in the form of a hint-Stock Company, has turned out to be correct. A prospectus has just been issued of an...

trttrr Ill Aitar.

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8, Old-square, Lincoln's Inn, July 19, 1861. have this morning received the enclosed letter from the Professor of Political Economy at Oxford. It seems to me, having regard to...

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fin 51rto.

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THE LITE MRS. H. T. WELLS. ON Monday, the 15th instant, Art lost a rare exponent, and England one of its most accomplished daughters : at noon on that day died Mrs. H. T....

Another unfortunate scheme connected with music, but of a more

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temporary character,, is in agitation. A number- of gentlemen con- nected with the art are making arrangements for the erecting of an "International Concert-room" at Kensington,...

Art is a topic on which the "collective wisdom" of

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the country does not discourse with the happiest effect. When such a subject as the National Gallery, or the frescoes in the Houses of Parliament, is broached, we may be pretty...

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GREAT EXPECTATIONS.* THE reader of Great Expectations, unless lie has profited by his experience of Mr. Dickens's recent tales, is placed in much the same position as its hero....

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PROFEssOM Miller has acted wisely in giving to these lectures, originally delivered before the Royal Institution, a more complete and permanent form. Wholly apart from their...

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Tux suspicion attaching to "foreigners," and the popular prejudice ,agaMst such a strange and intrusive element, are matters of old ,date wlkich are not yet.altogether out of...

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• paw resides Daught er . By D u tt on c oo k . Th um v o l ume ,. Loudon:

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Hurd of the theatrical world; and he has made good use of his oppor- and Blackett. tunities. His account of Miss Vane's domestic establishment in reason, are bound to exalt...

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Air excellent number of the Edinburgh Review opens with an article upon Popular Education, in which the Report lately presented to Par- liament by the Education Commission, Mr....

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On the 16th inst, Lady Somerville, of a daughter MARRIAGES. On the 11th inst., at St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Lord Bishop of London, the Rev. John It. Feilden, rector...

The Projection and Calculation of the Sphere for Young Sea

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Officers: being a Coo. plete Initiation into Nautical Astronomy. By S. Si. Saxby, R.N., Sc. (Loss. man and Co.) Arithmetic for the Use of Schools. By Edward Liddell. Second...