20 MARCH 1847

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The two Parliamentary elections which have just taken place strongly

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indicate the political dulness of the times. Mr. Perfect succeeds Sir Howard Elphinstone at Lewes; the new Member's perfection, it seems, consisting in his thoroughpaced...

The other foreign news of the week, if not momentous,

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is wide in its scope and various in its topics. The Emperor Nicholas of Russia has come to the aid of the Bank of France; offering to take stock to the amount of 2,000,000/....


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THE Irish measures in Parliament scarcely keep pace with the progress of misery and abuses in Ireland. One of the permanent measures, the Poor-relief,Bill, accompanied by the...

King Louis of Bavaria has made a demonstration, and so

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has the Seilora Lola Montez : the King has been to the theatre with his Queen, and has been received with a touching exuberance of applause; the lady has appeared, by letter, in...

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iDtbates anb giroceettings in Varliamtnt.

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POOR-RELIEF IN IRELAND. The adjourned debate on the motion for going into Committee on the Poor-relief (Ireland) Bill was resumed on Monday, at some length. The bill, and...

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Zbe IFIEtropolts.

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The Lord Mayor has issued a notice recommending the citizens to doge their shops on the day appointed for the national fast and humiliation= Wednesday next, the 24th instant. A...

Vibe ((Court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert attended the morning service at Whipping- ham Church on Sunday. On Wednesday, her Majesty and the Prince Consort, accompanied by the Royal children,...

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Abe Probincts.

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Canterbury has been saved the turmoil of a contested election. The candidates for the seat vacated by the death of Mr. Bradshaw were Mr. Henry Plumptre Gipps and Lord Albert...

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Mr. J. B. Smith, of Manchester, paid a visit to the electors of the Stirling Burghs, on Thursday last week, to make a statemeut of his political opinions with a view to standing...

]foreign ant (Eolonial. Faasou.—The Moniteur Parisien of Wednesday made the

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following imp, portant announcement- " An arrangement has been concluded by the Bank of France for the disposal. of a portion of the Government stock of which it is...


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The citizens of Dublin, headed by their Lord Mayor, held a meeting on Tuesday in the Music Hall, to consider the unparalleled depression of trade in the Irish capital. The...

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1114 i s etlantous.

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Tuesday's Gazette contains the form of prayer ordered by the Arch- bishop of Canterbury " to be used in all churches and chapels throughout the United Kingdom of England and...

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The financial convention with Russia has excited much attention in

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Paris. The National of Thursday professes to give in detail the motives which led to the af- fair. It says that the despatch in which Count Nesselrode communicates the offer to...


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If " S. T." will condense the whole of his observations on Grand Juries Into one paper of moderate length, we shall endeavour to make room for it during the Easter recess. We...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The business in Parliament last night was of a very miscellaneous and the speaking of a desultory kind. The Lords sat for a very short time. In the House of...

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The Scotch Peers met at Holyrood House on Wednesday; when

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Lord Gray was elected a Representative Peer for Scotland in the room of the late Lord Rolla The Scotch Peers met at Holyrood House on Wednesday; when Lord Gray was elected a...


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AaarvED—At Gravesend, 14th March, City of Poonah, Nelson, from Calcutta ; Sag- halien, Jones ; and Claudia, Pelle, from Bombay; and Anne Mary, Stevens, from Mauritius ; 15th,...

The Whitehaven Junction Railway, connecting Whitehaven with Maryport and Carlisle,

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was open throughout its whole length on Thursday. The workmen in the carriage department of the Great Western Railway at Paddington have subscribed one day's pay, equal to 60k,...


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The extra night, or "long Thursday," at the Operahouse, was reduced this week to moderate dimensions, the performances being over before midnight. Gardoni appeared in a new...


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STOLE EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market evinced considerable firmness on Monday, and prices advanced nearly .1 per cent. There was a decline on Tuesday,...

The deputation appointed by the meeting held at Leeds on

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the 8th instant, of persons favourable to the Government plan of education, had an interview with the Marquis of Lansdowne, as Lord President, at the Privy Council Office, yes-...

" Many well-informed persons, however," says the Standard "look upon

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this event as a voluntary guarantee by Russia for the continuance of peace, as she has bound herself by the strong ties of interest to a peaceful policy. It is also looked upon...

The Judges of the superior courts have fixed the scale

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of allowance to wit napes in the new County Courts--gentlemen, merchants, bankers, and profes- sional men, 7s. 6d. a day; tradesmen, auctioneers, accountants, clerks, and yeo-...

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The manager of the Princess's Theatre has attempted to delight

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his audience by producing a version of a singular French piece, in which Rose Cheri has lately made a considerable sensation. It is a serious drama rest- ing solely on...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TUE SPECTATOR. Camberwell, 23d February 1847. Sin—Allow me again to address a few lines to you on the subject of the en- dowment of the Roman Catholic clergy...


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THE BRITISH COMMONS ON THE CRACOW AFFAIR: STATE OF THE TREATY OF VIENNA. FOREIGN readers of the English journals would be much mis- taken if they were to suppose that the...

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THE most striking and systematic endeavour to set Prerogative above Parliament, that we have seen for many a year, has been reserved for the descendant of Lord William Russell,...


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WE continue to receive communications from correspondents, both in England and Scotland, on the subject of ecclesiastical polity ; in g reat part agreeing with us, but in some...

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IT would have been difficult to believe that the Wellington Statue could occasion a second history of absurdities ; but so it is. The Woods and Forests have received at the...


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BIOGRAPHY, Lives of Simon Lord Lovat and Duncan Forbes of Culloden. From Original Sources. By John Hill Burton, Advocate, Author of " The Life of David Hume.' HUTORY, Chapman...

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THE third volume of this work embraces the period between 1527 and 1535,—few years for so bulky a book. The real subject of the whole is the policy of Charles the Fifth in...

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Ms movements towards religious awakening and social amelioration, which we flatter ourselves distinguish the age, have reached the novelists ; as was but natural, since they...

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BOOKS. Commercial Statistics. A Digest of the Productive Resources, Commercial Legislation, Customs, Tariffs, Navigation, Port, and Quarantine Laws and Charges, Shipping,...


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THE object of Mr. Walsh in making this selection from the songs of the Irish people, as still sung by them in their native language, is to furnish the world with a genuine...

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THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. Next to the Italian Opera, the Philharmonic Concerts form the most prominent feature of the London musical season. The first concert for 1847 took...

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On the 11th March, at Hanswell Hall, the Lady of Maier Wade, C.B., of a son. On the 11th, at Thelveton Rectory, Norfolk, the Wife of the Rev. R. C. Maul, of a son. On the 12th,...


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WAR-OFTICE, March 19.-3d Drag. Guards-W. H. Slade, Gent. to be Cornet, with- out purchase, vice Fetheraton, dec. 4th Dra g . Guards - Lieut. J. R. J. Coles to be Capt. by...

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, March 16.

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and A. Westbrook, Freeman's Court, Cheapaide, victuallers-Allen and Co., Bow Common, Middlesex, chemists-Jenkinson and M'Dowell, Liverpool,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. Tuesday Weiner. Thera. 3 per Cent Consols See 882 861 881 881 89 Ditto for Account 881 85i 884 882 881 3 per Cents...