20 NOVEMBER 1847

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The Spectator

THE new Parliament assembled on Thursday, and at once entered upon the routine connected with the due attestation of its own composition. In the House of Commons, the first...

Blood flows in Ireland. Victim after victim falls beneath the

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Celtic custom of Thuggee, which really seems at present to select for its sacrifices the best men in the land. So atrocious is the record of these daily crimes, as to suggest a...

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tilbt Qlourt.

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THE Queen has again been entertaining a circle of visiters at Windsor during the week. The Lord Chancellor and Lady Cottenhaan, Earl and Countess Grey, and the Earl of Desert,...

The interest of the foreign intelligence is limited to Switzer-

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land and Italy. In Switzerland, one Canton of the Separate League, Friburg, has succumbed to the troops of the Diet, and agreed to abandon the League, without any very prolonged...

Seldom have episcopal appointments caused such copious con- troversy as

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the three that are now before the public. Dr. Mus- grave, Bishop of Hereford, is translated to the Archbishopric of York ; Dr. Hampden, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford,...

hunger in their robust and angry stomachs. Crime will :land

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this winter—crimes of violence and hateful excesses ; and extraordinary precautions must be taken to check the lawless, if we would not have the horrors of stormed cities in our...

tiBebatts anti Vrocetbings in iparliament.

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OPENING OF THE SESSION. BOTH Houses of Parliament assembled on Thursday, for the despatch of lousiness. The Commons met at half-past one o'clock; the Members gathering on the...

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Zbe filttropolis.

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The first Court of Aldermen under the new Mayoralty was held on Tuesday. In his opening address, the Lord Mayor, who presided, pro- mised to be punctual, and hoped that the...

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trbt frobintts.

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The Congregational Union of England and Wales has just held its au- tumnal meeting at York; and the occasion was taken for a new anti-edu- stational manifesto. Since the Union...


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The Irish Members forming the " Council of National Distress and National Safety " held a final meeting in Dublin on Tuesday, and adopted the following resolutions. I. That the...

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The election of the Lord Rector of Glasgow University took place on Monday. There was a very keen struggle; but Lord John Russell was beaten by his opponent, Mr. Mare of...

_foreign anti erolonial. SwiTznaLatnx—General Dufour, the commander of the forces

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under the Diet, began operations against Friburg on the evening of the 11th, with an army estimated at 30,000 and 86 pieces of artillery. Friburg was comparatively weak in men,...

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fistel lantous.

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Letters from Madeira were received at Marlborough House on Monday morning, announcing the safe arrival of the Queen Dowager and suite; all in good health: A Cabinet Council,...

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On the 11th November, at Castle Bellingham, Ireland, Lady Bellingham, of a son. On the 12th, at Clarendon Park, Lady Hervey Bathurst, of a daughter. On the 14th, in St. James's...


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Wea-orncx, Noy. 19.—bat Regt. of Foot—D. H. Munro, Gent. to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Fenwick, appointed to 61st Foot. 4th Foot—Ensign C. Collins, from 84th Foot, to be...

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The City correspondent of the /foreleg Herald mentions a report

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that the East India Company is so hard run for money, that they have been compelled to apply for a loan of 2,000,0001. sterling from the Bank of England. The Bank is said not...

Thursday's accounts from Dublin report no fresh murder; but there

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is an im- mense list of outrages, including an attempt to shoot a gentleman who was mis- taken for another—such are the accidents of rural life in Ireland. Dublin was uncommonly...

Both Houses of Parliament sat today, for a short time,

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and proceeded with the swearing-in of Peers and Members. Both Houses of Parliament sat today, for a short time, and proceeded with the swearing-in of Peers and Members. A...


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The Jamaica Legislature was opened at the unusually early period of the 19th October, in order to provide for a great falling off in the produce of the import- duties; probably...

In the Court of Queen's Bench, this morning, Sir Fitzroy

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Kelley was heard in reply on the case of Regina versus Chadwick. The Court gave judgment at con- siderable length. Their Lordships held that since the passing of the statute of...

The accounts from Berne are to the 16th instant. The

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Diet had met on the previous day, and having received the official notification of the capture of Fri- burg, decreed the temporary occupation of the Canton by the Federal...

The fifth annual soirée of the Manchester Atheneum was celebrated

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in the Free Trade Hall on Thursday night, with undiminished éclat. The chairman was Mr. Alison, the historian of Europe. Among the gentlemen on the platform, were Mr. Cobden,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FEIDAT Arraaroax. The week commenced gloomily. Early on Monday it was announced that Messrs. Truman and Cook had suspended payment. These gentlemen have been...

The domestic topics in the Paris papers of Thursday are

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the multiplication of Reform banquets throughout France, with unmistakeable anti-dynastic objects; and the report that the "defences of Paris" are to undergo an immediate aug-...

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The Lady Kennoway, Avery, from Bombay to London, was abandoned op-ths 11th Nov., about 200 miles West M Scilly, with loss of rudder and three feet of water in her hold ; crew...


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Mr. Sullivan is a clever and sensible dramatist. His Beggar on Horse- back he conducted with a great deal of skill and purpose through the le- gitimate course of five acts; and...

At the Adelphi, a melodrama has been produced, turning on

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the some- what singular incident of an Irish gentleman in his travels bequeathing his heart to a Neapolitan prima donna, and than being killed in a duel. A penalty being...

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THE LAST RESORT FOR IRELAND. IT is surely impossible that Irish affairs can go on as they have done—the English people will not bear it. They are beginning to understand...


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" EXTERMINATION . " is the offence alleged by Irish incendiaries, lay and clerical, against the landlords : we have this week full explanations of conduct in two instances to...

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great Italian Organ-boy question should be settled on something like an intelligible basis. Public opinion seems to be divided on the subject ; and meanwhile the little urchins...


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FROM certain observations in support of an increased Property and Income tax, it is to be inferred that the rate of the tax is to be raised to five per cent, and that the...


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A PRACTICE is on the increase which causes serious obstacles to the administration of justice—barristers take fees to attend for the prosecution or defence, and when the case...

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Ws see that a passage excavated by a correspondent of our own from Addison's writings in the Spectator, about Strada and his foreshadowing of a kind of magnetic telegraph, has...


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LETTER V. Sth—My object in the present letter is to show that the difficulties of removing our unemployed labourers to the Colonies are not of an insuperable nature but that...

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Oxford, Kovemlier 15th. Oxford, Kovemlier 15th.

The Spectator

• ,S,tal Ain. not the Duly-reader who took Professor Newman to assert that combining moral with intellectual culture in a University is,sure to be noxious, "mephitic," to the...


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TO TILE EDITOR OF Tag SPECTATOA. TO TILE EDITOR OF Tag SPECTATOA. Slu-oBefere y.on ouitthe interastieg subject of, Aeaderoical Education for the hurlybarly of Parliamentary ,...

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Tuts volume is the first of a series designed to embrace the whole of the posthumous works of the late Dr. Chalmers, arranged in five formal or four substantive classes. The...


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DISTORT. pins the Ninth or the First Year of hie Pontificate. Ey Count C. A. de-Geddes de Liancourt, of the Peratiiical Academy of the Lined. aaltoinei, audJaines A. Man- mug,...

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REVELATIONS OF THE BEAUTIFUL, AND the pieces which follow it,

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exhibit the poetical temperament very strongly, supposing that by poetical spirit we mean only the raw capa- bility for poetry, and not the poem itself. Mr. Burrington's general...

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THE subject of this quarto, published under the sanction of the Lords o the Admiralty, is that deviation of the compass from the true magnetic coarse which arises from...

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M. Jullien, we understand, is to open Drury Lane Theatre

The Spectator

as an English °penthouse in the beginning of the next month. A vernacular version of Lucia di Lammermoor is already in rehearsal. The heroine is to be per- sonated by Madame...


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IN the manner of arranging and conducting the performance of Elijah, the last and greatest work of Mendelssohn, at Exeter Hall on Wednesday even- ing, the Sacred Harmonic...


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Boone. Practical Illustrations of the Necessity of Ascertaining the Deviations of the Compass; with Explanatory Diagrams, and some Account of the Com- pass System now adopted...

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Windsor Castle, painted by Mr. David Octavins Hill, and engraved

The Spectator

by Mr. William Richardson, both of Edinburgh, is a fine landscape, and on the whole the most striking portrait of the Royal residence that we have yet seen. The heap of...


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Tuesday, Nov. 16. PARITIESSI3TIS DISSOLVED. Hunt runlet. Kingswinford, Staffordshire, coal-masters ; as far as regards G. H. Bond- Gffiett and Dickenson, Greenwich,...

FINE ARTS. • A new portrait of the Earl of

The Spectator

Dalhousie, painted by Mr. Watson Gordon, daring the Earl's recent visit to Edinburgh, and to be engraved in mezzo- tint, is exhibited by Messrs. Graves and Co. ' the...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Salted Woodsy. Theaday. Widnes 3 per Cent Consols 85 831 811 61} Ditto for Account . as $31 so 84} 3 per Cents Reduced 531 82} 621 8.1 3/ per...