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Although the results are not yet authentically known, the fate

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of the harvest is now pretty well decided ; and, balancing the fluctuating and contradictory reports, the most probable conclu- sion is, that although the harvest will not be so...

There is nothing in the condition of Ireland itself to

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prevent their beginning that great work tomorrow. The people are for the most part in a state bordering on destitution, if not starvation : they are habitually prone to little...


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IRELAND ought to rebel. Yes, however startling such an ad- mission, it is true that any country which presented such a poli- tical aspect as Ireland does in our pages this week,...

Spain keeps up the burden of the national song—bull-fights and

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rebellion. Madrid has been in a state of revolt; while the young Queen, all smiles and comfortable embonpoint, has been revelling in the sanguinary pleasures of the...

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The protracted hostilities on the banks of the Rio de

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la Plata have assumed towards the English a very ugly aspect. The par- ticulars are not generally known ; but the main facts prove that the state of matters is very bad. Rosas,...

There will probably be war between Mexico and the United

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States, however limited the means and adverse the interest of either country to any such absurdity. The Mexican people are mad with helpless exasperation, and their leaders are...

gbt court.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert have remained in quiet at Osborne House enjoying almost daily exercise; though their privacy has been somewhat invaded by public business. Her...

gbe _Metropolis.

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The revision of the lists of Parliamentary electors began in the Metropolis on Monday, and has proceeded daily; but the disputes, turning mostly upon trivialities, or on the...

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Zig Vrobintes.

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At the meeting of the East Suffolk Agricultural Association, in Hales- worth, on Thursday week, the Earl of Stradbroke made a few remarks ou the subject of leases which have...

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His Excellency the Grand Master held a chapter of the Order of St. Patrick at two o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, in Dublin Castle. The Earl of Clare and the Marquis of Ormonde...

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SPAIN.—The report of n sudden insurrection in Madrid, on the night of the 5th instant, is confirmed; and the whole affair was so strange, that we copy, with some abridgment...


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An Orkney correspondent of the Edinburgh Advertiser, in a letter dated the 6th instant, acknowledges the receipt of a curious missive. " We have been much astonished here at a...

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The week opened with dull weather: the barometer has been fickle, and the rain copious. Nevertheless, the harvest has for the most part been secured, especially towards the...

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Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen has appointed John

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Richard Corballis, Esq., LL.D., to be one of the Commissioners of Chari- table Donations and Bequests for Ireland, in the room of the Right Ho- nourable Anthony Richard Blake,...

At a special meeting of the Marylebone Directors and Guardians

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of the Poor, yesterday, was read the report of a conference between the deputation appointed at a recent meeting and the Poor-law Commissioners. The deputation claimed that...


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Among the mass, the most interesting fact is that stated by the Times in the following passages. The journalist makes as much as possible of his material; which may possibly...

Mr. Peter Greenall, the Member for Wigan, suddenly expired in

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a fit of apoplexy, on Thursday. His death of course occasions a vacancy in die representation. Mr. Greenall was a Conservative


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A=alvxn—At Gravesend, 14th Sept. Autumnus, White, from Sydney ; 15th, Tagus, Haddock, from Madras; 16th, Thomas lielden, Blackstone, from Manilla; Clifton, Cox, from Calcutta...

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The Dutch labourers are not yet in want of food;

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but their King has reduced the duties on imported grain and vegetables, and declared that it is the duty of Government to promote the importation of food. An English landowner...

A General Court-martial, presided over by General Sir William Warre,

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has been sitting at Leeds since the 1st instant, by order of the Duke of Wellington, for the trial of Lieutenant W. Augustine Hyder, of the Tenth Royal Hussars, on a charge...

The only point of interest in the Paris journals of

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Thursday is a letter in the Presse, dated from Berne , and relating to certain " Atheistical ' clubs which are said to menace the tranquillity , quillity of Switzerland. They...


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MANAGERS ought to know their own business best, but their proceedings aS registered in the playbills are puzzling to lookers-on. They appear never prepared against a possible...


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STOCK ExcHANC.E, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The business in the English Funds has not been important: one large specu- lative sale occurred during the week ; but the majority of the...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Ninth Month 1845. RESPECTED Fluarru—In conversation with an individual, the other day, on the subject of railway accidents, and remarking ....


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sin—Your insertion of my former communication has had the desired effect of calling public attention to the case of the English decorators who...

POMMERSFELDEN. Coblentv, September 1845.

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I want to tell you about Pommersfelden, a place I alluded to on a recent occa- sion; and which is not one of the "King of Bohemia's seven castles," but one among several real...

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A WORD TO THE POOR-LAW COMMISSIONERS. Tnn conduct of the Poor-law Commissioners in respect to the inquiry at Andover Union Workhouse may in part be attributed to those who have...


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CERTAIN royal persons have from time to time been attacked for exhibiting a coarse taste in rude sports ; but the propensity seems without exception to belong to the class...


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WiTyr or without cause, Louis Philippe has got the character of a managing papa—one who is constantly maneuvering to make good marriages for his sons and daughters. There is...

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Tan legendary and mythological heroes of all nations are very equivocal characters : the principle of good is strong within them, but the principle of evil is scarcely less...


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Iw the legal phraseology of England, an "estate" signifies the title or interest which a man has in lands or other effects- The freehold or absolute right of property in land is...

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ASSOCIA.TIONS of capitalists with limited responsibility encour- age enterprise and experiment. When the possible loss is to be divided among a number, new channels of trade and...

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SOCIAL PHIL060PUT, The Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield ; Including numerous Letters now first published from the Original Manuscripts. Edited, with...

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WHEN a person with a knowledge of manners and ability to portray them undertakes a fiction without the requisite genius, one of two things is apt to occur. If the judgment is...

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WOOD-CARVING. MR. ROGERS has been privately exhibiting some elaborate pieces of woos- carving, of his own and his son's designing, that are noticeable for their beautiful...


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NORWICH MUSICAL FESTIVAL. THE Festival just terminated is not marked with those features of novelty which have distinguished several of its precursors, particularly those of...


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On the 9th September, at Lake, near Plymouth, the Lady of Captain John Sibbald, R.N., of a son and heir. On the 9th, in Merrion Square, Dublin, the Lady of Robert Burrowes,...

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Tuesday, Sept. 16. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Futvoye and Mudge, West Smithfield, dealers in medical sundries—Prater and Son, Charing Cross, army-clothiers—Champness and...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced ..... 31 per Cents Lung Annuities Dank Stock, 7 per Cent . India Stock, 101...


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wAi-oymE, Sept. 16.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—Brevet Lieut.-Col. E. W. llouverie to be Lleut.-Col. by purchase (with the rank of Col. in the Army), vice Richardson, who...